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On the lighter side of life, yet with no less importance – ‘And now for something completely different (little bit of the old ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ intro in the mix forya there)…

Witnessing the hand of God playing out in this incredible time of our nation – (yes folks, revealing all the good, the bad, and the ugly evil within our society) – hope, trust and belief with a big dose of prayer tossed into the mix, guides me each and every day, especially when national treasure Joe Dan Gorman hops on board doing his part to raise our spirits and helping us laugh incredulity in the face of those dark forces that would attempt to drag us down.

Not least of which is the current snarly ‘Rob Mob’ version of the People’s’ Dominion of DemoMarxist Socialists parading as if they were dictatorial rulers in a third world country or somewhere. Pitiful.

Nevertheless, sit back, stand up, laze around or look on from afar, but here’s yet another stellar production from Joe Dan and his outstanding crew.  Without question, Joe Dan has a knack for highlighting the issues and foibles of the day in a manner which also entertains and amuses.

Quotes or words to live by: ‘Nut Burger’; ‘Captain Destructor’; ‘Make me wanna sing show tunes’; ‘Beating them like a Red Haired mule’ … I realize of course, that some will think this is no time for parody, particularly with what’s going on all around us, but Joe Dan comedically provides the solution to the current People’s’ Dominion of the DemoMarxist Socialists’ useless lack of scope. The outrage of it all!

The Left has certainly lost its sense of humor.

On the serious side of the equation, with our warrior-president Trump’s diligent efforts stoking the economic engine of our nation, fewer Americans are on welfare, unemployment, and other government programs. On the other hand of course, the aforementioned People’s’ Dominion of DemoMarxist Socialists feel the need to replace those to maintain and increase the burdens on American taxpayers while lining their own pockets with filthy lucre.

How anyone could side with that logic and consider themselves anything less than a traitor to the Constitutional Republic is beyond comprehension.

Therefore We the People must now do our part. President Trump has our backs, and we must have his. Get out there and vote.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


H/T Joe Dan Gorman Intellectual Froglegs and ‘sundance’ Conservative Treehouse


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