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Despite the hypocrisy and maelstrom of DemoMarxist subterfuge, deceit, plots and counter-plots, plus out and out RINOid assaults on his presidency, Donald J. Trump has yet again survived another week in being very focused on running the country – his focus having not waivered one iota. He has been very calm and even-tempered (other than his initial response to the Cohen raid) but doesn’t seem to be too worried about it.

Either he trusts Mr. Cohen to hide or destroy the good stuff, or he’s got a clean record, or he rises above the hypocrisy and goes about his business. Either way, no rational person cares. There’s a country to run and the President is about his business doing what we voted him to do. MAGA.

But you have to wonder about a FISA court judge allowing the FBI to get a warrant based on some piece of political propaganda – which just about says it all about the hypocrisy and integrity of the current judicial system.

Then there’s the hypocrisy factor.

Face it. President Trump has been 1) accused in the Steele Dossier of hiring prostitutes to urinate on a Moscow bed; 2) is being hounded by stripper Stormy Daniels; and now 3) his lawyer Michael Cohen has got a former Playboy bunny for a judge. Somebody please tell me you just can’t make this s**t up!

But don’t expect SNL to have fun with this. Just too close to reality for them.

Henry Percy opens us up from his American Thinker piece titled ‘A quick look at Michael Cohen’s Judge’…

“Judge hands defeat to Trump and Cohen,” blares the headline.

Kimba Wood…Kimba Wood…where have I heard that name before? Well, look at this. She was Bill Clinton’s second choice to be attorney general, after the Zoe Baird nomination blew up.  Kimba’s blew up, too, because she forgot to tell the White House she had employed an illegal as a nanny.

Is this amazingly great luck for the Mueller-U.S. attorney tag team or what?

But don’t be downhearted. Judge Wood has it all doped out: “I have faith in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office that their integrity is unimpeachable,” Judge Wood said.

Remember how we were treated to glowing tales of how Comey and Mueller were “Boy Scouts,” straight arrows both, who played it straight down the middle, eminently fair? And besides, they’re both Republicans!  Gasp!

Now we learn that the Southern District U.S. attorney’s office is “unimpeachable.” How about a soft-focus story in Time about how the attorneys there volunteer at dog rescues and putter around in down-at-heel slippers?  Golly gee, are we in great hands!

Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine also reminds us:

Kimba has made headlines before for all the wrong things.

Wood was dubbed the “Love Judge” in 1995 when the soon-to-be ex-wife of a multimillionaire Wall Street financier found his diary, which was filled with passionate prose about his trysts with the jurist.

Moneyman Frank Richardson gushed about the time he spent with Wood, describing her as “absolutely wonderful, very intelligent, a complete woman and able to give love wonderfully and freely.”

The illicit romance began in the spring of that year with dinners at ritzy restaurants and weekend getaways at Wood’s country home. At the time, Kimba was married to a Time magazine columnist but the two were about to divorce.

That’s where the sneering at Cohen’s clients is coming from.

It’s a safe bet that Judge Kimba Wood might  harbor some resentment toward Republicans. And a Clinton nominee should not be overseeing a case involving his political opponents. Except that’s how Team Coup keeps doing things.

To read to completion simply click right here…

Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and Kimba Wood … Peas in a pod not good for the USA

So there you have her in all her hypocrisy and ignominious glory – Kimba Wood, the Love Judge and let this be a reminder to President Trump – the snakes he’s dealing with are pulling out all the stops, so forum-shopping and judge-shopping are to be expected. The hypocrisy is stunning, but fortunately our president is quick on his feet and more than capable of blunting this attack and following up with a righteous counterattack.

Both Rosenstein and Mueller are severely conflicted. Rosenstein serves at the president’s pleasure and can be summarily fired. Mueller is a mere temporary employee of the Justice Department of the president’s Executive Branch. Both are confidential employees and it’s clear that the president has lost confidence in both of them.

The president can summarily pardon his hapless attorney Michael Cohen and make this snake attack moot. Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and his Divine Mandate to go forth and MAGA!


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