Donald Trump as Reaganite redux?

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As one who was a full grown adult during the Reagan years, having been lured to eventual United States Citizenship as a result of his presidency, I would say that Donald Trump is governing at least as conservatively as the ‘Gipper’, if not more so. He is definitely better than the mediocrities – criminals included – who have inhabited the White House on and off in the 30+ years since then.

History might well record that the Democrat Party changed directions on the still mysterious ‘offing’ of JFK and his brother, having morphed into the full communist mode they espouse and represent today. Any mention of ‘Russian collusion delusion’ must of necessity, be laid on their tombstones, else why would they be so inter-Soviet-style dependent on opinion-based hearsay and inference, and outright lies and condescension in their governing habits?

We’ve been constantly told that Donald Trump conspired with the Russians, that the Mueller investigation would show all, that the walls were closing in on him, that Shifty-Schiff and others had definitive proof of Trump’s criminal behavior, etc. It turns out this was all just a big nothing-burger.

Donald Trump a Reaganite redux…

We the (63 million) People are supposed to believe that Donald Trump did all sorts of horrible things concerning Ukraine. Shifty-eyed-Schiff and his lying cohorts demand that John Bolton and others testify – that ‘they’ will tell all. Then the pompous Shifty-Schiff gives another op-ed piece that we ‘cannot trust the elections this coming fall because’ – shut up, you have no right to question the Left. The list goes on and they never stop with their scare tactics.

These Leftist ‘hair on fire predictions’ of impending doom is actually laughable. It’s all Shifty-Schiff and his lying cohorts have in their arsenal, since everything else they’ve attempted thus far has ended up in an absolute shambolic mess.

Everyone politically Right of Center can never say the Left hasn’t revealed itself. Everything going on covertly right now is about: 1. the Left finishing what #44 started; 2. the Left not getting caught up in election manipulation/coup; 3. hiding the gross enrichment of most politicians; 4. highlighting congress’ purposeful ineffectiveness; and 5. barely scratching the surface exposing the Swamp in all its manifestations, and so much more…

How much longer before everyone finally realizes that these predictions are nothing more nor less than the old ‘Peanuts’ cartoons of Lucy and the football?

Jarrett Stepman, the Federalist: ‘Schiff’s Call to Invalidate a Trump Re-Election an Attack on Voters’…

For all the accusations of “norm breaking” hurled at President Donald Trump, the early stages of the Senate impeachment trial have revealed that congressional Democrats are perfectly willing to flirt with toppling one of the few, and most essential, precedents in American history.

House managers of the trial, all Democrats, cut right to the chase: If this whole impeachment thing doesn’t work out, and Trump is acquitted, it doesn’t matter. A Trump victory at the ballot box in 2020 has been preemptively deemed illegitimate.

So says House manager Rep. Adam Schiff, arguing to impeach Trump without the accusation of an actual crime.

“The president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box,” Schiff said. “For we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”

The California Democrat, who sought impeachment before the story about Trump’s Ukraine call ever broke, accused Trump of using the power of the presidency to “cheat in an election” and again brought up the debunked Russia-collusion narrative. So, if Schiff and fellow impeachment managers can’t convince the Senate to toss Trump from office, Americans must accept the will of House Democrats and perhaps ignore the result of the next election?

So much for being the party of upholding “norms” against the Trumpian norm-breakers. Saying that Americans should outright ignore an election result is an absurd attack on an underappreciated hallmark of American exceptionalism.

While free elections and peaceful transfers of powers are now almost globally expected, there was a time this was far from the case. It almost didn’t happen in the early stages of American history….

Full link below…

Tip and the Gipper true examples of making politics work from both sides of the aisle…

The once-great Democrat party (Tip O’Neill was the last vestige of reason within) is now nothing more nor less than Communist Party ‘lite’. Even so, the ‘new’ wing of the party are pushing hard to the left, and so there is little difference anymore between Communism and the Democrats. ‘Democratic Socialism’ is akin to the ‘republic’ in USSR or ‘democratic’ in DPR North Korea – deliberately misleading and covering up the fact that the eventual goal is totalitarian control of the populace.

The current demoMarxocrats have cultivated a crazy, irrational, angry base of people that can’t be reasoned with. Unfortunately that group is growing. One can’t discuss reasonably with them because they fly into raging fury with mention of the name Donald Trump. The demoMarxocrats have successfully controlled minority voters with identity politics, which assures that all non-white immigrants will vote demoMarxocrat. For now.

Unless this changes, the demoMarxocrats could well succeed in taking the Constitutional Republic down into an authoritarian socialist state, the inevitability of which will ultimately collapse down on them and destroy them. The only person standing in the way of their nefarious plans right now is President Donald J. Trump and his entire field-force.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


See Jarrett Stepman, the Federalist: Schiff’s Call to Invalidate Trump an Attack on Voters

Plus Robert Dimuro, American Thinker: The Tenuous Future of the Democratic Party

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