Exactly what are the Dems hiding?

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Exactly what are the Dems hiding? First up in the docket, not to make too light of it, but yer’ ‘onor John Roberts appears to be hiding something. But hasn’t he always been, since #43 elevated him to (ahem) protect the family jewels? Which begs the question, ‘what does the demoMarxocrat-owned FBI have on him?’ How about the IRS? CIA? Anybody? I pose the question merely because of all the hundreds of questions he was tasked to read before the ‘impeach, impeach’ assemblage, he squished one – ONE – from Senator Rand Paul.

Suffice to say that the Chief Justice’s role here is ministerial. It’s not in his constitutional power to decide exactly what can and cannot be asked, beyond that required to maintain order and decorum. He exceeded his constitutional authority. Since we now have a precedent of impeachment without treason, bribery, or high crimes and misdemeanors, We the (63 million) People now know who should be next in the impeachment dock. It deserves, after all, its own truthful unraveling for whatever reason the chief justice thought it unworthy, but it will have to remain as a ‘conundrum’ for now.

Full Rand Paul link is available below for the inquisitive…

John Roberts exactly what is Rand Paul question?

But on to the topic immediately at hand and the elegant and loquacious Mollie Hemingway in ‘the Federalist’ nails it with her usual ability to cut through nonsense and deal with the essence of the matter. The issue at hand isn’t whether or not there are winners or losers, but rather that the demoMarxocrats got so far with nothing but gossip, lies, lies, and fairy tales to support their case, most likely without suffering any adverse consequences.

Consider the questions at hand – Exactly what is the evidence? What are the crimes? What is the guilt?

1) Since the Ukraine is corrupt, Trump, similar to Biden in 2014, has the right to withhold aid until questions ensuring that the funds won’t be stolen are answered.

2) How did Trump coerce a foreign government to ‘interfere’ with our elections? Personally, from the lack of veracity on the demoMarxocrat side, I believe they will rue the day that Trump didn’t force Biden out before the primaries. Face it, Biden is a horrible candidate, a stumbler, blunderer, and worse campaigner. Then there’s the Quid Pro Quo.

3) What exactly is ‘obstruction of Congress’. There is no such precedence. President Trump has the right to claim ‘executive privilege’ and it is up to the courts to decide whether the public’s right to know Trumps Executive Privileges. The demoMarxocrats, in refusing to go to court, nullified any potential charges of obstruction. Factual replies always beat generalizing and name-calling.

Mollie Hemingway and ‘Top 8 Reasons Trump Already Won Impeachment’…

President Donald Trump will not be removed from office following his impeachment by the House of Representatives and a trial in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has reportedly told colleagues they have the votes to finish things this week.

Whether the senators put the trial out of its misery this week or drag it on for months, the outcome is a foregone conclusion. Here are the eight big reasons why Trump won impeachment.

1. Trump Didn’t Commit An Impeachable Offense

It’s an obvious point, but the most important point.

Impeaching President Trump has been the stated goal of the Resistance since his inauguration. The main effort toward impeachment was through the investigation of a false and dangerous theory of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

2. Terrible Decision-Making By House Democrats

With a histrionic media and political base spending the last few years demanding impeachment, House Democrats surely had hoped that President Trump would do something justifying an impeachment inquiry. They undoubtedly were not pleased when the best they had to work with was Trump asking for help investigating Ukraine’s known 2016 election meddling or investigation into Biden family corruption in Ukraine.

3. Democrats Failed to Get a Single Republican on Board Their Impeachment Scheme

It is nothing short of amazing that not a single Republican member of Congress joined with Democrats in their impeachment effort. There are plenty of Republican members who either dislike or even loathe the president. But even they didn’t find the impeachment to be credible.

The Resistance was also failed by its NeverTrump wing. That wing had pushed Justin Amash to dramatically leave the Republican Party earlier last year. He published his op-ed as to why and promptly lost any sway with anyone other than the tiny NeverTrump movement.

4. Inexplicable 1-Month Delay In Sending Impeachment to the Senate

A main argument in favor of impeaching President Trump was that the situation, whatever it was supposed to be that day, was so dire that it required his immediate removal from office. The House Democrats couldn’t afford to wait a matter of months until a new election would be held and Americans could decide whether the “perfect” phone call was in fact so bad that it required the first removal from office of an American president in history.

Impeachment and removal had to happen immediately, they claimed. But then after voting to impeach the president, perhaps sensing the problems caused by a weak case and hoping for more information to come to light, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi inexplicably sat on the articles for a month. It killed whatever momentum the Resistance had and made a mockery of the whole process.

Read to full conclusion in link below…

Exactly what … the good, the bad, the ugly…

This last paragraph nails it (when you get there): It didn’t help that in the midst of the circus, a CNN host and his panel were openly yukking it up about how Republicans are all stupid.

Yes indeed, folks.That last paragraph summed it up beautifully. What exactly those guys were intending certainly fell through the cracks. Seems to be they are so insulated in their unreasoning hatred that they don’t realize that their opinions are not shared by everyone. Indeed, many, many, MANY are offended by being mocked so arrogantly. Let’s hope they never stop talking; they damage themselves better than anyone ever could.

As Detective Hercule Poirot put it, “Let people talk. Eventually they tell you everything.”

Indeed. And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. Most ridiculous state of affairs by this incompetent legislative branch of government. Why would anyone in their right mind would even elect any of the Representatives or Senators in November . We need new people , get rid of these ancient politicians , get rid of these federal employees who have stolen taxpayers money , laughed about it and mocking us taxpayers for being so stupid. Get rid of the bloated NSC , the ones that spy on every American , there use to be 100 of them now are thousands . Trump needs to get rid of all Obama Holdovers in the Federal Government , in every agency these federal employees need to go , if the administration won’t do it let us Employers the Taxpayers get rid of these worthless federal employees. The unions also need to go ,from representing these federal employees , we don’t need unions work for us , all they do is demand these federal employees join the unions , why what is the reason . We the taxpayers are tired of the Abuse of our kids and grand kids future , adding to the debt in every second of the day. I thought we were broke as a nation , why are we giving out millions to other countries who are corrupt , doesn’t make any sense , but Washington incompetent Politicians don’t make any sense either.

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