Lou Dobbs brain trust unravels Joe

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Lou Dobbs brain trust unravels Joe … But first, a little history lesson. Buried within the sands of time are numerous stories about J. Edgar Hoover, FBI (or its equivalent) Director since the 1920s or so, whose daily activities were planned around collecting dirt on anyone / everyone in DC with power; not to prosecute them, mind you, but to manipulate them, so that no one dared fire him, right up to the point where Congress eventually rose to the heights of exempting him from mandatory retirement age; or from whatever else he demanded from them.

Of such is ‘skivvy’ a most useful and profitable “dirty and unpleasant” operation as defined by Merriam-Webster. As in “have the skivvy on someone”.

As a long-time student of history, I well remember the story from James W. Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable, that Hoover ganged up with the CIA and LBJ to convince Earl Warren (who refused several times to chair the cover-up commission) to persuade him that they had irrefutable evidence that the Russians murdered JFK, but if that came out, there would have to be nuclear war; thus elevating ‘the lone wolf story’ was essential. Bottom line question for Earl Warren after all was said and done was a loaded “You don’t want to be responsible for starting a nuclear war, do you, Earl?” Ouch!

Lou Dobbs brain trust unravels Joe… Powell, Fitton, Solomon…

When Hoover finally expired, his Chief Deputy, Mark Felt (yup, aka Deep Throat) angered that he was passed over for Director, ratted out Nixon to Bob Woodward, thereby ending the Nixon Presidency. Enter the fray Robert S. Mueller, lll, September 4, 2001, as FBI Director and the coverup was well and duly effected. Then of course, there was Comey, but that’s a story for another time.

In other words the FBI has a long history of operating as a deep state secret police entity, designed and run to control power for those who favor and pay-off those with control over them. Corruption is the currency of power in the DC deep state. Always is, always has been, and some say always will be.

Which is why President Trump is feared and hated so much because he isn’t corrupt and is smart and bold enough to foil them all. President Trump now has the opportunity to ream the deep state in the debate on Thursday, force DopeyJoe to admit or deny his corruption, and condemn those who have enabled it, working for the highest bidding foreign oligarch, not for the American people.

So on that note, Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Dobbs, Powell, Fitton and Solomon Discuss Biden Clan’…

I tend to find myself in agreement with the Tom Fitton parts of this interview.

Lou Dobbs, Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton and John Solomon appear together to discuss the latest developments in the Hunter/Joe Biden pay-to-play scandals.

Considering everything that is known by intelligence people how did Joe Biden pass his recent classified intelligence background check? Oh wait, yes, the FBI is in charge of those screenings. That would be the same FBI that has been in possession of the Hunter Biden laptop since December 2019. Please ignore these pesky little details…

It could well be considered, albeit at the risk of sounding too radical, that We the (63 million) People are literally on the brink of our fearless president considering martial law. The military may be the only hope we have of ever seeing justice prevail ever again. The demoMarxocrat screwballs are already baying about their plans to thwart the president’s victory as (somehow) becoming ‘unconstitutional’!

But just what are we supposed to do about the riots, and the lock-downs, and the crazies, the nincompoops, etal? At what point does the Constitutional Republic of the United States begin to LIVE again?

Lou Dobbs brain trust unravels Joe… Barr beat goes on…

We have a corrupt Justice Department that continues to ignore the rule of law. We have a judiciary that has at least some members (think the spurious Emmett Sullivan plus the head-honcho running SCOTUS) who have no intention of pursuing justice. We have a corrupt FBI that simply can’t be allowed to continue. Without martial law it’s a wonder just how any president can possibly clamp down on the blatant corruption that continues despite the nation’s law enforcement capability.

If we have no justice, no rule of law, we have no America. We have a banana republic with no hope of ever returning to what We the (63 million) People have always assumed our nation stands for. No one is above the Law. No One!

This entire country watched while lies were told and thrown at President Trump for 4 years. The laptop is proof that the demoMarxocrats are the corrupt party. Some will be watching Thursday’s “debate” to see what the true story is from Biden’s lips (guess ZERO). When he has no story and will not defend himself everyone will know the truth. When they cut off President Trump that will prove everything is true. The world will be watching to see what Joe says.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump MAGA! KAG!


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