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Go ahead, make my…

Witnessing the latest fake caravan devised as ‘fleeing downtrodden refugees’ reminds me of one William Jefferson Clinton on his first trip to Britain as president back in the heady days of 1993 and fooling the jaw-dropped Brits with his faux jogging around the streets of London only to find out that he barely ran a block before being picked up in the secret service black limo to be whisked away to the next bunch of newshound photographers.

Fake jogger begets fake caravan.

Checking the poundage of some of these ‘refugees’ immediately impresses the notion that they’ve never missed a meal. Also, check their clothing, kind of neat, tidy and clean for folks who have trudged for days roughing it, in particular their footwear; certainly doesn’t look to me that they walked too far in those designer sneakers and/or flip flop sandals (isn’t Honduras by the way, a booming manufacturer of branded sports attire most of which is USA-bound – why are these people fleeing their JOBS?)

Also note that many are carrying lightly-filled garbage bags, surely not their worldly belongings? Some are carrying nothing!

As with the faux Clinton jogging episode, I contend that there’s a vehicle following them – heck, could be a fleet of buses and mobile canteen trucks for all we know – conveniently toting their boxes/suitcases/bulky backpacks.

Honduras marchers and others financed by Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros handlers…

Don’t ever forget folks, that these invader-mobs (memo to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC – MOBS) intend to become parasites living off We the People US taxpayers, crying, wailing, and claiming to come to America for a better life.

The main meme might well read ‘poorly educated at best, illiterate at worst, the majority don’t even speak English and therefore have little chance to support themselves’ – But wait – aren’t they fleeing their jobs?

In many ways it seems to me it would be cheaper and more efficient to load them onto a plane, fly them back to whence they came and send the bill to their respective country of origin. Put ’em all back to work supplying Uncle Sam with all those branded sports goods. Problem solved.

Monica Showalter and her piece in American Thinker .. ‘Trump warning to cut aid gets Honduras/Guatemala attention’…

That was quick.

President Trump’s vow to cut off all aid to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador has gotten the attention of at least some of those countries’ elites, who are moving to stop the caravan.  According to Reuters:

WASHINGTON/ESQUIPULAS, Guatemala (Reuters) – The organizer of a migrant caravan from Honduras was detained in Guatemala on Tuesday as the U.S. government threatened to withdraw aid from both countries and El Salvador if the flow of migrants north to the United States was not stopped.

Apparently, they believe him.  Someone must have been on the phone with the Palestinian Authority.

An incurious press has declined to report on who is financing the caravan or its leader who got detained, or why those migrants in the photos have such new-looking clothes, for that matter, but in the past, such caravans were bankrolled by George Soros-financed front groups and actually called the “Soros Express.”

La Tribuna, a Honduran publication, has the detained leader’s photo and photos of his organized caravan, identifying him as a Honduran ex-politician and journalist named Bartolo Fuentes, who’s obviously got an impressive political eye, organizing the caravan to reach the United States just in time for a showdown at the midterms.

Both he and Soros would know of the political hay to be made from a caravan: the left made lots of it early this summer with a previous caravan, the one that featured crying toddlers – and Hondurans illegally entering the U.S. with middle fingers flashing at the Tijuana border.  Odds are, he’s also a lefty and at odds with his current Honduran government, seeking the applause of the descamisados in his own bid for political influence by offering free trips to the U.S., delivering his bags of beans by having gringo pay.

That, weighed with the prospect of an aid cutoff to Honduras and Guatemala, at least, pretty well told at least the Honduran and Guatemalan governments it was time to put a stop to the act.

La Tribuna writes that yes, the Guatemalan authorities’ detention was indeed linked to President Trump’s warning:

“La expulsión de Bartolo acontece en momentos en los que el gobierno de Donald Trump amenaza al gobierno de Honduras que, si no detiene la caravana, suspenderá las ayudas”, añadió la comunicadora.

Read full article by clicking right here…

If Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros can’t kill America from within, he’ll invest in soft-invasions from the South (like this fake caravan for instance) to swarm and overwhelm the border, expecting his dimmi/media loyalists to cry about these woebegone ‘refugees just looking for a better life, because that’s who we are as a nation!’ All planned to blow up and inflame DemoMarxist party passions around the time of mid-term elections.

The constant battle against society…

No doubt the Big Deep State Fake Caravan News Media perpetually decrying the definition of MOB, will find a few mothers and babies to cry at the border and talk about how they only want a better life for their children. As per usual, most will be young men dressed in the latest sports gear whinging the middle finger at the besotted cameramen.

The warrior-president Trump is effectively putting a stop to this political charade, the world having learned that he will do what he says, and say what he means.

And one other thing that no one mentions anymore, is that many of the diseases eradicated in North America over the past umpteen decades are back again and thriving, due no doubt to this illegal fake caravan invasion with unhealthy kids turned loose into the school systems. Lovely. Just peachy.

Bottom line has to be, when all is said and done: “Bartolo Fuentes, who’s obviously got an impressive political eye, organizing the caravan to reach the United States just in time for a showdown at the midterms. Both he and Soros would know of the political hay to be made from a caravan…”

I guess the DemoMarxists think that foreigners flipping U.S. the finger and waving flags of their home country at election time will help the so-called blue wave come to be. They want their crumbs back too. Fake caravan or not.

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – Thank God for our warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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