Dingbat Waters trending to senility

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The Oxford Dictionary definition (and others) of ‘dingbat’ is varied and exemplary, but for my current purpose the following fits perfectly: NOUN; informal; NZ / North American / Australian – ‘A silly stupid eccentric empty-headed person’; and – ‘Having delusions or feelings of unease, particularly those induced by delirium tremens’ (a definition worth looking up on its own, so I encourage you to do that!)

Maxine Waters, wicked witch of the DemoMarxist West, part of the dingbat party going senile at 80 years of age, which also includes Screechie Pelosi going on 79, Diane Feinstein 85, and numerous other old cluck clucks who have the audacity to shill at President Trump’s age of 71, came forth over the weekend with an ominous call to arms to continue the disgusting behavior of attacking and harassing Republicans in restaurants and other ‘free’ public spaces.

As the Gateway Pundit expressed it over the weekend: “This past week Democrats have harassed and abused DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant and forced her to flee. An unhinged Democrat mob then threatened the female DHS Secretary at her home. Democrats booted White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family from a Little Liberal Red Hen restaurant. On Saturday Democrats harassed and heckled Florida AG Pam Bondi and chased her from a movie theater.” [end]

Can anyone but me pose the question – What becomes the definition of ‘Anti-American?’ And this from yours truly – a proud Brit and naturalized citizen of the Constitutional Republic of the United States (to give it its full title) which took me more than two years to get a ‘green card’ and another several years to obtain full citizenship. Proudly.

And legally.

Has America gone nuts, or is it simply a case of seriously deranged senile dingbat politicos who have been in power much, much, too long, having spiked the system, prospered vicariously, and corrupted themselves and their colleagues in their insatiable desires to be all-controlling, and all-consuming?

Frankly, as the years have gone by, political personages the likes of the above-mentioned cluck-cluck dingbat reprobates do absolutely nothing to engage cross-aisle debate for the cause of We the People. No. It is a selfish, moronic, destructive diatribe of social justice and political empowerment run amok.

The true tragedy for America isMaxine Waters and her ilk want more of thisDuring her MSNBC interview on Saturday, Democrat dingbat mouthpiece Maxine Waters called on supporters to “harass” and “resist” Trump officials out in public.

Bear in mind as you watch and listen to this witch, she doesn’t even live in the District she represents…

Looks like it is time for some reverse harassment against Maxine, the most corrupt woman in Congress. She duped the government out of millions for her husband’s failing bank. Owns a multi million dollar home that she shouldn’t be able to afford and paid her daughter over $700,000 to stuff envelopes out of campaign money. As mentioned above, she doesn’t even live in her own district meaning it is impossible for her to represent her people. Matter of fact, why would anybody want to live in such a s***hole as she represents – just what has she done for/to her District?

Maxine is the mouth for the left for one simple reason – she’s black and an automatic shoo-in from her mostly black district who couldn’t give a hoot who runs it. Perhaps one of these days, ‘her people’ will wake up as did Kanye, and realize the Left is merely using them temporarily and has absolutely no interest in their betterment.

Not to droop as low as the sewer tank of the Maxine Waters DemoMarxists, but this ignorant, hypocritical, corrupt dingbat (a fair description, not just hyperbole`) is just the pimple on the raging infection. The ‘Jackass Party’ has carefully been nurturing generations of Village Idiots through the media, Hollyweird, government-run schools and the ‘higher education’ system, as well as social services.

These SJW Brown Shirts are bereft of the ability or desire to think for themselves and, as ably demonstrated since the election of President Trump, cannot and will not tolerate a difference of opinion. They accuse others (e.g. their incessant shrieks of ‘Fascist!!’ or ‘Nazi!!’) of what they themselves are. And they are completely unable to recognize their hypocrisy.

Lacking the capacity to reason, argument is useless.

Over the past week, Rush Limbaugh repeatedly opined on his shows, “someone is going to get hurt”, and he is right. As both patience with the Jackass Party’s deliberate destruction of society, together with the rule of law wearing thin, that option becomes more and more of a probability.

The only other option is that such as these must be defeated through the election of those that are sane and waited out, until this dying breed of dingbat, as illustrated by the aging, aged, cluck-cluck DemoMarxists become extinct.

Semper Fi and Molon Labe, President Trump – MAGA!


H/t Gateway Pundit and Maxine Waters: Continue to Harass Republicans in Restaurants

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