Gingrich ‘outs’ Soros: Fox explodes

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Gingrich ‘outs’ Soros: Fox explodes … How quickly we forget. FNC turned on Donald Trump down the stretch in 2016 and has always been ‘GOP-establishment’ TV. Just remember ‘Lyin’ Ryan called the 2018 midterms early to help the Dems take the House (and so set the stage for the faux impeachment fiasco) before hightailing it out of the Speaker’s seat for a lucrative spell as a member of the Fox Board. For what purpose, pray tell? Mmmm…

The happenings on FoxNews yesterday, is the topic at hand…

Good to see it was Gingrich occupying the hot seat, since anyone else would likely have been shut down immediately. He actually got to speak the truth despite the influence of a couple of the Fox Babes essentially telling him to shut up, yet leaving it all live. Very strange indeed. Had it been anyone else, there would have been an immediate commercial break for everyone to take a deep breath.

Fox, above all, doesn’t want to lose their audience, yet at times they tend to make absolute nonsense out of it all. And so with this latest blunder with Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich ‘outs’ Soros: Fox explodes…

Since his glory days as Speaker of the House with real clout, Newt has been a real warrior of great regard, since anyone else would have been disconnected immediately. He actually got to speak the truth and they essentially told him to shut up, but left it all live. If it were anyone else, then there would have been an immediate commercial break. Fox, above all, does not want to lose their audience.

We ought to be glad Gingrich discussed it. Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros has set up funding and succeeded in electing District Attorneys across the country who are helping criminals murder and assault Americans. Melissa Harris in the exchange said she wanted their stories told. Well, this is a BIG PART of their story. Don’t chicken out, lady. Don’t accept their premise of what is acceptable to discuss.

Fox news is no way discernible from the rest of the MSM yet they want to pretend they’re fair and balanced. 99% of all media is controlled by the left and they especially have a lock on what reaches most young people via social media eg; FB, Twitter, Google, etc. When added to the iron fist grip on the education system, young Americans are surely being indoctrinated. The left’s propaganda is coming through a fire hose. Conservative messages have to be found like an oasis in a desert.

This is how conservatives get marginalized: “This isn’t the hill to die on.” Just tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘FoxNews Meltdown on Newt Soros Reveal’…

CTH has previously mentioned the not-so-subtle agenda carried by several FOX news hosts including the generously dissonant Harris Faulkner. However, today the effort to pretend not to know was on full display as the FOX crew awkwardly shut down Newt Gingrich for calling out George Soros.

It is a demonstrable fact that George Soros has been attempting to manipulate law and order by funding radical left-wing ideologues to run for district attorney offices. St Louis’ Kimberly Gardner is one such example.  The selective prosecution, and lack thereof, is a decision leading to increased crime and violence within the communities.

In an era when truth-telling is filtered by politics the background agenda of all news hosts is becoming increasingly clear.

Full link below…


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Thanks FoxNews for Soros riot-coddling DA reminder’…

Fox News has drawn our attention to the fact that George Soros is bankrolling the leftist district attorneys who are fostering so much rioting in America’s blue cities, based on their refusal to prosecute looters and rioters. But probably not in the way the network meant to.

Here’s what went down over at the semi-cheesy news commentary show called Outnumbered, whose format is a group of leggy women sitting on a circular sofa with some man in the news and grilling him with chick-like excited shouts and exclamations. It’s now a Zoom thing without the leg business. In this case, it led to a very unexpected outcome.

What an amazingly insulting way to treat a supposedly honored guest, a former speaker of the House. Look at the shock on Newt’s face at that shutdown. They invited him on, they asked him his take on the leftist riots in America’s blue cities, and they got an answer: Gingrich pointed out that the  riots were happening because of district attorneys, financed by George Soros, who refuse to prosecute rioting.

It wasn’t really news. Nor was it controversial.  It’s been reported in detail by conservative outfits for years.

Full link below…

Gingrich ‘outs’ Soros: Fox explodes…

It may or may not be related to the current protection racket going on to shield Soros, but ten years ago, Fox got rid of Glenn Beck, who also criticized Soros.

One thing we do know, is that Soros is powerful, and he uses his money to wield power. He’s also on record as trying to overhaul the justice system. It might not just be the district attorneys that he controls for this, based on this shabby treatment of Gingrich, he might just control at least some of Fox News. That’s disturbing. That gets our attention. We didn’t know this until this shutdown maneuver against Gingrich. Gingrich, who just wanted to please them, certainly didn’t either, based on his startled response.

Now we know. And now we’ve been reminded for sure that Soros is running the district attorney show, the very reason why the riots are continuing — because nobody is being prosecuted.

Thanks Fox News, for getting that out there, reminding us of the big stakes, and letting us know what a certain someone doesn’t want us to know. Thanks for letting us in. [sarc]

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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