Londonistan done gone Trump nuts

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As a born-and-raised Brit having had Canadian citizenship for 15 years, before morphing into the proverbial ‘he’s as American as apple pie’ for the past 35 years (combo of Green Card to eventual full citizenship – LEGALLY! – sorry I have to shout it) and having just returned from a two and a half year sojourn there, I feel more than well qualified to expound on the numerous cultural and societal differences currently being savagely unraveled within all three countries, with a particular focus on Londonistan.

Canadians for the most part, are just Brits in a form of disguise, long-lost cousins who have a hard time keeping up with their relatives. So leave them out of this equation.

Americans on the other hand, have a certain naiveté about the nation from where they evolved, and thereby don’t really ‘get’ the Brits; a nation which is still full of pompous pseudo-intellectual twits on the one hand, and football hooligans on the other (well, not real hooligans any more, but definitely wayward fanatics). To be fair, there also remains a decent, humble working class as well.

But it’s the Muslim invasion which is the problem. Hence the moniker ‘Londonistan.’

The fact is that Londonistan has at least one acid attack a day, every day. Mayor Khan has no thoughts on the matter. When the last truck terrorist attack in London happened, Khan quipped, almost laughing “That’s the price you pay for living in a diverse mulitcultural city”.

Meanwhile Scotland Yard is on track to arrest 2000 people this year for Facebook posts deemed ‘mean’ to Islam.

Further up north, Tommy Robinson got thrown in jail on the spot for daring to film and report on the trial of a bunch of Muslims engaged in the grooming and marketing of young girls for the prostitution ‘industry’, while back a few years ago in April of 2014, Paul Weston was arrested on suspicion of something the Brits call ‘racial harassment’, after bull-horning on the steps of Winchester Guildhall a passage about Islam written by the revered Sir Winston Churchill in his book ‘The River War.’

So much for historical heritage then!

David Paulin in today’s FrontPageMag from his piece titled ‘Lefty London Rages over Trump Visit’…

Riot police are braced for the worst as President Trump makes his first visit to the United Kingdom this week. Massive street protests are expected during the four-day visit along with nasty insults in Parliament, the news media, and hip salons. The U.S. Embassy, for its part, is warning Americans to keep a “low profile.” Oh, and don’t forget the high-flying “baby Trump” blimp that has gotten a green light to float near Parliament – an insult endorsed by Trump-hating Mayor Sadiq Khan, who is London’s first Muslim mayor and an apologist for Islamic terror attacks in London.

Much to Khan’s horror, the politically incorrect Trump has dared to point out that Islamic terror attacks – grisly subway bombings, wild-eyed knifings, and rampaging attacks with motor vehicles – are now a regular feature in the land of Chaucer and Shakespeare. Trump and other clear-eyed politicians, together with ordinary Brits who voted for Brexit, nevertheless have no doubt about the root causes of these atrocities: decades of Muslim immigration; multiculturalism and political correctness; and the European Union’s feel-good open borders policies created by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Welcome to London, one of the most storied cities in the Western tradition – yet now derisively dubbed ‘Londonistan.’

To keep Britain’s lefty mob at bay, riot police are mobilizing in record numbers, especially in London, the epicenter of Trump hatred. The unprecedented show of force is what one might expect “if London was burning down,” observed one law-enforcement official. Some 100,000 protesters are expected in London, even though Trump will largely avoid the city after flying in on Thursday from a NATO conference in Brussels. His schedule includes having tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle and holding talks with Prime Minister Theresa May, who is now under fire for waffling on regaining full British independence from the European Union following the Brexit referendum two years ago.

To read to completion simply click right here…

Consider that 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is “The Defender of the Faith” right now, but when Prince Charles becomes King, he will not carry that title. He is friends with the Saudi royal family and has been for quite some time, so he likely wouldn’t mind the Islamization of Great Britain in the least. He’s also in favor of the class system in Britain, so he wouldn’t really be bothered that the working class are persecuted by the Muslims.

Britain faces a dire future indeed, and rather than spending millions of pounds on stupid ‘Trump balloons’, anti-Trump street wars, and worrying about, and excoriating the only person on the planet right now who has everything – I repeat – EVERYTHING – in perspective, they ought to be worrying and planning as to where their rescue may or may not be coming from next!

PS – America has already rescued them from two world wars, so it would behoove Mayor Khan to take all of that into consideration, and quit acting like the Londonistan neighborhood clown that he has become.

Watch, listen, and be edified as to the daunting nature (unless something changes, which likely will never happen) of Britain’s future from this latest Paul Weston video…


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