Hillary Rob’em descends The Bronx

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

My very last visit to New York City was in April of 1992 for a job-related interview, immediately following which, I moved the family to the great state of Texas where “home” has been ever since. The sight of Gotham transplant Hillary Rob’em Clinton attempting to socialize with Bronx subway-dwellers was simply too much not to poke fun at. After all, is she not ingratiating herself to the slum-dwellers as Ms. “everywoman?” She wouldn’t simply descend into the hellhole of Manhattan just to curry favor with voters now, would she? Mmmmm … maybe the dead ones laying scattered around the joint quite liberally…

From memory, let me describe the 2nd Avenue F train – when you exit on Houston and 2nd, the same homeless dude seemed always to be there at the top of the stairs angling for change, with a surprisingly toothy and cracked-out smile and a stench that can only be concocted by an unwashed human body living in its own feces at the top of a subway exit. Since this station seemed always pretty dead, I suppose we must blame the trails of urine down the stairwells (ALL the stairwells, and the subsequent gag-inducing piss-steam that fills the station), on him.

Another favorite – the guy at the top of the stairs of the Broadway-Laffayette exit on Houston just east of BW. After exiting the impossibly dank and suffocating air of the BDFV platform, you might think his BO wouldn’t bother you so much, especially since it’s sometimes masked by a cigarette he’s just bummed. You’d be wrong. And if he tries to hi-five you after getting change … No! no stomach can handle that kind of stimuli. Run.

Hillary Rob'em Clinton takes NY subway ride for votes .. stinky!

Hillary Rob’em Clinton takes NY subway ride for votes .. stinky!

And if you’re coming off the 6 train at Bleecker, never, never exit on the southeast corner. Those who have tried it after dark know – the guys that sleep on Bleecker’s south sidewalk use it as their own personal toilet, and I don’t need to elaborate on why you don’t want to be coming up the stairs when one of them feels nature calling. Oh, the horror.

Or how about 86th and Lexington? When I first noticed the smell I was struck by how awful it was … yet so familiar. Then I recognized it as “zoo smell.” I only noticed it when the weather was warm during rush hour (mainly because those were the only times I was in the station) but it smelled virtually identical to the smell of 3rd grade field trips to the zoo.

Then there’s the underpass from downtown 6 to uptown 6 and E and V trains at 51st Street station on the 6. Nothing beats this stench, even the putrid odor at Canal Street. There must have been a sewer main that runs above the underpass, with said main sewer being leaky, very, very leaky.

Ahhh! The smell of the New York Subway system, the Big Apple Gift that just keeps on giving, and never goes away. Perfect for a felon the likes of Hillary Rob’em Clinton.

A good segue` into Jeannie DeAngelis and her piece from American Thinker, “Straphanger Hillary Sinks To New Lows” (and how appropriate, pun or not!)…

284px-American_Thinker_logoHillary Clinton is the woman who, in her quest for planetary supremacy, once dredged up an old Yankee baseball cap, stuffed it into a carpetbag, and moved to New York.  Now, in an effort to exploit that blue state once again, Hillary took sucking up to a whole new level when she boarded a subway outside Yankee Stadium.

It was on the 4 train that Mrs. Clinton found herself sandwiched among the unwashed masses.  What did she do?  Hold her breath, close her eyes, picture the White House, and use that iconic image to help her endure a trip through a dark tunnel to an uptown Bronx diner?

After living in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, making a name for herself in Arkansas, and spending a lot of time knocking around Washington, D.C., Hillary must have thought strap-hanging was an ingenious way to re-establish her standing as a real New Yorker.

That’s why, with the April 19 New York primary looming, rather than spend the morning cuddling with her 1-year-old granddaughter, Charlotte Mezvinsky, the candidate from Chappaqua frivolously wasted precious time politicking with Bronx borough president Ruben Diaz, Jr.

Hillary and Ruben made an appearance outside Yankee Stadium, where the former first lady/senator/secretary of state told people who plan to vote for her anyway that she was “so proud to have represented this state.”

The brown-nosing politician also praised “New York values [and] the people of New York.”


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