John Bolton demoMarxocrat plant?

Go ahead, make my..

This past Saturday, as was painfully evident to the Schiffty-Schiffs, Nadlers, Schumers, Pelosi’s etal of the world, the brilliant Trump legal team gained some valuable ground, so of course the very next day, a (2 week?) delayed article about ‘Breaking news’ excerpts from John Bolton’s tell-all book is released (New York Slimes ring a bell?) and a few Sunday show swamp-dweller hosts argued vociferously with their prey that impeachment does not actually need a crime after all. Truly!

Somebody please inform these America-haters that the ‘Framers’ and/or Founding Fathers wrote a masterful, amendable Constitution that has survived World Wars, a brutal Civil War and numerous other internal struggles for 232 years. But the Constitution might be facing its greatest threat yet from the bumbling demoMarxocrat House and their Schiffty-eyed party’s own ‘framers’ or more to the point, frame up specialists.

Remember when John Bolton had to go…

The corrupt demoMarxocrats and their numerous stooges after all, have been actively attempting to frame not only We the (63 million) People, but our fearless president and his associates on ‘something or other’ for well nigh going on FOUR years!

John Bolton the mole is the latest political turd running the exact same revenge playbook against President Trump that James Comey used. He’s even using the same agent and leaking to the same reporters. All because he’s mad Trump fired him for leaking and trying to start new wars. It’s so boring and predictable. Needless to say, the demoMarxocrats are fully on board with his shenanigans.

At this rate, it might take a few years to learn how successful they’ve been in making impeachment just another political tool to weaken and attack any vulnerable Presidential opponent.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘John Bolton book Manuscript Leaked to New York Times’…

The timing, purpose and narrative engineering here are transparent in the extreme.

Tonight the New York Times (Schmidt and Haberman) write an article claiming to have exclusively gained portions of a transcript of a John Bolton book manuscript that was given to the White House National Security Council for pre-publication review.

Of course The Times attempts to frame the narrative around the need for John Bolton to testify in the Senate Impeachment Trial… all too transparent in motive. Timed to work around the House fraud; impeachment article construction without Judicial review for subpoenas; and timed to bolster House managers’ unconstitutional demand for Bolton as a Senate witness.

However, setting aside the nothing-burger details of the book as leaked, the leak itself might now reconcile an earlier event.

Remember the issue a little more than a week ago when the National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, was escorted from the White House grounds and is said to be under a security-related investigation?

On Friday January 17th, 2020, the National Security Council senior director for European and Russian affairs, Andrew Peek, was escorted from the White House grounds and is currently under a security investigation.

There are few details about why Peek was physically removed and is under a very serious investigation; however, some of Andrew Peek’s professional background details tell a story. The connection to Gen. John Allen is a MASSIVE warning flare.

Full link to completion below…

John Bolton hiding out somewhere in there…

Every play in their playbook has the same underlying thread. Use or fabricate a story through the news media to create a narrative and shape public opinion. The main ingredient in all of this stuff is the media spin. In days of yore of course (Watergate meetings in secret parking lots) it used to work every time, now it never works because the media has been caught lying constantly and is not trusted. The demoMarxocrats still don’t get it.

Something seems really suspicious here. Four months after being fired, Bolton has already written a book and the publisher has already submitted the manuscript for review? Bullshit! It takes longer than that just to get the deal put together to offer someone a book deal. Where is Paul Harvey when you need him. “And now. For the rest of the story!”

Very clearly, with the leaking of the Bolton story the demoMarxocrats are in total kamikaze mode. They’ve nothing left to lose, so bombs away. More to come, especially as POTUS’ lawyers shred every last ounce of credibility from the House managers, particularly the lead manager.

Gotta love me some ‘leak trap’. The timing is impeccable!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Another Carefully Timed National Security Leak?

Blima Miller, American Thinker: Schiff’s Reaction to Trump’s Lawyers turns heads

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