Maddow milquetoast meltdown #2

Go ahead, make my…

Anybody ever wonder like me, if someone ‘cry-baby’ like milquetoast Rachel Maddow have ever in their God-forsaken lives shed a sniffle for, say, the children of Chicago, Baltimore, Trenton, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Detroit, Bessemer, St. Louis, Wilmington, Camden, Alexandria, Monroe, and East St. Louis, who face bitter death in their streets each and every day, 24/7? Mmmm?

Just where is the outrage there? Or the ‘Cry Me a River’ milquetoast crocodile tears? There are many of us extant with the opinion that those tears are not for children. Those tears are actually for ratings and they aren’t helping either.

The other truth of the matter is that there are more than enough opportunities allowing families into the United States… I for one am one of those. There are actual invitations. The only proviso being that it be done legally, by the book, and under the auspices of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service.)

Anybody from the United States or any other country in the world attempting to flood into Mexico the way the United States is being presently inundated, would be thrown into jail, never mind detention camps. Remember the Tahmooressi case which made headlines when he was arrested at a Tijuana border checkpoint in March 2013 with three weapons and ammunition in the back of his pickup truck.

The former Marine sergeant said he had crossed the border accidentally (which he had, from a convoluted road diversion). He was freed in November 2014 after an outpouring of support from U.S. lawmakers and television and radio personalities Montel Williams, and Fox News analyst Greta Van Susteren.

R. M. Doak expresses it the very best in his today commentary in American Thinker…

Is there a more tender age than that of a child in the womb?

Rachel Maddow’s tears aside, expressions of outrage over government provisioning for displaced children entering the U.S. illegally portray such children as a means to an end rather than ends in and of themselves.  If Maddow and her like-minded minions are teary-eyed over images of children being ripped from the loving arms of their parents, then one would expect her to be cut to the heart by the ripping of children from their mother’s wombs. Alas, her passions are selectively silent on the issue of the slaughter of innocents.

Bible-thumping by the likes of failed candidate Hillary Clinton likewise reveal the true trajectory of this brewed up brouhaha.  Were Mrs. Clinton to remain consistent with the teachings of her progressive pals, then invoking the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth would be, at best, on par with any other philosopher at hand (e.g., Peter Singer, perhaps).  If all moral teaching is relative to the culture from which it arises, then why would Mrs. Clinton seek to impose a dusty ethics prevalent in first-century Galilee upon a situation occurring in Central America some twenty centuries hence?  Is that not cultural appropriation of the first order?  What is more, how are we to be certain that children cared for in government temporary shelters don’t self-identify as adults?  If we are to accept that gender is fluid, then why not age?

Check this out and then we’ll wrap it up…

And the closer from R. M. Doak…

“The plain fact is that progressives are grievously casting about for a cause that will tug at heartstrings while aiming all along for purse-strings.”

“Courtroom wisdom holds that when facts are on your side, pound on the facts.  When the law is on your side, pound on the law.  When neither the facts nor the law is on your side, then pound on the table.  People who truly care about children care about children all the time, not simply in the few months remaining in the run-up to midterm elections.”


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