Globalist turmoil from Trump effect

Go ahead, make my..

In case you missed it, or are beginning to wonder, there’s a movement going on. Worldwide, that is. Between Globalist socialists and capitalist Conservatives.

On previous posts I have described my native Britain as fighting for its very existence the past three years against the globalist elite of the European Union. Thank God they now have their own version of Donald Trump in Boris Johnson.

Caught up right in the middle of it, of course – since he alone started it – is our fearless president.

For many, globalism has taken on new meaning, especially since President Trump was elected. ‘Globalist’ means more than just open borders, it’s the means to an end to destroy America. Any globalist currently in play would like to suck every middle class manufacturing job out of the United States and have all our cars, steel, aluminum, every critical manufacturing process for our defense/survival to be manufactured in third world countries!

Best of buddies and comrades for patriotism … Trump-Farage, what a ticket that would make!

If ever that had been allowed to happen (which, don’t forget, the former #44 crew were all hellbent on pushing through had Hillary Rob’em stolen the WH) we would currently be at the mercy of the third world, set up and run by corrupt globalist cabals.

NAFTA (thank God it’s gone) was just the beginning. TPP (another absolute #44 disaster) would have caused more job losses. Yet globalism and all its destruction is still rumbling through the rank and file supported by the unhinged Dems, the big deep state fake news msm, the unipartyRinos, and DC elites.

‘Globalist globalism’ most definitely exists and those behind it have positioned themselves to profit greatly at the expense of everyone else. Global conglomerates who have many companies under their umbrella have obscured ownership. They control both supply and demand across multiple countries around the globe. They control the price of products and commodities and the banks are complicit.

Repeat – there’s a movement going on. Worldwide, that is.

From ‘sundance’ over at Conservative Treehouse: ‘We will not surrender this country to false globalism’ …


They go beyond governments. They wield tremendous power and influence. Like a gambling establishment the globalist sway always wins. They have rigged the global markets and they are pulling all the strings. They bribe governments to give them a free pass. International corporations and conglomerates control everything. It is what dystopian and sci-fi writers have been warning about for a long time. Corporations exceeding the power of governments. The elite behind these companies are hidden yet they are the true power across the globe.

Old money and old families participate. They hate Trump with a passion because he’s awakened people around the world. Others have picked up the mantle and stirred up the people.

America is still very unique because of We The People. Because of the structuring of our government and the Constitution and Bill of Rights we can stand up and shout and make our voices heard and we can vote.

But we need to distribute many more red pills. Far too many are asleep in their delusion and distorted world view. All these people who support Leftist views are merely pawns in the grand scheme. They are “useful idiots”.

The globalists want everyone to stay ignorant and stay asleep while they grab more and more power….

President Trump at G7 summit .. Angela Merkel and others…

With the leadership of president Trump, however, We the People have taken a stand.

In the “dark ages” after Ronald Reagan, millions of We the People sensed that corruption was rampant in the Federal ‘Gummint’. We sensed that these “public servants”, regardless of their politics, were robbing all of us blind while saying all the right things. Boy, were we wrong.

The corruption actually was a cancer that had exploded throughout the body. All that was needed was about four more years from another Soetoro clone.

President Donald Trump is certainly the greatest President of the modern era, which isn’t too difficult when you study just what those men did; but as he continues to govern, most of us are thinking he will likely be regarded as one of the all-time greats.

President Trump and newly-elected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson …

And this with precious little support from his own party, and an ongoing attempted take-down from his political enemies, which continues to the present. Put any of our former presidents into the present time. Dress them in that black suit and red tie. Now place them in PDJT’s situation these last three years. How many of them could survive, let alone thrive?

History, folks. We’re living it. Most of us never thought we’d ever see anything remotely resembling this. But with God’s help we will survive the globalist monstrosity – the so-called dying-a-slow-death ‘new world order’.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump KAG!


Conservative Treehouse/’sundance’: We will not surrender this country to False Globalism

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