Gaetz swings back @ GOV agencies

Go ahead, make my…

Gaetz swings back @ GOV agencies … To cut straight to the chase, Sidney Powell alluded to just this kind of thing in a recent interview. You go scorched earth on them before they can do it to you. Or how about it kind of brings Hunter Biden’s laptop into perspective when the repair man shop owner notified the #F.I.B. guy (spelling intent) and was ignored. Until that is, he released a copy – AND THEN the threats against him began! As someone from another continent observed over on the thread – Nice institutions you have there in the #USA! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯…

So a former DOJ attorney attempts to extort a member of Congress; the member reports this to the FBI; the FBI has the Congressman’s father wear a wire to record the extortion attempt; yet the DOJ tells the NYT about the investigation thus foiling the FBI’s sting. As we’ve stated multiple times prior to today – Barr, Durham and the rest of ’em, heck, the entire DOJ is corrupt to the core.

Gaetz swings back @ GOV agencies …

Crazy isn’t it how the DOJ have just leaked about @mattgaetz but never, ever about Hunter Biden? Which, among countless other things, is why you have to question every motive and every statement coming out of the entire alphabet Soup Departments. Every. Single. One.

Heck, Sundance himself had a real “up close and personal” few weeks’ encounter with the demon dragons of democracy just last summer when he was on the trail of Barr / Durham etal! From the top down and the bottom up every single Alphabet Soup department is rotting from the same elements.

The story doesn’t make sense, yet looking at it purely in a selfish way and being totally honest, it works great for MAGA that it’s Matt Gaetz, because he won’t shrink. He’ll scream from the rooftops about the corruption in DC. How could a former Justice Dept. official be in a position to extort money from Matt Gaetz? Amazing isn’t it?

How good men are merely ACCUSED of sexual impropriety of some sort and are immediately fired; truly amazing. Good people can be RUINED in this day and age with no proof whatsoever. Thank GOD President Trump stood by Kavanaugh; sickening that Christine Fraudy Ford and Jussie Smollet are not in JAIL.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Congressman Matt Gaetz, DOJ Lawyer David McGee and Bizarre FBI Sting Op’…

Two people inside the DOJ leaked a story about Matt Gaetz (R-FL) being under DOJ/FBI investigation to the New York Times. The essential elements of the article are that Gaetz had a relationship with a 17-year-old woman, and paid for her to travel; ergo the DOJ/FBI is investigating “sex trafficking.” Presumably AG Bill Barr opened the investigation. However, Matt Gaetz vehemently denies everything about the claims, and instead says the FBI and DOJ were recently conducting a sting operation -with his cooperation- against a former DOJ lawyer named David McGee who was extorting Gaetz for $25 million.

According to Gaetz his father was contacted by McGee in March of this year and told he would release the details of a relationship with the woman if Gaetz did not pay $25 million. Gaetz contacted the FBI, and his father wore a wire in his conversation with McGee where the FBI were recording the extortion attempt. Now that someone has leaked the erroneous background of the investigation to the New York Times, Gaetz is demanding the DOJ release the tapes of the extortion attempt.[-]

[+] … Matt Gaetz: “What is happening is an extortion of me and my family involving a former Department of Justice official. On March 16th, my father got a text message demanding a meeting wherein a person demanded $25 million in exchange for making horrible sex trafficking allegations of me go away. Our family was so troubled by that we went to the local FBI and the FBI and the Department of Justice were so concerned about this, that they asked my dad to wear a wire. Which he did with the former Department of Justice official.

Tonight I am demanding that the Department of Justice and the FBI release the audio recordings that were made under their supervision and at their direction which will prove my innocence…

Tucker Carlson: …”First of all, who is this Department of Justice former employee who is trying to extort the money from you.”

Gaetz: “His name is David McGee” [end]

Full link below with others…

Feeling the sting this morning are likely the agents and prosecutors who put the plan together, only to have it blown up by a highly illegal leak. Or else they were just setting up Gaetz.

Yours truly is reminded of when the FBI got a warrant to search a Muslim charity here in Dallas on probable cause it had funded the 911 terrorists, only to find that Judith Miller at the NYT had immediately called the charity, ostensibly working on a story and with an anonymous, very timely and equally illegal tip about the warrant, only to give them 12 hours prior notice to clean out their records. Never was an OIG report about that leak, as I recall.

Arguably, whatever plan was in place here backfired when Gaetz called the FBI, essentially entrapping them in their own entrapment scheme. In order to find a way to back out of it, the FBI leaks the story to the NYT to slime Gaetz and give themselves cover to try and slink back under their rock.

You can almost hear the staff meeting at FBI/DOJ where they try to spin it, “Oh we heard some disturbing things about Gaetz that nobody can prove or substantiate, so we sent in an informant to investigate further, and Gaetz accepted a bribe to cover it up, and we’ll get him on that.”

Except Gaetz notified the FBI and blew up their plan.

This could be a sign of life for justice in the DOJ. A sting set up to catch McGee, leaked to the Times, both as a smear of Gaetz, and as a protective warning to Magee not to get stung. Or more likely just business as usual at the Guardians of the Deep State. We “Kremlinologists” can watch the MSM tonight and see what we can infer from how the propaganda organs presented the matter.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump still working to MAGA! KAG!


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