Insurrection demoMarxocrats’ fail..

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If indeed the 2020 election was legit then anyone at the Capitol on Jan 6th needs to be prosecuted for whatever crimes they committed, with sentences being appropriate for the said crimes, bearing in mind of course that, conversely to happenstance, were the 2020 election stolen then what happened on Jan 6th wasn’t nearly enough. As the “steal” was a coup against a duly-elected president (and thereby faced with such an event) we the American people have every right to respond including taking up arms against illegitimate ne’er-do-well’s. Should such doubt in an election re-occur in the future the solution is obvious: a total forensic audit of all ballots in the contested state with both sides providing observers and an agreed-upon settlement in order to validate the election and avoid any further violence.

johncarens” from the thread: Things of Priceless Worth destroyed in the last 26 months:

~ My trust in Federal Law Enforcement.
~ My trust in the veracity of official Election Results.
~ My trust in Public Health Officials.
~ My trust in the US Military.
~ My blind trust in vaccines
~ My trust in my Pharmacy
~ My trust in my local Prosecutor.
~ My trust in the local Hospital.

Insurrection demoMarxocrats’ fail

All gone. Poof! These were once such invaluable, irreplaceable assets. Thanks a lot, you foul leftists. Things weren’t great under George Bush, but at least I trusted the machine counting my ballot, and I even trusted the guy I knew was a Democrat feeding it into the machine as I watched. I trusted my flu vaccine. I trusted the local prosecutor wouldn’t break down my door on some bogus charge. I trusted if I went into the hospital, I would most likely come out. On HBO a few seasons ago, they had an outstanding mini-series that started out as a cautionary tale about the totalitarian state called “Chernobyl”. It’s become a travelogue.

As for the current Jan 6th committee it’s totally irrelevant as its very existence violates House rules and the so-called perps are being hung out to dry by biased DC juries, with patriots being jailed in perpetuity. This is overly-illegal, outrageous and very certifiably un-American which on justice day, all those involved in the persecution of these American citizens – congressmen, judges, prosecutors, false witnesses and yes jurors who know better – need to find themselves facing the same incarceration conditions as those they’ve persecuted. Without constraint!

Back when – WAY back when – Franco said, “people are too stupid to govern themselves” which, with far too many demoMarxocrats around, we certainly don’t have to wonder how he got that idea. The “Big Lie” stated loud enough and often enough about what people want to believe, acts like an accelerant to create unbelievable and illegal conflagrations. Ouch!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The Democrats’ Insurrection Flop’ ….

Turns out, the “Big Lie” is that January 6 ever mattered to anyone outside the Beltway.

If there is a poster child for the Democrats’ humiliating failure to make the events surrounding January 6, 2021 a winning issue in the midterm elections, it is U.S. Representative Elaine Luria (D-Va.).

The two-term congresswoman is fighting for her political life in a race now categorized as a toss-up; a recent poll showed Luria tied with Republican State Senator Jen Kiggans just a few weeks before an expected red wave election, despite Luria outspending Kiggans by a more than 2-1 margin. (Before the state’s remap process, Luria represented a district that voted for Joe Biden by 5 percentage points and Hillary Clinton by 6 percentage points. Her new district now has a 3-point Democratic advantage.)

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No doubt anticipating a tough reelection for Luria, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) appointed her to the January 6 select committee—an exercise sold to the American people as a way to investigate what happened that day and prevent future “insurrections.” Primetime televised coverage promised to make Luria a national star, a defender of “democracy,” and a voice of reason in a country purportedly under siege by domestic terrorists—i.e., Trump voters.

“We must leave behind any veil of partisanship at the door because the American people deserve answers on what happened on that day and how we can ensure this does not happen again,” Luria said in July 2021, before the committee’s first public hearing.

But that, of course, didn’t happen. The committee instead descended into the latest iteration of the “Get Trump” crusade; rather than press law enforcement and congressional leadership to explain why they failed to secure the Capitol or identify the alleged “pipe bomber,” or release thousands of hours of surveillance video, the committee, including Luria, fixated on the former president and his inner circle. [-]

[+] … In another example of the party’s desperation to make January 6 a decisive factor in next week’s election, Joe Biden arranged a hastily scheduled speech at Union Station on Wednesday night to compare January 6 with the attack on Paul Pelosi.

Biden began his rant with unsubstantiated reports that David DePape, the man involved in the incident, attempted to take Pelosi hostage and yelled “Where’s Nancy?” before he was apprehended by police. “Those are the very same words used by the mob when they stormed the United State Capitol on January the sixth.” Americans shouldn’t settle their differences, Biden warned, “with a riot, a mob or a bullet or a hammer” then implored Americans to vote for continued one-party rule in support of democracy or something.

It was an appropriately angry and incoherent closing argument by Biden—a failed president who helped launch the “insurrection” narrative as the chaos unfolded that day in an effort to deflect attention away from the numerous ways in which he unfairly found himself in the White House. Since then, Biden and Democrats including Elaine Luria gambled that voters would share their faux outrage over the faux insurrection, a losing bet that voters likely will settle next week. Turns out, the “Big Lie” is that January 6 ever mattered to anyone outside the Beltway. [end]

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Insurrection demoMarxocrats’ fail

Just a few weeks ago, the former head of both the CIA and the NSA openly insinuated that 74 million Americans were worse than al-Qaeda and ISIS. Not enough people on the right have laser-focused on that comment and its implications, and there’s nothing to suggest that that view is an anomaly among “intelligence” or “justice” agency bigwigs, even now. It certainly didn’t earn the broad disapproval of Team Blue. When such an accusation is spoken by someone with such influence and power, it’s more than just an internet comment section food fight.

Whenever a Liz Cheney acolyte or Joe Biden sycophant barks about “incendiary rhetoric” or accuses you of promoting fascistic “us vs them” tactics, remind them that it is their hero, Michael Hayden, former director, CIA, who openly claims that Trump voters are worse than those who decapitate and immolate Christians on the forsaken sands of Syria. ‘Twas a different world when they were bought and paid for by their patients. Insurrection demoMarxocrats’ fail.

This Act and these agencies are now being used to illegally persecute Americans and it might be a good idea for the American citizenry to keep a close eye on Brazil; they’re going to save their country and aren’t going to let it go and they are clearly willing to kick up some dust to keep their freedom. God bless the Brazilians and may the American people show the same level of guts, courage and determination should another election be stolen.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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