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And now for something completely different – well, for now. As if the Deep State Fake News Media both in the USA and the BEEB nation (for the uninitiated that’s the Britanistan fake news network BBC) President Donald J. Trump can’t do anything right for doing wrong in the company of Queen Elizabeth II; or so they infer.

Let me tell you right up front that yours truly has been invited into the company of the Royals on a couple of occasions and the protocols are as infinite and definite as they can be. As a matter of fact, when the invitation arrives in the mail, it is accompanied by a seriously-detailed itinerary (down to the exact minute/seconds) coupled with an equally-detailed listing of ‘do’s and don’t’s’:

(‘do not speak with their Royal Majesties until spoken to first; gentlemen will stand tall in business attire with hands clasped behind their backs in a relaxed manner; ladies will wear suitably conservative clothing as befits the occasion, preferably with accompanying hat, gloves and purse, as per her majesty; her majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh will attend certain groups of six persons, as befits their interests; etc., etc., etc….’)

Enlarged for no other reason that you can read it …

As one of my favorite commenters ‘Schmutzli’ puts it: “This is all Big Media and the Marxocrats have? After Barack Hussein Rspect gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod of his self determined Greatest Hits of his always inane speeches, put the Churchill bust into storage, regularly put his feet on the Resolute desk, and coupled it with dozens of other very direct, deliberate, and intentionally obvious insults to so many others that the Great and Powerful Rspect did not personally or diplomatically respect. That’s before we get to his bowing and groveling before his fellow Muslims.”

“Rspect hails from the South Side of Chicongo, where the homies take “dissin'” to an art form. He even thought it was cute when he routinely gave us “the finger”. There have never been more socially crude buffoons diplomatically “representing” the USA more poorly than did Barack Hussein and BabyGotBack Rspect.”[end]

Russ McSwain in today’s American Thinker with his ‘Trump and the Queen’ …

It remains interesting that much of the ridicule aimed at Trump involves things that liberals do as well.

Case in point from the Huffington Post:

“The royal family adheres to a strict code of etiquette and behavior. So when the ever-boisterous President Donald Trump met with Queen Elizabeth II for tea at Windsor Castle on Friday, many expected him to serve up some awkward interactions.

Of course, Trump did not disappoint.”

My goodness — Trump was rude to the Queen?  Our leaders should respect the customs and protocols of other nations just as we expect them to respect ours.  What on earth did Trump do?

“The president’s critics on Twitter were quick to call him out for briefly walking in front of the queen, which is reportedly a social faux pas, during a ceremonial inspection of the Guard of Honor.

Reuters noted that Trump ‘halted abruptly” during the inspection, forcing Queen Elizabeth to walk around him.’”

As the sportscasters say: let’s go to the tape. Trump and Queen initially walked appropriately,  but they weren’t walking in a carpeted ballroom. As they made a turn, for a brief moment Trump was ahead of Her Majesty.  It is not clear that Trump caused the problem. The Queen is remarkably spry for her age, but she is 92.

Trump stopped, which allowed the Queen to retake the lead. To say he forced the Queen to walk around him is a remarkably biased way of putting it.

This is not earthshattering stuff, but the article then produces an endless stream of Twitter comments describing Trump’s boorishness.

Go here to discover the TRUTH of the entire outcome. The Queen was actually very gracious…

The man who would be Emperor-King had no clothes…

As to the goofball fake president with his narcissistic, insouciant, nose in the air ‘know it all’ demeanor, bear in mind that he and his cabal would have received an official invitation along the lines of the one above sent to yours truly. My take is (only my supposition, now) that leaning back in his chair with his feet slovenly and rudely resting on the Resolute desk, the punk from the back end of Chicongo (as ‘Schmutzli’ so rightly describes it) tossed the invite into his waste basket and decided that he’d run the show the way he already had it in mind.

Don’tchya know he knows everything better than anybody? Well, take a look at this embarrassingly funny hopscotch of a toast with the entire world watching (to say nothing of a complete failure of diplomacy towards a United States ally) right in the middle of ‘God Save the Queen’ … Doesn’t get any more red-faced than that. The look from Her Majesty had ‘go to your room, you bad, bad, boy’ all over it! Turns out ‘his people’ around him were definitely as dumb if not dumber than him.

Worldwide fail for the fake Nobel piece of dynamite Peace Prize recipient…

One other point, Elizabeth is not our Queen. Being polite and courteous to her is certainly in order, but the odd particulars of English tradition that dictate towards their royalty apply to ‘subjects.’ Reminder to everyone – We the People are not her subjects. We don’t have a queen. Matter of fact, since BabyGotBack left, we don’t even have an imaginary queen.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and his willingness to take on the elite establishment globalists, and bring sanity back into diplomatic self-governance for every nation on the planet. More importantly – MAGA!



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