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‘Impeach fawty-fi.’ Attempting to construct a commentary of probity and studious discourse in the face of such a dysfunctional ignoramus (as Mad Maxine Waters appears to be) is a real challenge for yours truly – But I’ll give it a go.

It has become evident over the past few decades that the black American Left has quietly morphed itself more and more into its own version of radical Islam. Think Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan as a for-instance. They demand strict adherence to their laws of political correctness, their view of the social order, and even science. When We the People decide not to follow their dictates, violence becomes the ‘be all, end all.’

Antifa? ‘Impeach fawty-fi.’ Now even an elected Democrat is calling for violence in the name of resistance. Let’s not even talk about crazy people from Hollywood, who somehow think we should listen to someone who makes a living pretending to be somebody else. What’s next, beheadings?

Mad Maxine Waters and ‘impeach fawty-fi’ may think she is protected because of who or what she thinks she is, but if the crazies in her cabal act on her ‘order’ and injuries result, like everybody else not propped up and protected behind the wall of Congress, she should be held criminally accountable as may be appropriate. Civil suits would be almost a certainty.

And the source of their derangement? Resistance is merely an expression of insecurity, because they do not have any politically viable ideas of their own.

EPIC! Just imagine – ‘Impeach fawty-fi’ Mad Maxine Waters represents all of the virtues the current DemoMarxist Party has to offer. Just look and listen to this dysfunctional ignoramus attempting to be relevant, never mind the blatant lying (or would that be ‘obfuscation of facts?’)

History teaches us that while it may be comforting to regard Mad Maxine as crazy, she is really calling for typical Democrat behavior – ie segregation.

In the wake of the Civil War, as the Democrats were faced with the loss of their slaves at the hands of the Republicans, they retreated to the South, murdered President Lincoln to stop the healing, and achieved totalitarian political power in the south by instituting certain practices, one of which was segregation of the races. Mad Maxine and the Obama-Jarrett-Clinton-Comey-Crapper-Brennan Democrat power structure are now instituting political segregation.

They have arguably declared Republicans the equivalent of an inferior race, and are choosing to strike out at them with mob violence. From the Democrat point of view, it all makes perfect sense. If they can ‘get rid of’ we deplorables, their world will be right again. It is worth noting that the Democrats were able to hold totalitarian power in the South for almost ninety years, using segregation to suppress the rights of their black citizens.

So just who is fooling who, here?

Michael James and his blog in American Thinker ‘Pure hate is on Maxine’s side’…

In early November of 2016, the progressive left in America felt itself at perihelion – so close to the sun that they could reach out and touch it. Today they are in a quickening descent whose contrails are ugly and fraught with danger. It is at this moment in a political movement, when death is most certain, that a demand for purity is submitted.

Maxine Waters and other adherents to the dying progressive cause have openly advocated for the harassment of those whose political purity may be questioned. The targets are cabinet members, press secretaries, and ICE agents, just to mention a few. The targets are always conservative in political viewpoint.

Historically, this is when all hell breaks loose. Shunning becomes tedious and seemingly ineffective, so tests, such as bound submersion, are invented to assure purity. Jail time doesn’t assuage a mob’s taste for blood and so the guillotines are sharpened to safeguard purity. Aryan masters recoil from less than pedigreed breeding and, after proper guidelines defining purity are drawn up, the camps open for business.  Margaret Sanger was an early proponent of enforced purity over natural selection.

Waters and crew have no policy victories to prop up their arguments. Everything they touched became a muddle, from immigration policies to foreign relations to inner city streets and schools. Trump was voted in to clean up their mess. They are a wounded dog lashing out.

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