Levin, Bongino, diGenova unwired..

En Garde in the bunker…

An excellent episode of Levin on Fox last night, chatting with Dan Bongino and Joe diGenova. Clearly, the most well-presented synopsis of what has transpired to date regarding CNN / MSNBC and the rest of the fake news effort to frame president Trump for something he didn’t do. The Mueller team has heaped abuse on the country, the Constitution, and every one of us. It’s about more than President Trump. It’s about you and me. It’s about all of us.

Dan Bongino at the 15:30 mark: “Can I be candid with you, Mark? I know you don’t mind my candor, but … Congress has been castrated; they’re largely a bunch of feckless, whiney, pathetic little swamp rats that I’m pretty disgusted with, and the problem with the Congress right now and what you said is absolutely correct, it is their constitutional duty as a matter of fact to do what you said … They use the Constitution as toilet paper, and the real problem here is that most of the Republicans up on Capital Hill, and don’t forget this, are really Democrats, but no Democrats are really Republicans .. Don’t ever forget that!” [emphasis mine]

Bongino BOOM!!

The full Levin show, 41 minutes without commercials…

Culled from the comments thread: “Bill Ayers must be ecstatic; the long march through the institutions is over, since all the major institutions are controlled by ‘progressives’. The damage done by Obama in 8 years is massive.”

“Mueller is the spear-carrier of the intelligentsia, MSM, DNC and Never Trumpers who, as Joe diGenova said to Levin, cannot abide the thought that Trump is President. Therefore they are complicit in a coup d’etat against an elected President and the overturning of 242 years of accepted norms and the Constitution.”

“Obama still operates a shadow government. I have always thought that Obama considered that US history commenced about 1965 and the Constitution was an impediment to progress. The son of an African Marxist and stepson of a Muslim grew up to attempt to destroy his country. In other countries there would be a series of firing squads for this treason.”[end]

And in closing (since I have family ties all the way to bountiful and beautiful New Zealand) … Curiously odd that down under New Zealand has recently become a popular travel destination. First came Obama, wining and dining with our Ex (resigned in a hurry) Prime Minister John Key, and now Hillary Clinton’s mug is on our news tonight. Maybe our Five Eyes contributed to the Dossier and stories need sorted.

Strange goings-on indeed, but above it all, we have We the People’s champion still running strong, getting things done, moving along.

Semper Fi Mr. President … MAGA!


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One thought on “Levin, Bongino, diGenova unwired..

  1. If Congress is ineffectual, then why is Levin calling for an article V Constitutional convention? If the Congress people aren’t enforcing the present document, what makes him believe they will follow a revised version. And a constitutional convention puts the entire constitution up for revision, like the only other convention in 1776 threw out the Articles of Confederation, which was a much better version than the Constitution that replaced it was.

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