Lies coverups and fairytales abound

En Garde in the bunker…

Lies coverups and fairytales abound … Trust the demoMarxocrats (or should that read the “OBO#44 Administration” operating behind the curtain) to keep trying and trying to cover up their crimes against President Trump. They obviously believe if they report a lie often enough it will become truth, yet on present results it would appear they’re out of bullets as far as the news is concerned. Biden is back in his basement “hidin” after falling down not once, but three times on his attempt to board AF1, while the disaster of his administration makes fools of themselves every day of every week on the international stage. The current state of the border is a disaster.

When President Trump says “Do you miss me yet?” the nation should shout a loud and bold YES!

Lies coverups and fairytales abound … plus falling up the steps of AF1…

It’s very telling that there hasn’t been any good news about this administration or the end of its criminal intentions. Seems to yours truly that the time for the military to step in so that we Americans can feel safe in our own country has gone way beyond its “sell-by” date. Tossing a few questions around to people who matter concerning the desire to move away from Washington, DC, sparks conversations of real intent, if for nothing more than charting a rebirth of our nation within the original intent of its formation. Fully 100% of the network is anxious for this to happen.

Just one example of why people want to see our Capitol left behind in the pages of history. It follows that We the (80 million+) People are fully preparing to move on into the future without traitors who pretend to represent The Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

While the clowns of JoeBama continue to play games with intelligence data, the Chinese communists are losing zero time in planning an invasion of Taiwan, Hong Kong and surrounding areas with the American military now being overrun by a transgender philosophy that will be zero-tolerant and totally incapable of preventing these Communist Chinese into spreading around the entire globe. Then what are we going to do?

Scary part is whether or not we can survive 4 years of this. We’ve barely made 2 months and look at the destruction from within the razor wire fence and White House. There is no sanity in this Mis-Administration nor in this Congress, only greed and thirst for power. Admiral David Farragut’s line was “damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”. The demoMarxocrat Communist Socialist’s line is “damn the Constitution, full destruction ahead!”

Lies coverups and fairytales abound…

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Biden Russia Hoax Intel to Censor Hunter Biden Corruption’…

Democrats never give up beating a dead horse until it’s lying in pieces in the gutter. Senate Democrats are back to demanding that the FBI investigate Justice Kavanaugh’s high school years, and the Biden admin is rebooting the Russia hoax to protect Hunter and the Big Guy.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines presided over the release of the latest report, which claims to offer an intelligence analysis, but reads like a synthesis of Biden campaign talking points, right down to its absurd insistence that, Putin was helping Trump because he “probably also considers President Biden more apt to echo the idea of American Exceptionalism.”

Finally we’re getting an intel product that makes the Steele dossier seem credible. [-]

[+] … The Biden intel report isn’t operating in the real world. Instead it’s an attempt at rebooting the Russia smear to cover up the Hunter Biden scandal. And so the Biden report pushes claims that the Hunter Biden scandal is a Russian plot. Even though it’s the FBI that’s investigating him which must mean that it’s another arm of Moscow along with Hunter’s old business partners.

The report claims that the Russians not only “published disparaging content about President Biden, his family”, including, “stories centered on his son”, but they also tried to convince “left-leaning” voters that both Biden and Trump were just as bad. [-]

[+] … And it’s a warning that the politicisation and abuse of national security is the new normal again.

Biden and his appointees will have no shame about abusing national security to attack political opponents and exonerate political allies. This is only the first shot, but expect more of Obama’s old habit of using the NSA to spy on political opponents under the guise of national security.

Now that “Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections” has labeled stories about Hunter Biden as a Russian conspiracy and a threat to free elections, expect Big Tech to censor them, and the intelligence services to treat anyone researching them as a foreign election threat. [-]

Full link below plus others…

Lies coverups and fairytales abound …Tony Bobulinski busts Bidens’ bait…

The Biden/Harris cabinet is filled with useful idiots (although their usefulness is still in question). The Congressional leadership is fully invested in “transforming America into a Communist country”. A large swath of the population is either too indifferent, too scared of a virus in the same family as the common cold, too brainwashed by 4 years of media narratives, or too filled with hatred because HillaryRob’em was supposed to win but took it all for granted.

Meantime the Open Border crowd simply want chaos. Chaos means the powerful can dominate while the weak are run over. And when there are no borders (as North America exists today) then the Globalist agenda is well on the way to fruition. Without Borders there is no nation. Without laws there is no justice and without justice there’s just darkness. A darkness presided over by cartels, terrorists, Fascist corporations and Communists.

Laws have forever been what protected the meagre possessions of the poorest. Borders are what protected their jobs and working conditions. Open Borders is an all-out assault on the poorest Americans. If you’re rich you can just move away from the urine drenched, feces-ridden streets of Cali or the bullet-ridden streets of Chicago and take your bankrupt values to a nicer locale.

Before these people realize the error of their ways, the country will have gone the route of Rep. Hank Johnson’s Guam (tipped over in the Swamp and drowning in the red tide). Wake up America. Lies, coverups and fairytales abound…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



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