Govt throwaway thuggery, thievery

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Govt throwaway thuggery, thievery … Perhaps it wasn’t until the philosophical innovations of Rousseau that criminality became divorced from self-interest and therefore no longer subject to the kind of civility, logic and virtue you see in “The Godfather”. There’s something fundamentally admirable, even profoundly virtuous, about the old-school mafioso with his strict code of traditional ethics and understanding of friends and foes. He may not obey OUR laws, but he does obey a kind of universal, natural law. With the advent of totalitarianism (which the Mafia hates, by the way, and always has), criminals became just a little bit more criminal as they presumed more than the ability to avoid the laws of their sovereign leadership, but instead, sought some notion of perfecting the world through evil.

Change out “totalitarian” and replace it with “government” and you quickly realize that govt is force and force is essential to totalitarians. We get totalitarians not because they run the police, the military and wear uniforms. We get totalitarianism because they want to control our healthcare, education and reward people for doing their bidding. They want to engineer society, which is EXACTLY what the demoMarxocrats are doing. They punish those who don’t conform.

Govt throwaway thuggery, thievery … Fauci and Birx WuhuFlu shot shame…

We need to remove the ability of govt to engineer society. We need to take away its ability to run the education system, hand out welfare and subsidies or to run our healthcare system. We need to abolish the progressive state. Look at what people like Fauci, Birx and others have done with the CDC and NIH. The CDC has even issued regulations to prohibit landlords from evicting people for non-payment of rent. From where in the regions of hell did they manage to get this power? They’re The Center for Disease Control for goodness’ sake!

But bear in mind that governments have existed for 6000 years, and it’s only in the last 230 that totalitarianism has existed. The most important thing that Rousseau did was to divorce responsibility from self. According to Rousseau, who we are is already inside of us waiting to break free and it’s society’s fault if we don’t achieve our full potential. Thanks, Rousseau.

Bottom line is Rousseau is / was, a stain on Western Civilization, a no good liar, cheat and all-round reprobate whose writings exceeded his moral failings. At one time, Rousseau was held up next to Locke as a philosophical founder of modern democracies. He has since thankfully been dropped. Govt throwaway thuggery, thievery.

Paul Gottfried, American Greatness: ‘A Government of Thugs, by Thugs, for Thugs’ …

In The Origins of Totalitarianism, a massive work first published in 1951, Hannah Arendt, a refugee from Nazism, noted striking similarities between Hitler’s and Stalin’s regimes. In both of those state-of-the-art tyrannies, the governing classes forged a mutually profitable alliance with society’s criminal elements. These totalitarian governments, which were concerned with ferreting out and removing opposition, took full advantage of their unsavory connections.

They enlisted inveterate criminals to spread terror, lest anyone question their ruthlessness in settling scores. The designation that the father of the late Hitler biographer Joachim Fest ascribed to the Third Reich as a “Verbrecherstaat” (criminal state) was true in two senses. Not only did the Nazis break those laws that characterize civilized societies. They also incorporated criminals into their political operation and often rewarded them. But the party leadership also eliminated some of these hellraisers when they were no longer useful, as Hitler did with the Brown Shirts in 1934.

Readers who suspect I intend to attribute these characteristics to the government that the Democratic Party and its allies are inflicting upon us have guessed correctly. [-]

[+] … A recent incident in Washington, during which an Uber Eats driver was killed as two teenage girls occupied and crashed his car, shows how Democratic interests encourage the pampering of criminals. The mayor, Muriel Bowser, an exuberant BLM celebrant, tried to shift blame from the teenage murderers onto their hapless victim.

Bowser tweeted that the driver of the auto that the killers were stealing did not do enough to protect his property from being stolen. She thereby scolded the victim, and by implication, exonerated the murderers. This need hardly surprise us. The killers’ families may be among Bowser’s most loyal constituents, and the homicidal girls may be released in time to vote for her reelection. Who says Democrats, at least in the short run, are hurting themselves by becoming the party of criminals? [end]

Full link below with others…

Govt throwaway thuggery, thievery … When in the course of ‘getting things done’…

America will be tested like never before, including activities extant during the Revolutionary War. Yes, England was the most powerful nation on earth at the time of our nation’s improbable birth, but The English Royalty was nowhere near as evil as the American left or greedy as Big Tech and the corporate fascists that are allying with the left.

Before we capitulate (as if that will do us any good) we should remember that there is a far greater power in this world than the minions of Satan. We could be spared by the left breaking up into competing factions. People driven by powerlust are pathologically incapable of sharing anything, ever.

And then along came President Donald John Trump.

He plays by his own set of rules, applies situational, and “fluid” ethics, and don’t bother looking for grace or humility in his narcissism and hubris. And yet he promoted and passed conservative approaches – law and order, less regulation, lower taxes, freedoms restored…

And that upset the apple cart. “Yugely”. It gave the left serious conniptions. And it gave conservatives something else. Hope. We the (80 million+) People CAN still preserve and even restore conservative ideals, and do so without slithering down to the levels of the left’s snakepit.

By rising above it. Govt throwaway thuggery especially. Calling a spade a spade. Being bold. Assertive. Crass if necessary (and it is) and by never backing down. Ever.

Nothing new and currently true!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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