Maryland & Monty Python team up

En Garde in the bunker…

In case y’all missed it, the shadow crew of Monty Python’s Flying Circus came to town in Montgomery County, Maryland, yesterday, much to the chagrin of the local residency. Matter of fact, the locals went somewhat ‘bat***t’ crazy off the rails when confronted by one, Marc Elrich, County Official (hilarious video in link below).

I guess when the dominant political class has spent the last forty years using the education system to wipe out any belief in common sense, just telling the people to go about their business and use their best judgement could be a scary concept for them. Clearly, micromanagement is in order.

Montgomery County apparently, is one of the wealthiest counties in the country, brimming with Federal government employees of the highest rankings, basking in their elitist superiority and self-assured in their own knowledge that they know so much better than the rest of we crude uneducated masses, that they can rule us as serfs for as long as they like.

Which is the same madness, by the way, that says you can’t buy seeds to plant in your own garden!

Maryland and Monty Python team up …

Among myriads of rules opted into play from the doomsayers of COV-19, there lies hidden the following: remove all magazines, water coolers, coffee makers etc; remove seats and then disinfect waiting area seats in between customers; everybody wearing masks; and on and on, to keep control and make it hard on business folks. You’ll be lucky to get a few haircuts in between disinfecting everything they insist on!

As for yours truly, I’ve thus far rearranged dentist, eye check-ups, dermatologist, family doctor checkups, and a much-delayed haircut, at least three or four times this year, but I already know that if I’m required to 1) sign in; 2) have my temperature taken; 3) wear a mask; or 4) wait in the car until I’m called, then everything will just have to wait. My hair will keep growing (looks pretty good actually – back to the future!) and I’ll keep trimming it as and when the mood strikes.

But in the meantime, John Cleese and the rest of the gang on Monty Python’s Flying Circus would’ve eaten all this stuff up in short order, to which I now turn you over to Sundance and Conservative Treehouse for his comedic Monty Python-esque hilarity…

On a regular basis, long before the Wuhan virus surfaced, Maryland was always one of the most leftist and regulatory states in the nation.  So it doesn’t come as a big surprise to see officials in Montgomery County, Maryland, present some of the most nonsensical rules to reopen their economy.

After an extensive study and review by local scientists and public officials, you can go to a barber shop and/or beauty salon and get your “hair styled”, as long as the ‘styling’ doesn’t involve the actual cutting of the hair.   Apparently, in phase-1 the COVID virus can identify when scissors are present and the virus will attack with increased severity.

You can go to a church, as long as the going to church doesn’t involve the actual going into a building that would be identified as a church.  Worship services can only be provided outdoors, because the virus lurks in the building…… unless the building contains vegetables and is called a supermarket, and then the virus cannot enter the premises.

According to the local scientists who have analyzed the risks, you can now wash your car; however, it is only safe to wash the outside of the car.  If you attempt to clean the inside of your vehicle the virus will hunt you.  Interior car cleaning is forbidden.  No actual word on how you get your vehicle to a car wash without being inside it… but minor details are still a work in progress and will likely be addressed in phase-2.

You are now permitted to open retail businesses, but you cannot sell things from inside retail businesses. Apparently the Maryland officials have discovered the virus is building and content specific. Therefore retail sales can safely happen at the curbside of the building; but patrons are forbidden from entering the establishment.

Purchasing a new pair of pants becomes less dangerous when the pants are not in a building.  Unless, duh, the building sells vegetables and pants, and then the virus doesn’t attack the pant purchaser because they are protected by the surrounding vegetables.

Link to completion below…

Maryland and Michigan both with rogue governors out to cause mayhem…

Food for thought and paraphrasing a couple of interesting comments I saw recently: 1) Tyranny is capricious. 2) If you can get the people to believe absurdly false ideas, that’s real power. Therefore getting serious for a minute, the truth of the matter is hiding in plain sight for all to see. This has all been the biggest over-hyped hoax.

I’m not suggesting the virus isn’t real but I think we all know it isn’t nearly close to as bad as it’s been portrayed. Sadly we’ll never know the true death numbers from it. Every time I see death numbers posted I just assume that it’s at the very least half of what it says. Funny how even that leftist dogma gets overruled by the virus.

That we’re two months into this insanity and numerous courts haven’t invalidated all of these obvious violations of the constitution is bewildering. Also, I guess the virus can’t penetrate people who loot and burn buildings. Amazing how the media and lib politicians haven’t even mentioned anything about the safety of the rioters in large groups.

The stakes in November are the highest they’ve ever been and it isn’t complicated to see the flow of this. Don’t overthink it; just simply follow the money.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God for President Donald J. Trump, unwavering in his commitment to make America great for every single American – MAGA! KAG!


Montgomery County, Maryland (including videos)… Nonsensical Rules for Opening

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