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People complain about the lack of bipartisanship in Washington, DC. There’s no need to complain because the GOP and the DNC, members of the ‘Deep State,’ are working closely to bring down Donald Trump and anybody else they can. Period. Over. Out. Fact is however, the President is neither a DemoMarxist nor a Republican. He is 100% American.

I was musing just the other day, that all this ‘stuff’ roiling around reminds me of the ‘I am not a Crook’ Nixon era except that the hostility the press showed Nixon wasn’t 1/10th as bad as what’s being directed towards Trump and those around him on an hourly/daily basis. How each reacted however is entirely different:

Nixon expressed his frustration and anger inwardly such as throwing logs on the fireplace and turning up the A/C and griping to his inner circle. Like Trump, he agreed to a largely ‘open’ White House in which he allowed continuous recordings; Trump on the other hand tweets. But Nixon’s decision to record EVERYTHING he said was perhaps the most foolish thing any politician has done in modern history.

Trump takes his fight to the streets, directly to We the People through massive rallies and tweets. The Leftist Marxists have spent decades dealing with people afraid to confront them, while The Donald has stunned them by not caving in and getting the job done. They still don’t know what to make of it, nor in reality, how to handle it. So they take to the streets and harass people they don’t like.

Day two of the 1992 LA riots that went on for six days … Look familiar? 26 years on and the Leftist Marxists are still at it…

(PS – Nothing new under the Sun – 1992, Los Angeles street riots. Rodney King, black man – ‘People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along?’)

Nixon was a loner while Trump is an extrovert. Nixon came from poverty and never adjusted to the halls of power. President Trump puts up solid gold doors and flies around in a 747 with custom glassware that he ignores and drinks out of the plastic bottles anyway, while eating his favorite McDonalds hamburger from the carton it came in. Because he can.

We the People’s ‘Mr. Everyman’.

Which is all by way of leading into Brandon J. Weichert and his piece in today’s American Spectator – ‘The Deep State Finds its Next Target’, which we all know of course, is Jim Jordan. I’ll give you the heart of the matter, after which you can read the complete piece…

The Character Assassination of Jim Jordan

During a recent public contretemps between himself and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Jordan argued that Rosenstein was a liar who had been misusing his power to redact critical portions of evidence related to the Hillary Clinton investigation. He further humiliated the deputy attorney general by stating that Congress was going to officially denounce Rosenstein as a liar and an obstructionist — all while Rosenstein claimed he was not directly responsible for the redactions (which Jordan, rightly, reminded Rosenstein that he was the boss, and the buck ultimately stopped with him). At one point, Rosenstein kvetched that Jordan’s line of inquiry “fe[lt] personal.”

Congressman Jordan made the grave mistake of essentially telling the emperor that he had no clothes on. In so doing, he painted a massive target on himself. The rolling coup acted swiftly.

Soon thereafter, the “mainstream” media began circulating an unsubstantiated, 30-year old tabloid story about how Jordan — as an assistant wrestling coach at the Ohio State University — ignored reports that the team’s doctor (who is now conveniently deceased) was molesting student athletes. Jordan denies the claims that he ever knew of any such wrongdoing. But that doesn’t matter.

The sheer fact that a leading opponent to the coup is wasting precious time responding to such baseless allegations, breathing new life into this “news” story, has served the coup plotters well. Thus, this meaningless distraction has not only potentially removed Jordan as a threat, but it has also given the plotters ample time to continue on with their dastardly deeds in greater secrecyWhat’s more, the powerful handful of plotters are also sending a grave warning to others in Congress who believe as Jordan does: if you persist with your investigation, we will destroy you too.

Will Congressional Republicans buckle, or will they stand firm? For now, the Deep State is still winning. Trump, Jordan, and the few others resisting this shadowy tyranny need reinforcements. That can only come with an overwhelming Republican victory in the midterms this November.

Read complete by simply clicking here…

Jim Jordan latest target of the vicious Leftist Marxist Deep State … Getting a mite worried over his Truth probes?

From commenter par excellence by the hashtag of ‘VonMisesJr’:

Ayn Rand labeled “The Emperor has No Clothes” tactic as the Logical Fallacy of Intimidation. The Postmodernists favorite tactic is ad hominem that ignores the argument and discredits the arguer. Their tactic of Intimidation also ignores the content of the argument but then posits that anyone with that opinion is evil. The essence of the “Emperor has No Clothes” tactic is that when the innocent boy proclaims the Emperor’s nakedness, the lie can no longer stand.

While the author is correct in his concern, I am also optimistic as Emperor Osama Obama and Chairman Madam Mao have been outed for all to see. In America, we still have a nation mostly controlled by the heartland as Trump won some 30 States and perhaps as many as 35 as Madam Mao and the DNC stole several state elections. Instead of the heartland being afraid of the Putsch or Coup D’état, the Putsch should be fearful of the heartland. A government remains in control either by legitimacy or force. The current DC cabal is no longer legitimate and the odds are against them regarding force. There are 300M reasons DC should be concerned because that is how many little friends will defend the heartland.

Jim Jordan, we got your back.

Preach the Word and keep your powder dry – MAGA!


3 thoughts on “Jim Jordan latest Deep State target

  1. Since Trey Gowdy has skipped town Jim Jordan has become another one of my heroes ( and yes Dennis you remain one as well ). I have extremely intelligent friends some of whom are professors, attorneys and physicians who truly believe I am totally whacked for believing in Trump ; although to be truthful I’m not certain I stand behind some of his decisions. The Mueller report followed by Barr’s has been nothing but a fishing expedition. I have hopes Comey will be charged at some point as well as Rosenstein and the Clintons. The “squad” is a menace to society as are the Democrats running for POTUS.
    I do not want socialism, open borders ( please tell me why they will be free to enter our country yet we are required to have a passport to enter theirs). Why would anyone consider permitting illegals to vote when they do not understand our system of government? Only citizens should have that privilege .
    Since Omar believes we should have Sharia Law why is she not being stoned for having an affair? That would be one down. Also, why should Israel permit she and Tlaib to visit when obviously they have a more sinister objective since traveling with a MIFTAH group?
    I literally cringe when listening to the debates so I will wait to see who the competition before watching any more. Buttigieg has the audacity to quote the Bible concerning taxes but never mentions Sodom and Gomorrah. If someone is gay I don’t care. I do care about the condition of our country. Homeless people, sanctuary cities, free roaming illegals who will rape and kill such as Jose’ Inez Garcia Zarate who murdered Kate Steinle, illegals being paid more than we get from our SS after working almost our entire life, college campuses requiring a “safe place”, not being able to call a female Miss because they identify as a male !!!
    What is to become of a Nation Under God when He has been tossed out? What is to become of our 401 K and annuity we have saved? Why $15.00 minimum pay to someone with no education?
    Sorry to ramble Dennis. I haven’t interacted with you for awhile and truthfully thought they may also have you in their sights. One other issue which is upsetting is the fact that persons who have been in our country for twenty years are whining because they are being deported. They have had plenty of time to learn our language and become a citizen. You are one person I hold in high esteem and may God Bless you. I have no e-mail at the moment since my computer crashed somI will use my old one.

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