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From Websters and other prime dictionary sources: faux /fō/ adjective. 1. made in imitation; artificial. “a string of faux pearls”; / 2. not genuine; fake or false; “their faux concern for the well-being of the voters didn’t fool many”.

Which leads me into what hopefully puts the lid on the antics of the faux Elizabeth Warren and her DemoMarxist habit of lying to the American public for decades. As a matter of fact, there couldn’t be a better more worthy lying example of what and who the Democrat party have morphed into. Besides the fact of course, that one Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros elevated himself to the defacto leadership of the DemoMarxists when he put the Clinton Crime Cabal and the Obamanation under his direct authority.

As hash-tag ‘schmutzli’ puts it on one of the threads: ‘What does this say about the hallowed academic institutions who hired the faux Squaw Warren, specifically at oh-so-pompous Harvard, based on fraud and misrepresentation? Just another reason why Harvard and the rest of the “elite” universities of Big Academia should be under RICO investigations.'[end]

And ergo these mob-controlled so-called ‘caravans’ posing as benign deadly invasions. All cut from the same DemoMarxist cloth of attempting to bring down the sovereign state of the Constitutional Republic of the United States and burying it under a specious globalist authority.

But I digress, having covered the Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros anti-American antics elsewhere.

Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMag and ‘The Incredibly Fake End of Elizabeth Warren’ …

Elizabeth Ann Herring has been many things in her life. All of them fake.

She represented an insurance company in an asbestos case before becoming a consumer rights crusader. She was paid $350,000 to teach a single course before deciding to fight student debt. She was a Republican, then became a socialist, and then announced, “I am a capitalist to my bones.”

She’s also the fake minority professor who plagiarized the recipes of a French chef for the Pow Wow Chow cookbook and killed her shot at 2020 with a DNA test which claimed that she wasn’t lying about her Cherokee background because she might have a 1/1,024th ancestry from somebody from Peru.

Like a snake, Senator Elizabeth Warren has shed her beliefs as easily as her minority status.

Warren went from being a Cherokee to the whitest woman in the Senate, the same way that she swung from her, “You didn’t build that” speech to, “She believes in markets. She loves markets.”

The truth about Senator Herring is that she’s always been a liar, a coward and a fraud.

Her presidential hopes didn’t end in 2018. They ended in 2015 when instead of challenging Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren cut a deal with her to be considered as her VP and get some of her key allies into administration positions in the second Clinton administration that never came into being.

Hillary didn’t pick Warren as her running mate. The jokes would have written themselves.  And after losing the election, she was in no position to appoint Warren’s allies to anything except cleaning up her broken wineglasses.

Elizabeth Warren began getting ready for 2020, but she had already missed her last and only shot.

While Liz was playing the inside game, maneuvering for power within a future Clinton administration, her radical backers went looking for someone else to challenge Hillary. They settled on an obscure socialist senator from Vermont who was even angrier, more awkward and more radical than Warren.

MoveOn had deployed Revolution Messaging to pursue the Run, Warren Run campaign. Warren didn’t run. Revolution moved on to make the Bernie Sanders campaign happen while cashing in on him. The organizations and campaign pros behind Bernie built a profitable and powerful movement around him.

Bernie had started out as a third-rate Warren substitute. But then he made her redundant.

Read to completion by clicking right here…

Nothing like a bit of satire to brighten up the day … Nevertheless, the truth will out…

Relativistic liberal-leftist DemoMarxist fraudulence, a philosophy claiming to have even transcended itself, is so very, very ‘meta’. As in ‘We and we alone are not limited by our own humanity or by our own perspectives. We alone see ourselves as accurately as we do ‘the other.’ Our uniquely superior self-awareness makes us the only fit arbiters of all-that-exists.’

Yeah, right, so self-aware that they don’t see the comedy in claiming victory over being 1/1024 Native American. So uniquely self-aware that they have no idea when making fools of themselves. Liberal leftist DemoMarxists are the least self-aware folks on the planet. And there’s nothing ‘meta’ about them!

Chances are that Warren’s DNA was actually compared to Native American and even Cherokee genetic material, but it came up as a zero match. Then like a good scientist, Warren’s genetics ‘expert’ managed to fit the data to the desired result – sampling the Senator’s DNA against Peruvian (or was it Guatemalan, Mexican or some other?) DNA and getting the 1/1024 match for someone with black hair.

Nevertheless, ever up to the challenge put before him, our fearless warrior-president is always up for a little sense of humor. Even to making good on a 1/1024 DNA test!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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