Good Trump news bad for the dems

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Hands UP those of you with good memory enough to recall ‘you didn’t build that’? Or how about ‘where does he think he’s gonna get new jobs from? They don’t exist any more.’


Well take heart We the People, we currently have a warrior-president who isn’t afraid to tackle a corrupt press more concerned with attempting to justify that leftist mobs are not mobs at all. The very same infernal enemy that was doing backflips to credit Obama with a good economy during his sorry time in office despite those numbers being woefully low compared to the present.

Thank God for president Donald J. Trump who put a monkey wrench in left wing machinations upon his timely election and is returning power to the middle class. Which just happens to be the biggest enemy of the DemoMarxists.

Consider that in less than 2 years, Trump has dragged the RINOs kicking and screaming towards economic prosperity. Yet the Deep State Big Fake News MSM and government bureaucracy still hates We the People.

The irritant problem with president Trump to them is that he delivers for the citizens and not for the perpetuation of the system. The middle class was shredded and wiped out during the disastrous Obama/Clinton/Biden abomination when power was given to elites and government friendly global corporations; and all while assisted by the elites of both parties.

There’s a great commenter on one of the threads named ‘richard+in+austin’ who deserves to be unearthed as a result of his incisive direct-to-the-point analysis of all things American. Especially as it relates to subjects of a fiscal nature. And today’s is no disappointment.

‘Democrats hate Trump because he makes them look so bad. After 8 long insufferable years of yet another Keynesian big government economic failure, Trump comes along and in true Adam Smith fashion goes full tilt market economics, cuts regulations, cuts taxes, reforms trade deals and suddenly the government is swimming in tax revenues and +4% growth. The necessary spending we’re having to do to fix what Obama broke will be covered soon enough by the sustained growth. Eight years of living hell, no jobs, high unemployment, tens of millions on food stamps and 100 million everyday American citizens and families without affordable health insurance. That’s Obama’s legacy.'[end]

Jack Hellner with an uplifting piece in today’s American Thinker: ‘Press does its best to hide good economic news’ …

The U.S. economy is soaring at all levels. Employment is at record lows, taxes are down, the stock market is up, investment is up, and the U.S. has captured the world’s top spot for economic competitiveness. But the mainstream media, particularly the big television networks, are doing its best to ignore and underreport the good news because the goal of most journalists is to elect Democrats and destroy President Trump. Reporting the actual news isn’t as important to them as acting as unpaid stenographers for the Democratic Party, so they just can’t allow the public to read the truth.

Here are just a few of the good news stories the media and other Democrats do their best to hide by keeping below the fold and in the back pages, or simply not featuring in televised reports at all:

Amid Donald Trump starting trade wars across the globe, the World Economic Forum just unveiled the United States has reclaimed the crown as the most competitive country in the world.

Every year WEF releases its benchmark Global Competitiveness Report that takes a look 98 indicators across 140 countries to determine the overall ranking. Each indicator uses a scale from 0 to 100, to signify how close an economy is to the ideal state or “frontier” of competitiveness.  Those indicators are then organized into 12 pillars, such as health, skills, financial system, infrastructure, and institutions.

So in less than two years, President Trump and the Republicans have again made the U.S. the most competitive country to do business by reducing taxes and regulations.  The implications of that are vast, given the money that will flow here from abroad and the investment that will take place inside.  That means more jobs, more tax revenue for the government, and more innovation, plus more money for charity.

Here’s another that hasn’t made the top of the headlines:

There are 7.1 million job openings, a record high, according to the JOLTS report through August, as tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Job openings continue to soar above the number of people seeking jobs.  This lifts people of all races, both sexes, and all education levels.  It shows that tax cuts indeed trickle down as they always have.

Here’s another one: Americans quitting their jobs at fastest rate since 2001 – and that’s a good thing.

The percentage of people in the private sector who left their jobs by choice rose to 2.7% from 2.5%, the government said this week.  The so-called quits rate among all workers edged up to 2.4% from 2.3%.  Both hit the highest levels since 2001.

And there’s this:

The federal government collected a record $1,683,537,000,000 in individual income taxes in fiscal 2018 (October 2017 through September 2018)[.]

Read complete list of accomplishments right here…

In closing can’t do any better than a further ‘richard+in+austin’: ‘Now get ready for Trump Train Round 2, as the long awaited Infrastructure Package and another kick in the pants for our booming economy is set for a vote after the Midterms. Of course, The Wall still needs to be funded and built but whether it’s a military project or infrastructure project, it’s going to happen.’

‘Finally, there’s the ever-looming possibility of yet another SCOTUS nomination to replace Ginsburg and/or Breyer. That alone is reason to sustain our support for Trump, and it’s probably a reelection item for 2020, but you never know when something like that might happen. No one could’ve foreseen Scalia’s sudden departure from this Earth.'[end]

You don’t stop betting on a winner and you sure as hell don’t change horses in midstream. Get out and Vote for our GOP candidates on November 6. It’s jobs or mobs. Simple as that.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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