Kavanaugh smeared by dirty dems..

En Garde in the bunker…

In addition to their attempt to tear apart the Constitutional Republic of the United States, the DemoMarxist denizens of dirt are on the hunt yet again to besmirch, demean, destroy and totally obliterate the character and personality of one of the most gracious Supreme Court nominees to come along in many many years.

Running on a ways from the despicable behavior of DiFi the other day, the very same DemoMarxist denizen who was being driven around for 20+ years by a Chinese Commie Spy who was privy to everything that DiFi the traitor was up to, we now have ‘evidence’ (so-called) from her of a nobody nom de plume ‘name of the week’, story-telling that she was somewhat ‘sexually-hounded’ by someone somewhere, some 35-plus years ago. 

Which begs the question by the way, from DiFi and others – Why didn’t CIA-Spying-Brennan (snooping on congress as he was during the Barrybama Hussein years) turn up the evidence on Feinstein’s Chinese spy? Does DiFi get a pass for cover-up?

Someone please come forth and pray tell We the People why DiFi is still relevant – why isn’t she locked up? Matter of fact – why aren’t at least half the Congressional DemoMarxists not locked up, beginning with DiFi, MadMax, Screechie Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Biden? Ooops – my bad, DemoMarxists and RINOs…

But I digress … ‘Sundance’ and the team over at Conservative Treehouse… 

The timing is transparent: the week prior to Brett Kavanaugh: the outlet is transparent: the intelligence ‘resistance’ apparatus, The Washington Post; the accuser is transparent: a far-left California liberal professor, Christine Ford Blasey, anti-Trump ‘resistance activist’ with an anti-policy background, including recently.  The accusation is transparent: 35-year-old harassment claim/accusation, from high school intended to activate the “Me Too” activists. The motive is transparent: block the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Kavanaugh.

Today the Washington Post announces the accuser of Brett Kavanaugh has stepped forward to tell her story.

Ms. Christine Ford, aka Christine Blasey, a registered democrat and political activist, claims she attended a high school party where Kavanaugh forcibly groped her over her clothes.

After carefully deleting her social media profile; and after carefully selecting left-wing attorney Debra Katz to represent her political interests; and after carefully scripting some dubious and sketchy supportive material including a lie-detector test and vague notes from a 2012 couples-therapy session, the 51-year-old academic psychologist steps forward.

Read to conclusion right here…

Time to man the barricades, folks. So lets see. Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Brett Kavanaugh – who am I missing? Scads, I know…


    • 30 plus year old accusations (thereby eliminating prosecution and discovery) – CHECK.
    • Liberal accuser with a history of anti-Trump rhetoric – CHECK.
    • Vague accusations and changing facts due to the length of time – CHECK.
    • Accounts vigorously disputed by witnesses and accused – CHECK.
    • Accuser has blocked incident for 30 years due to “trauma”- CHECK.
    • No one heard one word of this for 30-plus years until “conveniently” accuser “remembers” just in time to try to derail a political gain for Trump and by abstention, conservatives (not enough time to refute before an election) –  CHECK.
    • Lastly over the top pearl clutching, outrage, vapors, and shock by the media – SHOCK! I tell you – by never-trumpers, and the party of known philanderers Jack Kennedy, Robert Kennedy,Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden – Heck, plus thousands more – CHECK.

Then there’s this that just surfaced overnight … Take note by the way, that the ‘Nixon Lodge’ Twitter account headed right under ‘Blasey Ford’ below has apparently been mysteriously removed. Mmmmmm….


Too transparent. Enough playing games with the insufferable fools. Let’s all ignore the machinations, put pressure on ALL Senators and Congressmen to STOP the BS or ELSE – Pound them and pound them until they do the will of We the People.

The good news is that despite all the ‘flim-flam’ accusations by left-wing activists the likes of Christine Ford-Blasey and those miscreants who are behind her, the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination WILL take place this coming Thursday as scheduled.

Those Senators need to be pounded on the phones this week, from here on out – beginning right now. No ‘ifs, ands, or buts’. Let’s burn those phone lines.


Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump MAGA!



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