London mayor no match to Trump

Go ahead, make my..

Yes, President Trump can easily rub people the wrong way. Even in cosmopolitan London. He was the same before the run for the presidency. He can be grating, isn’t diplomatic or subtle at times, and his social media tweets are blunt and very much to the point. Yet look at his agenda for what he wants for America – just the very best for We the People.

Hating him for his personality, I get that. There are tons of people who are disagreeable yet are very competent. Suck it up Trump-haters. He is what he is. And much, much better than the guy he replaced.

Outdoor pisspots without handwash .. careful who you shake hands with…

While we’re at it, do any DemoMarxists by chance, remember the crude, pushy, nasty peckerhead with the initials LBJ? The fiercely-corrupt Clintonista Rob’ems? And the latest fiasco OBO the lying crown prince of fools? Seems like DemoMarxists were all fine with him and the rest, despite his wrecking-crew of an administration. Which by the way, is about to be completely unraveled by AG William (Bill) Barr.

Since there isn’t any ‘loyal opposition’ in American politics anymore, president Trump’s ‘hate America’ opponents are fighting dirty, a resistance bent on attacking him, his family, and administration even at the risk of spiking themselves and the country at the same time.

DemoMarxists don’t even lie well anymore. It will be a great blessing when AG Barr brings forth the truth to We the People and the extensive corruption within the Obama administration regarding the spying between 2010-12 / 2018 and the failed coup attempt against President Trump. The criminals need to be exposed and prosecuted.

In the meantime, our fearless president and first lady is currently in London on a state visit, which has caused more than a little bit of consternation with the developing spat between the president and London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan.

As Monica Showalter puts it in American Thinker: ‘Trump smacks down Londonistan mayor, giving an aggressor what he deserved’…

As leftists go, there are few more obnoxious than Sadiq Khan of London. His city a festering swamp of stabbings, insanely expensive subway rides, Islamist extremism, and terrorist attacks. Yet somehow finds he still has time to launch lots of attacks against President Trump, the president of another country.

He started this one with a bang, declaring he didn’t think President Trump deserved a state visit and no one should ‘roll out the red carpet‘ for him. Pay no attention to the longtime special relationship or the countless ways the two countries have cooperated over the years, let alone the fact that his precious city, Londonistan, may well need the U.S. for a quickie free trade pact if Britain is forced into a hard Brexit in October. Heck, pay no attention to the fact that the arrangements were already made and his whining would just make him look ineffectual. Nope, it was just too much fun to pick a fight with Trump. The Trump baby balloon rode again over London at his permission, and then Khan put out an imbecilic beta-male tweet blasting Trump.

[the back and forth tweets were] just the right response to Khan whose entire oeuvre of interaction with Trump has been a stance of aggression. Trump flicked the fool off like the insect he is and carried on with his state visit with Britain’s royals and people worth meeting in that city. Khan has always been a problem, as I noted here (crow: I compared him to DeBlasio as early as 2017). What’s good here is seeing that Trump knows when the smackdowns are going to be consequence-less and he’s identified a perfect target in the obnoxious Khan.

Read full content in link down below…

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – RIP Lee Rigby… 2014

Mmmmm … A follower of the religion of peace calling Trump a Nazi. Now that’s rich! Somewhat akin to Venezuela’s Maduro labeling president Trump as a commie.

London and its profligate leaders made a huge mistake allowing adherents to the religion of piece-by-piece anything more than a temporary travel visa. It begins with the ‘Trojan Horse’ cry for equality, then the inevitable ‘abrogation’ to the imposition of Shari’ah Law when they achieve a majority population. Trap closed.

A study of the personal lives of Muh and his followers of the 7th century shows a dangerous, aggressive superstition founded by a known killer, as illustrated throughout the annals of history; metastasizing through societies by jihad, slavery, treaty, and settlement. Ignorant, naive, and cowardly peoples overcome to their own destruction.

Religious totalitarianism at the very core of the takeover morphs into the rabies of religions. London is only the latest prisoner to have succumbed.

And on that somber note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Trump smacks down Londonistan mayor

See also yours truly from June 2017: London Mayor Khan a piece by piece plant

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  1. And the tragedy is the lefties are so uninformed they don’t realise that not only are they the fascists but also NAZIS as that stands for National Socialist Party. Antifa are the equivalent of Hitlers “brown shirts.”

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