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Kerry, the pony-faced doggy soldier (in the immortal words of the demented Joe Biden) is a man who doesn’t have an honest bone in his body. Changing his name to have the initials of J.F.K. he married women just for their family fortunes. He morphed into Heinz Baked Beans Kerry, thinks of others as ‘little people’ that need control, and that blacks are needed to open the door for him, bring his paper and coffee on bended knee; etc., etc.

A typical socialist elitist playing “If ands and buts were candy nuts” to predicate fantastical diatribes in order to control we the people deplorables. Not so ironic for a Socialist / demoMarxocrat foot-soldier that his historic Boston household was serviced by slaves for decades.

Kerry then and now … still a traitor…

Kerry was a lackey for the Communists during the Vietnam War, and is proof that a zebra never changes its stripes. A traitor 50 years ago, is a traitor today. Remember also that he never fully explained his holiday in Cambodia while serving in the Vietnam War, and his veterans on his Naval Swift Boat fully exposed his follies during his service.

The insufferable Kerry is the spoiled white liberal who married into big money and has spent his life trying to prove that he can accomplish something, anything of worth. Still waiting to see those indictments unsealed, that we’ve been hearing about for three years now; Kerry really needs to be in a federal country club lock up.

Kerry like his good friends Obama and Fonda all hate America and have committed treasonous acts repeatedly. Since it appears lately that we’ve devolved into a banana republic a ‘D’ after your name seemingly makes you immune from prosecution; Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Lynch, Strozk, Page, Comey etc. as prime examples.

Thanks in large part to him, a generation of soldiers was branded ‘baby killers and rapists,’ but he is proof in the right spot, that even an idiot can have a career in government. Jane Fonda, for one photo, paid a higher price than Kerry did. The current mobsters hold firm to the belief that after this ‘revolution’ they will be the leaders. Which is why they keep saying what they say; they’re dangerous.

Snobbery personified describes him perfectly.

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘The treasonous Head of John Kerry rears Again’ …

John Kerry, a failed senator, a failed presidential candidate, and a failed secretary of state, is back again, campaigning in Florida for Joe Biden.

And true to character, he’s put his treason-face on. According to the Washington Examiner:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry raised the possibility that a victory by President Trump could provoke a revolution in the United States, claiming that Republicans have a history of denying voting rights to Democratic voters.

“If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built,” Kerry said during a virtual appearance at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit. “If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”

Which is utterly untrue. It comes off as foreign propaganda, of the type Russia puts out, intended to sow falling confidence in the integrity of elections. If a Democrat loses, he’s saying, it has to be because Republicans suppressed the vote.

It’s also false on multiple fronts. Republicans are not the ones who opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as well as several major civil rights bills that came of that era – the opponents were Democrats, same party that did everything they could to thwart President Lincoln before and during the Civil War.. Republicans voted in higher percentages than Democrats to support the big civil rights bills of the 1960s and that’s an easy fact-check that Kerry is old enough to remember.

Full link below…

Kerry (Heinz baked beans) the ayatollah…

General take away is the left is itching for a revolution. They can taste it. They think that we will fold like a cheap card table. Kerry is just stoking the fires of the current rioter classes. Go for it Lurch. At some point the productive classes will have had enough and the demoMarxocrats will be finished. Only the takers now have a home in the party of Marxists.

Democrats never have to prove their assertions, but what, exactly, is the point of having sedition laws if you’re never going to use them. We have academicians, celebrities, media people and left wing politicians saying the most horrible things and inciting mobs to rape, pillage, and burn, but nothing ever happens. Certainly the activists could be charged.

Our Republican RINO leaders look up at the ceiling, down at the floor, and all around while never letting their eyes rest on the problem. They say ‘nothing to see here’. Some of them (Romney, Lurch) take a knee of submission. They’re obviously anxious for Trump to be gone so things can get back to normal – problem is things aren’t going to be normal, ever again.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: The treasonous Head of John Kerry rears Again



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