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Like leaky faucets drip, drip, dripping into the night, the Obamas and Clintons continue to pollute polite society by hanging around with their never-ending soapbox sagas. Why they don’t just disappear into the night and get the heck out of our lives is really beyond most of us.

By all accounts, Barrack Hussein Obama was the most lawless President in U.S. history, who also happened to lead the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. Yet despite all that, the Republican-controlled Congress never hinted at impeachment nor ever seriously attempted to obstruct Obama’s Leftist, DemoMarxist anti-American agenda. According to House Leader Boehner, and Senate Head Honcho Mitch McConnell, it was all ‘move along folks, nothing to see here’. Case closed on the leaky faucets.

On the other hand, Bubba and Hillary Rob’em have been hanging around for so many years causing heartache and mayhem that they’d better hope that Deep State doesn’t decide they are now two leaky faucets that need to be plumbed. After all, Slick Willy Bubba was disbarred and fined because nothing happened, right? If Billy (or Rob’em) ever straight up told the truth about anything it would be an amazing stop-the-presses moment and the skies would part, angels would sing, and trumpets would blare. Alas and alack, but most of us don’t see it happening. The real question remains, which of the leaky faucets will be copped first?

Richard Jack Rail and ‘Cleaning up after Obama and Hillary’ in American Thinker…

Maureen Dowd, New York Times opiner, comes out with a curious piece titled Obama – just too good for us. You sorta wonder why she’d do  up such a piece at this late date. She caught on to Barama too late with too little insight, and even then missed the most salient point – that he and Hillary Clinton are about to enter history together for trying to take down the most successful country that ever existed. Considering them together, in what we might call (with spectacular originality) A Deplorable Basket, it just seems natural.

Obama and Hillary in some ways are mirrors of each other; in other ways, photographic negatives. They’re alike in that the focus of each is self — self with a vengeance, in a way so exaggerated as to escape the comprehension of normal people. Each thinks him/herself the smartiest pants in the room, maybe even the world, perhaps even the galaxy. Both have perfectly average intelligence, scant talent, zero common sense and no zest for anything that resembles productive work.

His phony cerebralism counterpoises her readiness for hardball. His towering disdain balances her sneering contempt. His ideology-driven cast of mind opposes her criminality. Neither is or ever was presidential timber or even presidential toilet paper. Both mistook the band wagon ambitions of supporters for proof that they themselves were Napoleons among battalions of corporals.

The most extraordinary thing about both, especially Obama, is a capacity for self-delusion. Their only real skill is skirting rules, subverting institutions, playing on resentments, destroying lives. For real accomplishment, for building up rather than tearing down, neither could lead a fly to fresh horse dung.

To this day, these mental lady fingers think themselves atomic bombs. That they went as far as they did attests to the worst, not the best, in humankind. Both would have been more at home in Stalin’s Soviet Russia, where eventually their shiftlessness would tell and they would be shunted aside where they couldn’t cause problems for abler monsters.

It’s going to take awhile to clean up behind this pair.  That would be most unfortunate. A very large crowd wants to see these creeps get what’s coming to them. The prospect appeals to the DeFarge in us all.[end]

Obama’s academic records are a debris field of leaky faucets full of failure, mediocrity, and malfeasance. If they were anything else, bandwidth would have to double or triple in order to facilitate the web traffic touting the scholarship. As it stands, he was a pass/fail affirmative action “student”, meaning that he passed everything by doing absolutely nothing. His entire life has followed the same pattern.

As for the Rob’em Clintons, Bubba in particular, take a look and listen. He sure gets a mite ‘testy’ when someone manages to probe beyond his hollow words of ‘remorse’ … What a sickening example of someone who doesn’t even show an ounce of true remorse for his despicable action and his entitled cavalier attitude toward what he did. He apologized because he got caught …. nothing more.

Talk about ‘leaky fawcets!’

How dare this pervert (at the 3:10 mark) whine that “I left the White House with $16 million dollars in debt”; then he brags (at the 3:33 mark) “I had a sexual harassment policy when I was Governor in the ’80s”; (at 3:38) “I had two women chiefs of staff when I was Governor”; (at 3:42) “Women were over-represented in the Attorney General’s Office in the ’70s for their percentage of the bar”; (at 3:48) “I’ve had nothing but women leaders in my office since I left”; (and at 3:53) “You are giving one side, and omitting facts.”

At least one of two leaky faucets who ignores the nation’s anthem… Shame!

Then comes the irony of ironies, when his fellow-author attempts to swing the narrative to “hey it’s 20 years ago, let’s talk about JFK, let’s talk about LBJ, stop already …”

Have you noticed yet, that all the ‘leaky faucets’ have been on the DemoMarxist side for the past 100 years?

One could surmise quite easily, that but for her enduring ‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ theory, and her failure at taking a stab at transforming the American Health Industry long before the abomination of Obamacare, the career of Hillary Rob’em is really one of total corruption, akin to that of her erstwhile ‘husband’. With one arm consistently hanging on Bubba’s coat tails, nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished. Yet she tried it again with Obama, hoping to become his ‘third term route’ back into the White House.

All she got out of that was a hard (all be it brilliant) lesson from Donald J. Trump on how to run a successful winning campaign. And nary a leaky faucet to be found.

Semper Fi President Trump – MAGA!


H/T Richard Jack Rail: Cleaning up after Obama and Hillary

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