Joe Dan Gorman & Media that wept

En Garde in the bunker…

“Liberals ain’t been this mad since YESTERDAY!”

If it weren’t so darned serious it would be as thread commenter hashtag ‘Wolfmoon1776’ puts it: ‘Haven’t laughed this much since, well, – yesterday! Watching Brennan, Clapper and company tie themselves in knots is absolutely hilarious’!

Which is why you just have to love ‘Intellectual Froglegs’ … especially-so when Joe Dan Gorman and the rest of the crew come under surveillance by the YouTube ‘Thought Police’!

Thanks and kudos to ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse for helping Joe Dan spread this episode on a platform other than YouTube, so that we citizen journalists can spread it even further. I could hardly believe that YouTube took it down about 30 minutes after it was posted four days ago, right in the middle of my commentary intro, which ticked me off right royally. This meant it was not an algorithm that took it down, but intentional censorship.

So thank you ‘Treepers’ for sharing it!

If you are a ‘first-timer’ to Joe Dan’s histrionics, sit back, relax, and have the time of your life witnessing the comedic skewering of the insane liberal leftist Big Deep State Fake News Media and their Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros-funded DemoMarxist communist alphabet-soup cabal.

As ‘sundance’ puts it in his intro: “In an effort to avoid the land mines of social media de-platforming, cousin Joe Dan Gorman has smuggled out another set of brilliantly coded Rebel Alliance video messages from deep inside the froglegs internets.”

“If you poke a hole in an egg carton, cover one eye, stand naked and watch the screen through a mirror…. well, it takes some practice, but just make sure you draw the curtains to receive the transmission.” [end]

Some hilarious comments from the thread …

  • ‘Minnie’: At least we know what to expect tomorrow. My gosh, they are in a perpetual state of depression. That’s gotta be wearing.
  • ‘Bud Klatsch’: That ‘golf driving’ competition between Trump and Obama is hilarious. Man, can Obama look any more effeminate?
  • ‘Cooper45’: Brilliant comedic commentary Joe. I had to stop the video a few times until my laughter toned down. ie. Hillary’s body covering, the Trump with dogs’ pics etc.
  • ‘Curry Worsham’: Damn! I forgot to draw the curtains!
  • ‘rumpole2’: You should have disabled your webcam as well!
  • ‘Tonawanda’: Dan is a creative genius. The music is perfect. The images are perfect. Dan is one of the reasons we are winning and continuing to win.
  • ‘Minnie’: Governor Andy Boy (America’s never been that great) Cuomo is a yutz!
  • ‘Gunny’: Hey Joe Dan – Liberals…. ‘Lost like a ball in the high weeds’ .. Great show!
  • ‘Singular’: Joe Dan, even though I can’t see, I appreciate your humor so much. I can listen to the auditory parts and use my imagination. I think you are very clever. Thank you!
  • ‘Joe Dan’: For the record, I am breathtakingly handsome. LOL. God bless you for your kind words, exquisite taste and awesome imagination (to which ‘Singular’ responds: Joe Dan, thank you for describing us both with such breath-taking accuracy. Lol!)

Face it folks – You just couldn’t get a better group than all the rest of us put together. Making fools of the media, day by day. Thanks to President Trump for his will and determination to MAGA!


H/T Conservative Treehouse

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