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Following on from yesterday’s brilliance with ‘sundance’ and his crew over at the Conservative Treehouse revealing the total corruption of the US DOJ in attempting to smear President Trump with their evil malfeasance, comes the equally-brilliant Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMag delving into the same FISA subject matter with (no surprise here) a similar outcome.

The old Elementary School trick straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook of pointing accusing fingers at others of what you yourself did is a simple enough tactic to deflect blame away from the real criminals and deposit the accusations squarely on the shoulders of the innocent – As in how the Deep State is trying to divert attention to other parties, claiming those others are the bad guys, in order to hide the dirty deeds of the Deep State itself (the most dirty player of all in this game).

In other words, the progressive liberal-leftist DemoMarxists do projection better than anyone. Anybody desiring to know what they’re up to need only listen carefully to what they’re accusing everyone else of doing. As we’ve determined already through the Conservative Treehouse expose`, all the attempts to plaster Trump people with Russian collusion, meddling and conspiracy ends up exposing the DemoMarxists and their allies instead.

Comey, Brennan, and Clapper … A triunity epitome of DC sewer swamp dwellers…

As commenter with the tagline ‘NfldCelt’ puts it on one of the threads: “The only GOP people indicted were for manufactured crimes of lying and for things nothing to do with Trump. The Russian people and companies that have been indicted are just for show. They will never come to trial so nothing ever has to be proven by Mueller. Getting an indictment is not even close to what it takes to getting a conviction, where actual evidence has to be presented; first to both sides and then judge and jury, wherein the accused gets to fight back, unlike the ease with which an indictment can be obtained.

Mueller and crowd know this is a waste of time but it makes it look like something is happening to validate their continued investigation, which in the reality of common sense is simply an extended witch hunt of massive proportions.

Lamestream media-wise, that is.

Daniel Greenfield and his opener in FrontPageMag titled ‘All The President’s Hacks’ …

Daniel Greenfield…

When Hillary Clinton cites the “intelligence community assessment” to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the presidential election, she’s really repeating her own lie, that her campaign created, rolled through the media and the government, which used it to spy on the Trump campaign, and then finally became an “assessment” under orders from Obama carried out by political allies like Clapper and Brennan.

The media, which once boasted of exposing Watergate, had played a key role in Obama’s Watergate.

The release of a redacted FISA warrant application exposes the fact that the spying on Carter Page, a figure associated with the Trump campaign, relied on no sources other than Democrats and media allies.

In 2016, an arm of the Clinton campaign began assembling a dossier claiming that the Trump campaign was seeking damaging information about it from the Russians. The dossier actually represented an effort by the Clinton campaign to seek damaging information from the Russians about the Trump campaign.

The man tasked with that job, a former British intelligence agent named Christopher Steele, then went on to accuse figures involved with the Trump campaign, of doing the very thing he had been hired to do.

One of those men was Carter Page.

The Steele dossier claimed that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was using Carter Page as an intermediary to work with the Russians against Hillary Clinton. But it was Steele who had actually been hired by the Clinton campaign to get information from the Russians to use against Donald Trump.

The FISA application to eavesdrop on Page is based on Steele’s work and the media echo chamber created around it. The intelligence assessment, which former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper admitted had been carried out under Obama’s orders, has the same tainted origins.

A Democrat smear was used by a Democrat administration to undermine a Republican’s victory.

The FISA application bets everything on Steele, while trying to hedge its bets by citing news stories, because Steele’s allegations against Page are as much of a dog’s breakfast as the rest of the dossier.

To read to completion simply click on LOGO…

Let’s just face it right up front, folks, the real nefarious part of this whole Mueller DemoMarxist Deep State charade is that the money keeps flowing and flowing ad infinitum. In case you missed it, that’s OUR money, snatched away from We the People while this bogus ‘investigation’ continues with the plain fact of the matter that there is no ‘there’ there. Someone with a clear mind on what the definition of ‘is, is’ needs to turn the cash-cow spigot OFF immediately.

Repeat after me – There is no ‘there’ there!

This internal attack on America will never end as long as the DemoMarxists (particularly within the effete, pedantic, Trump-and-America-hating Deep State Big Fake News empirical construct) continue to spew their elite globalist doctrine of Marxist Socialism.

Turns out to be dossier-related scandal all along, just as President Trump asserted…

It has become beyond time to hand down indictments and if Jeff Sessions (whatever on earth has happened to him?) is going to continually sit on his hands, then he needs to be sent packing forthwith. Time is ticking away, which is exactly what the enemies within are hoping for.

Going forward, We The People must take Congress back and not vote for sick, power hungry socialists who want to make everyone miserable except themselves.

As Daniel expresses in his last paragraph: “Not only did the media fail to expose Obama’s Watergate, but it was a key part of the infrastructure for spying on Republicans. The FISA application reveals that domestic surveillance of Republicans would not have been possible without the media. In 2016, the media had become an official part of ‘All the President’s Men’. The reporters had become the plumbers of a political police state. Their smears were used to eavesdrop on political opponents and cast doubt on the outcome of a free and open election.”[end]

Thank God for our warrior-President Donald J. Trump and his unfailing effort to MAGA!


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