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According to the latest revelations finally beginning to come through the sewage swamp of Washington, D.C., the rampant criminality of the former Obama Clinton cabal administration is breathtaking.

At a minimum from what you read coming up, one would wish to see Obama, Hillary Rob’em Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, Evelyn Farkas, Sally Yates, Eric Holder, Samantha Power, Strzok, Rosenstein, Mueller, Mills, Abedin and a whole bunch of others go to prison.

Why, you ask? Let justice be done to the former Obama Clinton cabal, that’s why.

The above bunch of criminals had the audacity to:

  • fabricate evidence;
  • entrap peripheral Trump campaign players to get their tentacles into Trump world to spy on the campaign;
  • used the tools of our intelligence agencies to launch bogus CIA investigations on flimsy evidence; 
  • and leaked real people’s names to the media who in turn hyped their fake news as evidence of Trump colluding with Russians, which to date is still not a crime.

In the process, lives have been affected, people’s reputations, careers and financial status have been negatively impacted, with a presidential candidate and subsequent duly-elected president and his family being framed and relentlessly smeared by the Leftist Big Fake News media. And all emanating from the Obama Clinton cabal.

Let’s go straight to Thomas Lifson of American Thinker and his piece titled ‘The Clinton reckoning is tiptoeing in’…

This is a historic moment of bated breath and tight sphincters all over Clintonworld. After decades of skating on their grifts, abuses, and outright crimes, a reckoning is coming. And not just for Hillary Clinton, but for her enablers. The leaks begin about the I.G. report on the Hillary Clinton email investigation

Until Wednesday, there had been virtually no genuine leaks coming out of the inspector general’s office at the Department of Justice – the sign of a probe with integrity. But that silence ended when the I.G.’s office circulated relevant portions of its report to people named in it, for their comments, which would be included when the report is published.

The first sign was the now-infamous New York Times article, “Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation,” in which, all of a sudden, it was officially admitted that the Trump campaign was spied on by the Obama intelligence apparatus and that at least one secret agent was employed.  Clearly, a major spin operation was underway in which damning facts to be revealed in an I.G. report are presented in the most favorable light possible and then can be dismissed as “old news” when the report is published.

But not everyone who now has seen portions of the report is playing defense.  Sara Carter is one of the key investigative reporters covering the biggest political scandal in American history.  She writes:

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released within the next three to four weeks to the public, has been turned over to current and former officials for review, as first reported in The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

The draft, however, does not include any recommendations for criminal prosecution.  If there was any evidence collected by the Inspector General’s office of criminality, Horowitz would then refer the matter to the Department of Justice and submit a criminal referral to prosecutors.

“It would be up to the Inspector General to make the recommendations but there is an expectation that there will be at least one referral for prosecution,” said a source familiar with the findings, who added that it is not conclusive as the Inspector General’s office never discusses ongoing investigations.

Read to completion by clicking right here…

Tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after my re-election… Evidence of the REAL Russia collusion…

I wonder if IG Horowitz will expose the Russia-Wikileaks fraud, namely that Russia remotely hacked the Clinton emails, then gave them to Wikileaks? Comey, nor anyone else in the Intelligence Community, has ever provided any evidence of this happening. What we do know is that someone within the Clinton campaign (Seth Rich possibly?) made a hard copy of the massive file and physically passed it on to Assange.

This is not a small detail, because it is part of the larger Obama Clinton cabal plot to falsely link Russia and Trump.

Yes a reckoning is coming. And the entire Clintonista and Obamanista cabal should be indicted, convicted and sentenced to life in Ft. Leavenworth or GITMO. Barack Hussein Obama can dedicate a section of his cell for his new ‘presidential library’. Period. Over. Out.

Semper Fi President Trump – MAGA!


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