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Maybe with every cadence-challenged English professor available on the planet and in the presence of even the most articulate of language-concupiscent witnesses imaginable (there’s a double-entendre` in there somewhere), the release of the so-called ‘bombshell letter’ accusing Judge Kavanaugh of – well, erm, erm, let’s see, gotta be something in there somewhere, somehow, mmmm, maybe not – has turned out this early AM to be an absolute outrageous farce.

What we perceived numb-skulls ARE expected to believe however, is that on July 9th 2018 the whole world watched President Donald J. Trump nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh as the latest Supreme Court nominee; but poor Christine Blasey-Ford (hyphenated names are always important in accusatory instances) felt ‘guilty and compelled as a citizen’ to share this information a full 3 weeks later, on July 30th, while on vacation. Yeah right, that’ll cut it.

Dig a little deeper (by the way, isn’t that supposed to be what real journalists do?) and you’ll find it odd that the only family member to support her during her time of angst and struggle was some far-away niece rather than her close family. This woman is clearly an activist who has an axe to grind in a serious way and is patently in need of more help than her current psychologist can offer.

O wait – isn’t she a ‘psychologist’ herself? Maybe.

Silly me. As I opined in my yesterday blog, this is all about Roe v Wade and we all know it. The DemoMarxists will go to any lengths to be allowed to kill their unborn.

Maybe, perhaps, possibly, might have…

In the meantime, ChiCom plant DiFi, ‘six ways to Sunday’ Schumer, ‘shut up and step up’ Mazie Hirono, ‘impeach fawti-fi’ mad Max, ‘no reason to remember’ Dick Durbin, Blumenthal, Biden, and the rest of the DemoMarxist reprobates are in the process of turning centuries of protections for the innocent on its head. If they are allowed to smear, demean, and physically remove a prime candidate for the Supreme Court on their own whims and grievances due to smutter-fed hearsay, then our whole legal system is a total farce.

Hashtag ‘covfefe999’ on the Conservative Treehouse comments thread:

I read, in the original WaPo article [-], that she had actually written to WaPo or [-] other media outlet. And I guess they didn’t publish the story so that’s why she went to her US rep who then had her write to Feinstein….

She contacted The Post through a tip line in early July, when it had become clear that Kavanaugh was on the shortlist of possible nominees to replace retiring justice Anthony M. Kennedy but before Trump announced his name publicly. A registered Democrat who has made small contributions to political organizations, she contacted her congresswoman, Democrat Anna G. Eshoo, around the same time. In late July, she sent a letter via Eshoo’s office to Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. In the letter, which was read to The Post, Ford described the incident and said she expected her story to be kept confidential. She signed the letter as Christine Blasey, the name she uses professionally.  California professor speaks out against allegation

She immediately went to the press and they were probably thinking “this lady is nuts”.

From ‘sundance’ and the letter: It’s clear the stall tactic behind the original Christine Blasey-Ford strategy was likely due to democrats understanding the accusations would collapse under scrutiny; and as a consequence they needed more time to concoct the Deborah Ramirez construct; which is even more flat out ridiculous than Blasey-Ford.

Judiciary Chairman Grassley releases a batch [see here] of letters and documents.  One of them is the original unsigned Blasey-Ford letter to Feinstein of unknown authorship:

Note to self: This is without signing her statement; which leaves her open to all kinds of equations.

Allow me to exercise my rights to sarcastic satire: Sure glad we have an ethical, objective “news” media that reports the truth because it’s the reason we have a news media and everything. Sure would suck if they were really targeting half the country on behalf of the other craven, angry, unhinged 50%. Waddya say, gentle folks of a Constitutional Republic persuasion?

If that were the case their broadcast license should probably be revoked. Jail time would be good too. Maybe.

Not to worry. Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


H/T ‘sundance’ and the crew at Conservative Treehouse

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