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Fighting fire with fire… Right off the bat, consider the corner into which ‘Nancy with the wobbly eyes and uncertain gait’ has entombed herself in her attempt to shame and smear a sitting president of the United States – a president, by the way, who arguably is showing himself to be one of the best – if not THE enduring best – of the other 44 come and gone before him.

Cull through the incessant negative media blitzkrieg and We the People have an awful lot to be thankful for; the economy is smoking, regulations are being rolled back, unemployment is the lowest in years (especially for minorities), troops are coming home, meaningful deals for the good of former enemies are being made, and we’re disengaging from fruitless, endless war footing.

One person is standing in the gap, fighting with ALL the negative flak and fire coming his way – 99.9% of which emanates from the domestic enemy within. Just who else could weather all of this?

A future prescience of MAGA .. The baton was passed!

As close to President Reagan as The Donald was (don’t forget that Reagan pressed him to run for president some day) you have to admire his daily commitment to the cause, especially when surrounded by, and fighting fire against, the long knives in the media, the opposition party, his own party, the chamber of commerce, the globalist elites, the Chinese, the UN, the EU, the lies and distortions of the Russia! Russia! Russia! ingrates; and yet he refuses to abandon his steadfast belief in We the American people.

Throughout history it has been referred to as LEADERSHIP.

Despite the contretemps and all the petty and no less vicious attacks surrounding him on a daily and hourly basis, President Trump does not ‘go quietly into the night’, but rather leads the way by example, into which the foremost is fighting fire and engaging all the battles from the enemy.

Pelosi, Schumer, the DemoRINOMarxists and their cohorts are fighting fire ignobly. Too power-hungry by far, and silly not to learn from history, which, combined with science illustrates that one can only stretch an elastic band up to a certain limit; go beyond the breaking point, the elastic snaps, and once it does you can never put it back together again.

Thomas Lifson with an excellent description of what ails the DemoRINOMarxists, and ‘Progs and NeverTrumps celebrate Trump postponing SOTU at their peril’ …

284px-American_Thinker_logoThere’s a lot of foolish back-slapping and high-fives among Trump haters from both parties this morning on the news that President Trump has agreed to postpone the State of the Union Address in the wake of Speaker Pelosi withdrawing the invitation to use the House of Representatives’ chamber. (For example, “Trump waves the white flag and surrenders to Nancy Pelosi on State of the Union” and “Flounder in Chief Folds.”) Celebrate now, repent later. The chess game is far from over.

But even the New York Times realizes that the story is far from over, calling Trump’s move a “seeming capitulation.”

Even before Trump’s next steps (and Trump always has next steps in mind) play out, there are several takeaways.

Trump has ensured that his next SOTU, whenever it takes place, will get a huge television audience. And he will address the nation with Nancy Pelosi sitting behind him, her facial expressions on view. He will have the option of turning around and directly addressing her, on whatever points he wishes to make.

Trump has also given the lie to caricatures of him as “impulsive,” “reckless,” and likely to blunder us into a nuclear war, views which are held as gospel among the NeverTrump faction of putative conservatives. He has done what wise leaders and generals do when confronted with an unexpected enemy move: he has read the terrain and order of battle and concluded that the odds do not favor him in a battle on the enemy’s newly-defined terms.

Continues to completion in link down below…

Hashtag ‘Obadiah_Plainman’ from the thread: ‘You know, just when I get my fill of him being a blowhard and want him to shut up, he does this and reaffirms the strange affinity I have developed for this guy. Saying he’ll not move to an alternate venue is deferential and respectful to that body, which is a smart move politically. And to Mr. Lifson’s point, if you don’t think Trump will call Pelosi out in the address, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s going to be glorious’.[end]

As usual, the DemoRINOMarxists have walked right into an ambush and don’t know it. No matter how they play it they lose. When the president does eventually give his SOTU those same DemoRINOMarxists will sit on their hands when he begins to list his accomplishments, in stone-cold faces of defeat just like they did one year ago.

He will turn (with the cameras on him) and directly address ‘Nancy with the wobbly eyes and gait’. She will automatically shift nervously in her seat and look small. Our fearless president Trump wins either way. Sooner or later he gets to address the full legislative body, alone, speaking directly to We the American people.

Trump wins and Nancy and Chuck look stupid. You gotta love it. Keep walking into those ambushes DemoRINOMarxists; it never gets old.

To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them?!

Ol’ Bill Shakespeare certainly had a way with words applied to human nature, didn’t he?

I can’t wait for SOTU address. Bring it on.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Thomas Lifson: NeverTrumps celebrate postponing SOTU at their peril

See also ‘sundance’ Conservative Treehouse: Magnanimous Trump delays SOTU address


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