Hypocrisy of the left; a post mortem

Go ahead, make my…

Ruminating while scatter-shooting on the hypocrisy of a once-meaningful political party.

I wonder if, had they succeeded, any of the DemoMarxists would have rendered a moment of regret for the depths they sunk to and the damage they did? Mmmmm, likely not, as an ‘ends-justify-the-means’ mob (yes, as in a Mafia Mob).

Since they didn’t succeed this time, the chance that they’ll regret their shenanigans going forward is highly suspect. We’ll know the answer to that when our fearless president gets to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. They’ll either double down, become adults again, or continue to stumble and bumble along their current path to destruction.

‘Believe all women’; isn’t the same thing as ‘treat all accusations seriously’. Arguably it was difficult for the GOP to make that distinction in this case, since there was a face attached to the issue (albeit, a well-coached, lying, liberal face) but it’s one that they should begin making very soon, since it will surely fester and rise again, and again, and again.

As to the hypocrisy side of the equation, here’s a visual/aural montage brilliantly put together by the Washington Free Beacon, of just how evil-minded, anti-American, and unpatriotic these scabs are…

For all his ‘flakiness’ (yes, pun intended) We the People must give some serious credit to Senator Jeff Flake. His push for a further FBI investigation (that ultimately determined there was no corroboration of Ford’s accusations) created the environment in which Senator Collins could, with a clear conscience, vote ‘yes’ and, more importantly, give the speech she gave on the Senate floor; a speech for the ages.

Furthermore, this last FBI report (the 7th – I repeat, the 7th FBI report on Associate Justice Kavanaugh) is the ammunition that will be needed to defend the legitimacy of Justice Kavanaugh’s opinions on the Court and the Court itself. As per their infantile hypocrisy and behavior, the DemoMarxists will whine and cavil, as they have done over the years to Justice Thomas, and lately to Neil Gorsuch, but their complaints will find no home except with the most ardent of the Left.

Remember, and let me repeat – at the insistence of senators Collins, Flake, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Whitehouse, Durbin, Leahy, Klobuchar, Coons, Hirono, Booker and Harris on that judicial committee, plus Chucky Schumer, the FBI conducted a seventh background check of Kavanaugh. All the senators were invited to read the report.

Whether they did or they didn’t isn’t debatable anymore, but here’s a video of Senator Feinstein after she read it, and it is quite revealing…

In conclusion I can’t put it any better than commenter Ralph Kinney Bennett on one of the threads: ‘There was a time when I would have agreed with Jonathan Swift: “I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.”

‘For some time now the Democrats have been the party of the shameless. (Cough, cough. Obama?) Somehow, I had long held out some hope that there was a shred of latent decency or shame hidden somewhere in Feinstein, but the Kavanaugh episode thoroughly crushed that hope. Schumer is, of course, a very caricature of shamelessness.’

‘And Blumenthal! A man so far gone he can no longer rise even to the status of hypocrisy. It is almost touching but ultimately disastrous, that Republicans (the “good sports” of politics) have for so long imputed “common decency” to the Democratic Party.[end]

Face it folks – Decent Americans are locked in a battle with a remorseless, shameless foe.

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh – MAGA!


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