Durham gone AWOL? Bill Barr-ed?

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Durham gone AWOL? Bill Barr-ed? … ”When I awoke, Mary Jo and the car were gone” ~ Chappaquiddick Kennedy // “Read my lips, no new taxes”  ~ “Shrub” the Large // “As of now, I’m in control here” ~ Al Haig // ”When I awoke the votes had already been counted” ~ multiple state legislatures/observers, 2020. Nope, nothin’ ever changes!

Logic teaches that this problem we are facing won’t be solved peacefully. For one thing the roots of corruption run deep within government, a great majority of us having already witnessed how the last election ended. Everybody who’s anybody knows why, as this planned takeover has been growing, and festering for decades. Elected officials, including the courts – Supreme included – have been obviously compromised, and there could very well be more bubbling under the surface that we haven’t deciphered yet.

What we’re seeing now in the blatant targeting, silencing, and outright in-your-face behavior is a downstream result of the system knowing everyone is too far gone – knowing THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH EVERYTHING, so ergo they have nothing to fear.

Durham gone AWOL? … Bagpipe Bill Barr-ed?…

Today, we can see how the government is trying to weed out dissidents from our military, and attempting to identify citizens of the MAGA type, deem them as ‘domestic terrorists’, and place them on the “No Fly Group.” We’re the enemy of our government, and they’re beginning to fear it.

But back to the ‘disappearing Durham’ … Sundance once again reveals the massive corruption in DC and connects all the dots! “The system of DC is based on a series of unwritten rules… “You don’t out me, and I won’t out you… and that will protect us both.”

These rules cross over both parties to the extent they usually have a common enemy. We the (80 million+) People ARE the “common enemy”, yet it’s our very own hard earned tax dollars that pay the salaries, benefits and pensions of every one of these mendacious politicians and Federal bureaucrats! Every time I read this massive collusion against President Trump and ‘WTP’ yours truly almost turns cold anger! Will there ever be Justice? Will we ever get a “representative govt” in DC?

Durham gone AWOL? Bagpipe Bill Barr-ed?

When in doubt, seek out Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘President Trump asks Where’s the Durham Report?’…

Having met with many of the top-level key DC players (including Durham inc) in the “Spygate” investigation/review or (__fill in_ the blank_with whatever name you need), here’s the ugly truth.  The staff of the legislative bodies have/had no intent to actually facilitate any sunlight upon the FISA, DOJ-FBI corruption that took place over three years.

How do I know that?

Well, first having sat in a room with the legislative staff, top people who actually write the briefs and inform both congressional representatives on House Committees and Senate Committees, including the chiefs-of-staff for the chairs, it was clear they did not even know the information from within their own research when spread over time.  Accepting this reality leads one to a natural conclusion… they don’t know, because they choose not to know… & they choose not to know, because everything is a pantomime for public display. [-]

[+] … The staff of Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, Homeland Security Chair Ron Johnson and even the staff of House Oversight Ranking Member Jim Jordan are purposefully and willfully blind.

They choose not to know things; or at least they claim not to know and do an exceptional job of purposeful pretend. The investigative information that makes up the news cycles amid the investigative right-side of the spectrum is generally compartmented or silo’d. [-]

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Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘Trump asks whether John Durham actually Exists’…

In April 2019 then-Attorney General William Barr appointed John Durham as special counsel to investigate the origins of the Russia collusion hoax. Since then, we’ve heard nothing from Durham, moving Donald Trump to ask whether Durham even exists. In fact, there is a theory that Durham doesn’t exist. Instead, says the theory, he’s a made-up figure created solely to push a fake narrative about a non-existent investigation.

Wikipedia has John Durham’s bio. The short version is that he’s a Massachusetts native who graduated from law school in 1975, spent two years as a VISTA Volunteer on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana, and then began a lifetime career as a government attorney, working for five years for the State of Connecticut and then, in 1982, becoming a United States prosecutor. In that role, he successfully prosecuted several racketeering and organized crime cases and brought down corrupt politicians in Connecticut. [-]

[+] … In April 2019, William Barr announced that John Durham would be special counsel leading an investigation into the origins of the Russia collusion hoax. This ought to have been easy. Congressional hearings, FOIA document releases, and dogged work by citizen investigators made it clear that the entire Russia collusion narrative was a work of fiction that the Hillary camp advanced with the help of compliant and dishonest FBI and CIA agents. [-]

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Durham gone AWOL? Bagpipe Bill Barr-ed?

OK – so, why is Sundance resurrecting this issue along with the Mueller-Weissman story and beating it into the ground once more? What is to be gained from this rehash? Why revisit these issues at all? It’s done and over with. It’s nothing but an old sideshow featuring smoke without fire.

Yes, we all know that where there is smoke – there should be fire. But the weeks, months, and years of tedious inquiry, investigation and exposé that Sundance dedicated to such matters nevertheless failed to warn us of – much less prevent – our current disastrous condition. In other words, while Sundance wrote about why we ought to shut the barn door – the horse/s had already bolted.

Interrogating members of the Establishment is not nearly enough. Advancing plausible alternative interpretations of events is not nearly enough. Exposing one’s Enemies is not nearly enough. Why? Because your Enemy will not quit just because you know who it is. If victory is the goal – one must attack the Enemy and keep attacking until it is mortally wounded and its power destroyed. This is the principle that drove the late Rush Limbaugh – our most effective political commentator of the past 30 years.

There’s absolutely no doubt that there are some really bad people who did bad things and who have not been caught – much less punished. Sundance – along with many others on the list –  now seems to accept that justice will not be served. The wicked concocted a diabolical but successful operation amounting to a Left-Wing electoral coup. It was anything but American politics as usual. It was 21st Century, globalist, high-tech treachery. Its sponsors must be identified and eradicated if the Republic [which has been toppled] is to be restored.

Durham gone AWOL? Bill Barr-ed? Period. Over. Out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – still Warrior-President Donald John Trump – don’t count him out just yet – MAGA! KAG!


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