Destructive demoMarxocrat chaos..

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Alan Dershowitz (FYI if you haven’t noticed a forever-smilingly staunch demoMarxocrat) is of the opinion that the trial of Derek Chauvin didn’t follow due process nor the rule of law. Well, Alan, just where on God’s green earth have you been? Back in the day when James Comey listed the activities of Hillary Rob’Em Clinton and her illegal private server, following it up with the most incredulous non-sequitur in history by telling us that in his opinion “she did not have malicious intent”, he thereby proclaimed he wouldn’t be bringing charges against her, to which We the (80 million+) People witnessed the beginning of the complete rejection of due process and the rule of law within the federal government.

Destructive demoMarxocrat chaos

For starters, Comey didn’t have the legal authority to make such a decision. But from that day forward, the equal application of due process and the rule of law ceased to exist. The startling examples are endless, including the impeachments of President Trump. Today, as a for-instance, just compare the death of George Floyd with the death of Ashli Babbitt. Just who on God’s green earth in this case is the disenfranchised victim of selected “murder?”

The very much greater problem We the (80 million+) People have been facing for decades of course (and a circumstance that cost President JFK his life) is the enduring fact of the ages that America has been owned by the bankers since a certain Woodrow Wilson treacherously gave up control of America’s money with the 1913 Federal Reserve act. Of course, the owners aren’t even Americans. The Federal Reserve isn’t remotely accountable to American taxpayers, but we are all accountable to them. We are their slaves. They have had the right to tax us and get us into debt, for 108 years, and they can print money out of thin air, while we go to jail for doing the very same.

But I digress. Follow the money and its history since the 1913 beginning, and a lot falls very conveniently into play. There’s a lot to know about all the American wars from World War 1 on, all of them instigated and funded by the bankers. Destroy the bankers – a very tough task, granted – and America is restored in a month. The demoMarxocrat party, media, celebrities, tech companies, corporations, banks, victim groups, and communistic insurgents immediately collapse into one foul heap. A gigantic task, I aver.

Destructive demoMarxocrat chaos…

However, the aforementioned Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness: ‘How Much Ruin Do We Have Left?’ …

Any nation’s well-being—as Americans know from their own illustrious history—hinges on only a few factors. Its prosperity, freedom, and stability depend on its constitutional and political stability.

A secure currency and financial order are also essential, as is a strong military.

Perhaps most important, however, is a first-rate, inductive educational system. Of course, nothing is possible without general social calm, often dependent on a reverence for the past, along with present secure borders.

The ability to produce or easily acquire food, fuel, and key natural resources ensures a nation’s independence and autonomy.

Unfortunately in the last few months all of those centuries-old reasons to be confident in American strength and resiliency have now been put into doubt. The challenge is not just enemies abroad such as China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran. Instead, the greater problem lies within us—as we erode the inherited and acquired strengths that made us singular, both materially and spiritually. [-]

[+] … Already gone is the 176-year old tradition of a pivotal November Election Day. The 152-year old nine-member Supreme Court, the 170-year old Senate filibuster, and the 62-year old idea of a 50-state union are all targeted by the New Democratic Party. [-]

[+] … We are running up vast annual multitrillion-dollar deficits as we race to a $30 trillion national debt. / The military—after costly strategic stagnation in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya—is now turning on its own. Some of the politicized top brass seem more worried about the politics of their own soldiers than the dangers of foreign militaries. / 2020 saw the most destructive riots in American history. Yet very few of the looters, arsonists, and rioters were ever indicted. Most were never arrested. / Yet in just 100 days, energy prices have soared. The Left has canceled pipelines and limited energy leasing on federal lands—with promises to all but end our own gas and oil independence in just a few years. [-]

Yet the beat goes on … full link below with others…

Destructive demoMarxocrat chaos…

Despite any and all demoMarxocrat lame responses to the contrary, a significant presidential election has been blatantly stolen and the party it was stolen from expects We the (80 million+) People to simultaneously believe both that 1) it did not happen; and that 2) it won’t happen again. In the meantime, under the fraudulent rule of an evil moron and his minions, the all things “historic” OBO#44 Rspect, of so-called “tolerance”, and “diversity” have brought us to chaos and tyranny, generally the inevitable end of the road of a Constitutional Republic.

Yet while I’m at it, somebody with far more influence than yours truly, could do worse than figure out just what legal action should be taken against BagPipes Bill Barr / Chris Wray and other so-called defenders of the faith withholding the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop from President Trump’s first impeachment hearing? That concealment of exculpatory evidence changed the course of history for this nation immeasurably and needs to be fully addressed.

Destructive demoMarxocrat chaos…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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