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Face it folks, unless you’ve been away from planet earth for an eon or two, the media is corrupt. The intelligence community is corrupt. The FBI and DOJ are corrupt. Big tech is corrupt. Academia is corrupt. Many religious establishments are corrupt. Global financial institutions are corrupt. What else is new? The wailing from the general populace runs something like – When will the Trump Administration do something about them?

In the current scheme of things, one answer is to think of corruption as water flow. A trickle of corruption up to a tidal wave of corruption. We’re at the flood of corruption stage. How difficult would it be to walk through a flood, let alone run? Figure it as what Barr and Horowitz and Durham and many more, including president Trump, are attempting to do.

And all of it seemingly against the odds.

In case you’ve missed it recently, the folks attempting to hide themselves as Google leadership must really have a severe case of TDS. They have got to know that the word will get out on their bias. They also have to realize that going political is kryptonite to any business. Why alienate half of their customers or invite some congressional oversight committee to bring more regulatory code on their business?

TDS makes them do stupid things; or perhaps as others have hinted at, they refuse to even listen to any other evidence, facts or ideas. In the true spirit of liberalism, they attempt to succeed on continuous shallow and close-minded thinking.

Some say they have hung their wagon on the China star; that they expect to be greatly rewarded when the US is destroyed. Yet common sense shouts out what good will it do them if the US is destroyed? Might they plan to move to China? What a stupid move that would be; upon which they would rightly deserve whatever they get.

This story only scratches the surface. Busting them up will not help. It runs too deep. They must be forced via anti trust laws to open their software with open standards and open source – on all core interfaces. True open licenses, not the proprietary ones they use now to divide and control all markets and market share.

Sundance, over at Conservative Treehouse: ‘Google Whistleblower ‘outs’ Systems for biased Outcomes’ …

Anyone who has spent time on the internet already knows Google manipulates the internet based on their self-defined ideology. However, a Google employee and whistleblower has come forward with the documentary evidence explaining how they do it.

Zachary Vorhies has now gone public with the information in order to help people better understand the scope and scale of Google’s manipulative intent.  [Link to Documents]

Among those documents is a file called “news black list site for google now.” The document is a “black list,” which restricts certain websites from appearing on an Android Google product. Not surprisingly CTH is listed on the black list.

We ALL knew Google was doing this BEFORE the whistleblower exposed them. The real question is what will our politicians do to stop Google from election tampering. At least Google has some good people to let the public know what their employer has been up to. At this point, that’s more than can be said for the FBI !!

Post from commenter ‘warrprin1’, a former teacher: Lord, please bless and protect Zach Vorhies – a very brave and ethical young man. This is breathtaking, and not in a good way. Do you, dear friends, have any idea how many schools, public and private, force their employee teachers and students to use Google Chrome daily in their totally wired classrooms? Textbooks are expensive; consequently they are being eliminated from our nation’s classrooms. Online “textbooks” are the tool of the classroom now. They are easy to edit from year to year, and facile tools to spread propaganda, unbeknown to trusting parents.[end]

As for yours truly, I’m in the final stages of doxxing everything ‘google’ from my own personal set-up, and as for future searches there are numerous other search engines available. In my case, a dear friend put me on to just a few weeks ago, and what an eye-opener it has been. Compare a search on google for conservative items that never show, to the same search on Yippy and a guarantee that they show up every time.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – KAG!


H/T ‘sundance’ and the team over at Conservative Treehouse

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