God, Kavanaugh & sewer-dwellers..

En Garde in the bunker…

It is likely that the millions of those who watched yesterday cried more than the judge did. Indeed I would posit that some are in fact still crying today, although I doubt the evil DemoMarxist side of the equation even know how to cry and were likely snickering inwardly that they were about to bring yet another decent man down. God knows they certainly tried hard enough.

What a travesty.

But then again, the communist DemoMarxists who voted God down at their convention in 2012 have always been hard pressed to destroy any and all who threaten to expose them for what they are; wicked, power hungry, lawless devils in disguise (and as I write this, they have yet again acted like spoiled brats who can’t get their own way and walked out on the Kavanaugh vote) – just remember that.

What still manages to surprise about the DemoMarxist arm of governance, is the stark, brazen display of in-your-face shameless evil which has gone far beyond politics and which is a defining moment now for this nation. We the People now realize beyond a shadow of a doubt where the DemoMarxists would take the nation if ever (God forbid) they become entrusted with power again.

What was starkly on display yesterday by the 10 DemoMarxist operatives – Feinstein (CA),  Leahy (VT), Durbin (IL), Whitehouse (RI), Klobuchar (MN), Coons (DE), Blumenthal (CT), Hirono (HI), Booker (NJ), and Harris (CA) – was nothing short of a terminal cesspool of moral squalor and depravity. Decent-minded citizens in each of those states could do well to seriously consider the damage done to the Constitutional Republic by these miscreants, vote them out of office, and elect someone who really, really cares about the future of America.

With their childish infantile antics this morning, it’s obvious they’ve learned absolutely nothing about political probity.  ‘None. Period. Nada. They do not. They do not. They do not’ … (my own little bit of mimicking Joe Biden’s vicious taunt of Clarence Thomas in 1991) – Their specious behavior hasn’t changed one iota in 30 years, and that alone should keep them as far away from adult governance as possible.

Even Lindsey Graham couldn’t stand the DemoMarxist intransigency anymore, coming out of his McCain hibernation with a blistering excoriation of the bunch of them (ignited by the scurrilous Dick Durbin behavior in basically finger-pointing at Kavanaugh to commit political hari-kari) when he exploded with, “God, I hope you people never get the power you seek again.”

That was clearly from the heart and should be the coda to every political ad run by Republicans in the midterms. All decent people are recoiling in horror from the revolting monstrosity the DemoMarxists have become.

I can only imagine with glee the campaign ads that can be cut to run going forward. Kavanaugh in tears defending his family. Graham shaking with righteous indignation as he exposes the rot.

The Dems always controlled the narrative with their fake emotion and empathy. Hopefully, they will now be scorched for this repulsive sham that they’ve been perpetrating for over 35 years.

One just has to wonder where the modern-day Reagans and Tip O’Neills are, hanging out regularly over a weekend on Martha’s Vineyard to defuse any partisan shenanigans. Both would’ve unfailingly supported this excellently-qualified nominee.

Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed. And rightly so.

Whew! Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump and Judge Brett Kavanaugh – MAGA!


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