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There’s an old well-worn phrase / axiom about getting things done which goes ‘Always give credit where credit is due’, yet how many times in this self-serving, fast-moving maelstrom of an existence do you hear these words of encouragement anymore – especially from vicious political assassins in the Big Deep State Fake News Media complex? That’s right – never.

Well never mind, I’m here to propose that you just have to love and admire everyone over at the Conservative Treehouse for their unstinting and unwavering commitment to getting things done with the positive reportage on the daily work rate and accomplishments of one, President Donald J. Trump and his team of ‘go-getters’ (or should that be ‘go-getting?!’) There is never ever a dull moment in Donald Trump’s America, and lead-writer ‘sundance’ for one is correct in that ‘tomorrow is a brand new day.’

I have shared many times since his ride down the Trump Tower escalator, of having met Trump in his younger days when the company I worked for at the time had offices and showroom in one of his buildings at Fifth Avenue and 26th., and over those many years his demeanor hasn’t changed one bit. Yes, he’s had his ups and downs like many of us, but has come through generally unscathed from all the negative attacks. And yes, he’s still ‘getting it done!’

It truly is an amazing time in history to be alive to witness President Donald J. Trump fulfilling a prediction he gave to Oprah Winfrey 30 years ago about his already-developing-plan to consider at some point, running for president – and not only that, but predicting he would win! What kind of prescience was that?!

Let me get you to the topic at hand, and give you the opener to ‘sundance’ and his revelation from commenter by the handle of ‘Daughnworks24/7 .. titled ’30 Hours at Trump Speed’ …

1. President Trump dropped a MOAB on the state of Georgia for Brian Kemp, and wiped the floor with the establishment GOPe, winning by 39 points.

2. President Travels to Kansas City, giving the speech which made us all cry, to the VFW. Embraces a 94 year old Sergeant and we immediately fall in love.

3. Our sheer perfection of a FLOTUS stops in Nashville at a children’s hospital. On the way back CNN reporter asks Stephanie Grisham about the Cohen tapes and tries to take a hit on Melania. Stephanie Grisham came UNDONE and wiped the floor with the little witch.

4. VP Pence in Montana, stops what he is doing, leaves his Secret Service, when a boy waiting to see him on the tarmac passes out. VP Pence was “up and in the middle” of the problem. Good man.

5. CRTV does a parody video about Alexandria Cortez and the left reveals —- they have no sense of humor.  Busted.

6. President Trump meets with John-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission and makes the deal of a lifetime on tariffs, LNG sales to Europe, and soybeans for the Midwest.

7. DOW spikes 170 points in an hour on news of the trade deal. Business channels who support multinationals are in melt-down… because they’ve been hyping a trade war for 6 months.

8. Facebook earnings post, stock loses 24% of market cap in an hour. That’s what happens when you put Ellen Stover and our friends in Facebook jail.  Payback is hell.

9. Secretary Pompeo testifies to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and I swear, it’s probably the best 3 hours of footage, EVER. He was brilliant.


At one point, Pompeo asked if he could be allowed to submit, for the record, the list of all the things Trump Admin has done to be ‘tough’ on the Russians. Turd of a Senator agrees. Pompeo says, “Well then, let’s back the truck up to deliver (his list).”
OMG…..  Killed it.

10. CNN releases recorded tape of Michael Cohen and President Trump—- and it’s a dud. We learned President Trump says “thank you” when he asks for a Coke.

Must, must, must read to completion of full 30-hour list of dealings!

Rush Limbaugh also wrapped it up in a neat and orderly fashion on his yesterday’s show … President Donald J. Trump has always been one for getting things done – in his own unique way, that is…

The Unique Life of Donald Trump


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