El Paso millennials support Trump

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Forget all the big fake news lamestream media and government bureaucracy whining and moaning about their number comparisons of who had the bigger, biggest, phantasmagorical crowd of supporters in border town El Paso last night. Toss in all the Trump supporter folks parked outside with their big screen elevations and it was all within everyone’s line of sight and no-brainer – the President had WAY BETO numbers than the fake Mexican Irishman Robert Francis O’Rourke (pun intended by the way, for all those ‘pun-inhibited’ types).

The plain fact of the matter is that building a barrier between the United States and Mexico is both functional and (perhaps even more important) symbolic. Like thousands of similar walls scattered around the globe (and I’ve seen a ton of them myself) the wall symbolizes that the USA is still a sovereign country. Were there anyone with half a brain (apologies to the Wizard of Oz) on the Left  side of the spectrum who understood this simple fact, president Trump wouldn’t likely be as big of a rock star that he is.

As it stands at the moment however, he is our last best hope of saving the America we love; and that includes yours truly, who wasn’t born here, but got here as quick as I could.

Legally. Which is now going on 40+ years.

As it says in Proverbs 25:28 (and 57 other times in the Bible): ‘He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls’.

It doesn’t take a genius, by the way, to figure out when illegal migrants stream across our border waving the flags of their nation in defiance, it’s generally termed an ‘invasion’. Waving flags of their nation on our soil at open border rallies, that’s called an enemy insurgency. There’s nothing symbolic about it. The ‘enemy at the gate’, literally claiming our territory as theirs, is nothing more than enemy confrontation, and thereby worthy of a defensive response.

Rock on.

As ‘sundance’ expressed it in Conservative Treehouse yesterday:

Despite the scale and scope of media opposition this approval rating is the highest since March 6, 2017 and highlights two recent aspects: (1) The popularity of policy as outlined in the recent State of the Union Address; and (2) The democrats going over-the-top in their opposition to mostly pragmatic proposals.

Additionally, both CBS [poll here] and CNN [see here] reported broad support for President Trump’s policy initiatives as polled immediately after the State of the Union speech.  [Nancy Pelosi, notsomuch]

As for the El Paso rally of last evening, the bottom line of the challenges facing us ahead, is that this (like others experienced last year) is a grassroots movement with We the People relishing the opportunity to show respect to the President of the United States for all that he has accomplished in pledging to ‘Make America Great Again!’ For the younger folks and their generation, it becomes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to be part of an uplifting event that they will remember as long as they live.

Millennial support for president Trump 2020…

DemoRINOMarxist Liberalism is such a magnet for losers; the giant umbrella to shield failure. Failed relationships; failed ideas; failure of investment; false faith in pop culture; failure to honor obligations; failure to meet the expectations of humanity.

DemoRINOMarxist Liberalism is the ‘co’ in codependency, not only enabling failure but rewarding it. It is a mental disease of the highest order – the Genesis and the Graveyard of Failure.

Observations from my own 40+ years here, are that America is, and always has been, a right-of-center country, with a spirit that is, and always has been, a ‘can-do’ spirit; nothing is impossible.


Which is the reason so many come here for the opportunities that only a conservative government makes possible.

Trump’s state of the union speech and his determined stance to erect a border wall is obviously playing well with voters.

This, in addition to his awesome economic record quite unlike any other, with job creation exploding, and his stellar foreign policy record which has overseas nationals begging for a Trump of their own. The Middle East is a success, the South China Sea is a success, the Korean peninsula is a success, and now Venezuela getting set to be a success – with Democrats utterly terrified of losing Florida.

How can this not be a sign of the election to come?

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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