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A little added on follow-up to yesterday’s post on President Trump’s globalist address to the United Nations on Tuesday really reveals the depth of engagement the current president possesses versus the narcissistic aloofness that was the hallmark of his predecessor in the same forum. Trump’s condemnation of globalist socialism for instance, in the context of the problems currently bringing ruin to Venezuela contained this great one-liner:

“The problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”

Common sense and reality finally gets the spotlight at the globalist UN. What a hoot!

Arguably, this was the first UN speech by an American president that actually clearly said anything about specific policies, goals, criticisms, etc.. Not the vague kind of Obama generalizations that had to be parsed to guess what they might mean.

The fact of the matter is that a globalist world engineered by the likes of Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and his ilk, is a world without firewalls. If it goes bad, there is nowhere to flee to, and no outside actors to intervene. It is an absurdly dangerous architecture in which to entrust mankind’s future.

And all of this is by design, because its globalist architects are the very psychopaths who wish to sit at the top, as the Lords of this hell-without-exits. Basically, as in the days of old managing the one-world one-language stronghold known as the Tower of Babel, ‘Globalist’ is the political and ideological implementation of Satanism. And I’m not being alarmist here.

It is the ultimate Sin of Pride to think that sinners could create a utopian heaven on earth, usurping God’s place as creator. If God destroyed the Tower of Babel and confused languages as punishment for the Sin of Pride, what would be the punishment for sinful pride on a globalist scale? 1984 Orwellian hell hole might be a good place to start.

Deborah Weiss in today’s American Thinker and “8 highlights of President Trump’s UN speech”…

President Trump delivered a bang-up speech at the United Nations’ General Assembly yesterday. Do not listen to the fake news media’s characterizations asserting that it was “a string of tweets, but no doctrine” or focusing solely on his comments regarding North Korea. The MSM are just too immersed in their anti-American ideology to hear anything the president actually said.

Here are some of the highlights:

1) President Trump made a case for America First (no more apologies at the U.N.), stating that sovereignty is to be expected from the U.S. to its citizens, just as it is to be expected for all other countries.  (And the president got applause for this, something the left will not understand.)

2) He gave a warning to North Korea – that if Kim Jong-un continues to act provocatively, he is on a suicide mission, and the U.S. will have “no other choice” but to lay waste to that whole country.

3) Iran is a terrible dictatorship, using its resources to support terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezb’allah instead of to improve the lives of Iranian citizens. The Iran “nuclear agreement” is the worst deal the president has ever seen, and America will not abide by it if Iran’s end goal is to have a nuclear program.

4) The U.N. Human Rights Council consists of a bunch of hypocrites, where countries with some of the most egregious human rights violations sit on the council purportedly condemning the human rights violations of other countries.

5) The president will not lift sanctions on Cuba until Cuba makes fundamental reforms of its corrupt regime.

6) America will stand by her allies. The president made several criticisms of countries that denounce Israel. After the speech, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this was the most courageous and the boldest speech he’s heard at the United Nations in 30 years.

7) The U.S. pays a disproportionate amount to support the United Nations. Other countries need to step up their commitment to the values espoused by the U.N. and be more accountable for their actions. Trump’s prelude speech on Monday night asserted that since the year 2000, the U.N. has increased its budget by 140 percent and doubled its staff, but those increases yielded nothing. On Tuesday, he reiterated that our investment will be worth it if the U.N. genuinely works toward the causes it claims to champion.

8) We will be working to have refugees placed in countries closest to their own homes. It will cost less and be better for the refugees.

President Trump’s speech told them how the cow ate the cabbage and did it straight to their faces. But the most significant thing was that he hit them where it hurt the most and did it repeatedly for maximum effect.

By my count, the president referenced the term “sovereignty” twenty-one times. He also referenced the Constitution, especially pointing out that the first three words, “We The People” encapsulates the essence of the difference between the American Republican system and the others represented in the hall.

This was a presidential message and it was well received. It left no room for misunderstanding and no room for pontificating about its meaning – excepting, of course, to those who are entombed inside the bubble and ideological globalist agenda of the Big Fake News Media, which is now owned by those same multinational corporations. Their promotion of globalism is simply their means to an end in supporting the profiteering engaged in by their parent companies.

President Donald Trump – MAGA!


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