‘Let’s roll’, a promise never to forget

En Garde in the bunker…

Sadly, 18 years on, we’re not in this together. Not in any sane way, at least. We have become two countries (or more?) contained in one border. And even that border is under constant attack. One of the countries is a lawless, anti-Constitutional nightmare that seeks increased government control over the citizenry. And all while acquiescing to the law of collectivism.

The other is a Constitutional Republic, ‘Let’s roll’ society built on a Godly bedrock of faith, tradition, law and order, individualism, and the greatness of western civilization. The two sides are now irreconcilable. Or, should we reason – ‘for now’?

A lot has happened in the two decades since September 11, 2001. Mostly all bad. Yes, some of us still remember. Even ‘Let’s roll’, albeit with the startling reality that there are millions who wonder just what on earth you’re talking about. 

The American spirit looking certain death in the eyes of evil yet going down fighting for posterity. ‘Let’s roll’.

Let’s roll … true hero

Almost immediately following the shock and awe, our own government – as if it was all part of their original plan – began covering up the truth about the events of that day. Shaped its unconstitutional assault on our freedom – including spying on us – and then lied and led us into war with Iraq.

Without a thought, we exchanged our freedom and liberty to value our *safety*. In order to get safety we were forced to give up our freedom. G.W. Bush created a worthless huge bureaucracy.

‘Homeland Security’ became everything but, and gave the appearance of the government at least “doing something”, yet without substance or guidance derived from our Constitution.

Also on the table came one of the most heinous acts in history, a monstrosity labeled ‘The Patriot Act’, that virtually made every common citizen a compliant victim of armed government workers to *enforce* laws as they saw fit.

Bush 43 also rushed to proclaim what can’t be written without protection today (or you get ostracized, tossed into FB jail, or banned from whatever else is deemed ‘unAmerican’), waxing lyrical at times about a ‘peaceful religion’ which isn’t, which no one has had the courage to call out for what it is (not without serious repercussions that is) a doctrine of hate and conquest for the adherents vs non-believing innocents in their path.

9/11 revealed a lot about America and who we were prior to, and who/what we eventually morphed into. ‘Let’s roll’ was the heroic.

A few thoughts from Abraham H. Miller, American Spectator: ‘9/11: You said you wouldn’t forget: You did’…

After 9/11, neighborhoods throughout America flew the flag. First responders, especially police and firefighters, were hailed as heroes. President George W. Bush, often demeaned by the mainstream media, seemed to be given a grace period as he provided symbolic unity to the idea of America.

Eighteen years later, the same first responders, some dying of cancer from exposure on that fateful day, had to beg Congress to continue their health benefits.

Patriotism, the embrace of the nation, is no longer praised. A hostile anti-American media has transformed patriotism into a slur to be tied to white nationalism in an identity politics that slices America into groups with competing interests. Many of them find transient unity in something called intersectionality, which pits everyone against the so-called white patriarchy.

No one checked the identities of the first responders who ran toward the Twin Towers on 9/11; nor did they, in turn, ask the identities of the people whom they rescued. The New York Fire Department, like the New York Police Department, was, on 9/11/2001, largely white and male. No one said, “Check your white patriarchy at the door and don’t enter.”

Today, some New Yorkers find it amusing to dunk the police with buckets of water or to climb atop a police car with impunity, knowing that any response by the police will be met with a microscopic examination for excessive force.

In 2008, we elected a president who showed more concern for the aspirations of Muslims than the victims of 9/11. When some Muslims wanted to build a triumphalist mosque at ground zero, President Obama stood with them while lacerating the sensitivities of all of New York.

Read to completion by clicking on link down below…

Consider that we’ve gone from the destruction of New York City and 3,000+ citizens killed by ‘piece by piece’ terrorists, to now having ‘pieces’ in Congress, half the country spineless enough and so politically correct that we are afraid to utter a negative word about any piece of peace we might wish to engage in. We import pieces by the tens of thousands and cater to them hand and foot. Have we already forgotten? 

Sorrow born of how quickly we have forgotten who we are, what we have fought and died for since our inception, what it is and all that it is that we once stood for, only now to be disallowed to stand for anything that doesn’t fit the Liberal agenda, which includes but is not limited to, even catering to those who still so wish us all to be dead. What’s happened to our ‘Let’s roll?’

Well, my friends, thank God and arm up, it’s jiggered its way into the personage elected by We the People into one, Donald J. Trump, so on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Let’s roll, warrior-President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Abraham H. Miller, American Spectator: 9/11: You said you wouldn’t forget – you did

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