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In the Jurassic Park movie sagas (for those who remember them) the theme is basically the familiar ‘to be continued’ mantra – ie wild beasts of ancient millennia can’t be controlled, let alone tamed. Yet, in every one of the movies, the protagonists thought they could manage the dinosaurs.

Fast forward to today’s Dems and their version of DemoMarxist dinosaurs, who seem to think they can go as far back as necessary to tar, feather and defame their political opponents, forgetting the fact that in all likelihood (being the DemoMarxist dinosaurs that they are), their own history is as likely to be as checkered, if not much more so. Nevertheless, the DemoMarxist dinosaurs assume they are¬†immune from the inevitable investigations into their own sordid histories.

Let’s face it folks, the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings have been nothing more than an ongoing theater of battle in a soft civil war between the Dems and We the People for the future of the Constitutional Republic. The liberal-leftist DemoMarxist dinosaurs are on the brink of losing control over SCOTUS for decades and are going absolutely nutsy-haywire at the prospect.

Those unhinged dinosaur Dems need to control three things to transform the country to their wishes, and that would be Education, Media, and the Court system. All, it must be remembered, not subject to the whims of a voting citizenry, who could be put down at will from a totalitarian government cabal. Full control of all three and they can shred the Constitution at will.

You fight today’s DemoMarxist dinosaurs the way you fight any other soulless thugs – give them what they dish out, in spades, until they realize that at least *acting* civilized is the only way to make the pain stop.

When they get down in the gutter, get right down there with them. With guttersnipe DemoMarxist dinosaurs it’s the only way to win.¬†Their own tactics have to be used against them, but unfortunately the Republican party in general refuses to do that most of the time.

But the times they are a-changing and our RINOs need to be learning from our warrior-President Trump. All bets are off when it comes to hitting ’em where it hurts most – the absolute best part is to have fun doing it…

Truth or fiction?!

WOW! That was more real than the tripe she usually spews.

Talking about which, we’re now back to the reality of the truth, with this montage of her mumbling and bumbling ramblings and tortuous machinations of incoherent incompetence in her vain effort to remain relevant.

The ‘pound me too’ movement needs to be the straw that breaks the back of both DemoMarxist dinosaurs and the entire Dems/RINOs PC culture. In recent years it has gone from sublime legitimacy in certain cases to downright ridiculous – even encompassing people (ie. men, generally old, white men) who have had absolutely nothing to do with any of the past. That is totally made up and wrong, and enough is enough.

This is now all-out war with ‘take no prisoners’…

So, to everyone in the ‘pound me too’ movement – If one is assaulted, go immediately to the police. Otherwise, it didn’t happen. Get it?

And lastly, if We the People are to truly MAGA, the newly-developed industry that is the ‘Professional and Perpetually Aggrieved’ must be dealt with, harshly if absolutely necessary. And the most demonstrably-successful way to do that is to hammer them all with the truth.

En Garde Patriots – En Garde!

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump and Judge Brett Kavanaugh – MAGA!


Huge H/T from Gerard VanderLeun and his American Digest

And Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Kavanaugh Kompromat

Plus Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: Sex Crime Prosecutor dismisses Ford

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