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Brief re-cap from yesterday’s piece, ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Former U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu, is scheduled for a Senate confirmation hearing this upcoming Thursday at 10:00am. There’s also an unreported background story connected to the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein and Ms. Liu so controversial, it’s as big as Spygate. In the event any Senator on the approval committee would be brave enough to question the participant here’s the story:’ [end]

Barely had we begun to read through the rest of the Liu story, than the Washington Examiner and other newshounds were hot on the trail, that President Trump had withdrawn the Liu nomination.

The interminable bureaucrats, most pompously, declared themselves the ‘Resistance’ and no doubt We the (63 million) People should have taken them at their word. The same bureaucrats and diplomats who concocted the Ukrainian hoax, with the vile Adam Schiff, were most definitely resisting. Resisting our system of government, the will of the people, and the Constitution, and anything else within their purview they figured worth resisting.

President Trump withdraws Liu nomination…

Now we discover that the big man, Bill Barr is finding out that the lawyers within his Justice Department are plotting against him, the fact being he’ll have to fight them, like it or lump it. As President Trump ‘trumps’ it all the time (the latest being at Monday’s New Hampshire Rally)  –  “that swamp is a dirty swamp; you have some evil, dirty, horrible, people.”

The real (and enduring) problem – Republicans cut bureaucracy while demoMarxocrats balloon bureaucracy and have no qualms whatsoever about inflation with extreme radicals occupying those slots. The assistants to the assistants to the assistant directors need assistants. Why? Because the last assistants are trained to be whistleblowers, so far down the food chain that no one knows them nor knows anything about them.

Enter on cue, lawyer outfits like ‘Lawfare’ – unscrupulous, malicious, money-grabbers – to swoop down, put a ‘complaint’ in his/her hands, then fly back off on their collective broomsticks into the sunset. Nary to be seen again until the next ‘crisis’.

The great cleansing of the federal bureaucracy better happen, and soon, or we will cease to be a constitutional republic.

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: ‘A Corrupt Group of Politically Focused DOJ Lawyers not the Only Issue’…

Four of Robert Mueller’s special counsel prosecutors strategically and purposefully resigned their positions yesterday in an attempt to create a political narrative against U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr – through a ridiculous Roger Stone sentencing memorandum.

In a subsequent interview with Lou Dobbs, House Intel Committee ranking member Devin Nunes noted the activity of Mueller’s 19 lawyers was likely to come under scrutiny now, as people start to ask common sense questions.  [Ex. what were these DOJ lawyers doing for over two years if there was zero evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion?]

However, I would draw attention to an even more troubling issue that media pretend not to even notice.[-]

[+] … An issue that everyone overlooked is more serious than tin-foil-hat DOJ lawyers chasing DNC stories of Olaf and his Macedonian meme generating buddies on Facebook.

A significant issue is in the part of the story most have skipped past without recognizing,… because, well, simply we have become immune to the insanity of it.

... 40 FBI Agents worked on the Special Counsel?


Think about it.  For three years… Doing what exactly?

I’m going to skip over the part where everyone recognizes these are the same FBI agents investigating Trump in 2016… who transferred into the Mueller team in 2017… to continue the investigation into 2018 and 2019.  As if that wasn’t alarming enough… I digress.

Forty FBI agents, spent three years on a mission to investigate/eliminate the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump. [-]

[+] … If you give them the benefit of being sound-minded, we had Forty FBI agents who transparently had to know this was a ridiculously weaponized political operation against the opposing political party of their FBI and DOJ leadership… and they went along with it. The whole damned thing was a ruse.

What exactly would forty FBI agents be investigating?

Full link down below…

Devin Nunes and the president .. two FISA warriors together

Every criminal enterprise has their ‘agents’ on the ground ready to attack the opposition. Mafia does, drug cartels and the deep state. No difference. They protect their ‘sources and methods’ as a way to have people agreeing to do dirty work knowing their identity will be protected. If you have to face consequences for your wrong doing you may think twice about it and decide not to do it.

Being given immunity, cover, and the ability to hide however, there are likely hundreds if not thousands of people willing to do whatever they need to do. Halper for instance (over a million dollars in payments for the dirty work), Mifsud, Downer, … and now toss in these 40 dirty agents. Sources and methods. Sacred! The most important thing. The highest classification, top secret. They all make their own rules, don’t follow the law and use whatever means to achieve their goal.

The deep state is mafia. No more, no less. They use intimidation, entrapment, illegal surveillance, jail, blackmail, and they have something the traditional mafia could only dream about – the totally corrupt MSM and social media to cover up their crimes. The most powerful mafia in the world is the deep state

Thank God we have a warrior-president willing to fight these corrupt bureaucrats. Including Jesse Liu.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Complete ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: A Corrupt Group of Liu Politically Focused DOJ Lawyers

Also Jonathan F. Keiler, American Thinker: After Three Years of Hate, the Dems have Lost it

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