DemoMarxocrats and Russian hoax

Go ahead, make my…

DemoMarxocrats and Russian hoax … Yes folks, hard not to conclude that virtually the entire federal government up to the arrival of President Trump had been (and HAS been) corrupted while attempting to defend itself from the outsider in its midst (Trump).

Knowledge of human nature, as well as what we are witnessing now, underscores that there is simply too much power and money involved in government to be able to trust our elected officials without the utmost scrutiny. After this is over, the whole system, with all elected and unelected officials, and their immediate, if not extended families are going to have to face regular comprehensive financial disclosures in order to EVER be considered remotely trustworthy again.

Yours truly doesn’t lay down those facts cavalierly.

For one thing, the crimes of OBO#44, both Clintons, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Pelosi, Schumer et al, have already been covered up for years under the massive criminal conspiracy of voter fraud by the DemoMarxocrats. Their solution to avoiding criminal charges is to destroy our election process, thereby creating a totalitarian state. Yours truly wouldn’t at all be surprised if this election ended in civil war. It definitely won’t end peacefully, try as everyone will with ‘debates’ and reasoned arguments, notwithstanding the ‘battle of the cities’ which has been engaged for the past 9 months!

Something’s gotta give – most painfully!

Everything that Pelosi’s DemoMarxocrats’ cabal has tried has failed. Mueller, impeachment, Pelosi herself ripping up State of the Union report, and vowing even yesterday to “do something with the 25th Amendment” – watch! What kind of bravado is that, Nancy?! Plandemic, China! China! China! Billions of dollars siphoned off to the Biden cabal. Defunding the CIA would put a serious dent in the revenue stream of the totally corrupt MSM

Yup – Now they’re all in a panic. Darned right that We the (63 million) People must vote, vote, vote, for Trump.

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: ‘Turning the Tables on Democrats’ Russia Hoax’…

Gina Haspel joined the CIA in 1985 and rose through the ranks to deputy director. In 2018, President Trump picked Haspel to replace Mike Pompeo as CIA director. In a hearing, Sen. Angus King asked Haspel if she agreed with a 2016 intelligence report finding that the Russians interfered in the presidential campaign.

“Senator, I do,” Haspel said. The CIA veteran did not elaborate, but a month before the 2020 election the manner of the interference has at last been revealed in declassifications from director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe.

In July of 2016, U.S. intelligence had learned, a foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton proposed that she smear candidate Donald Trump by claiming interference by Russian security services. The notes of CIA boss John Brennan show that he briefed President Obama on the information.

The declassifications also show that in September of 2016, U.S. intelligence learned that Hillary Clinton approve “a plan concerning U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump and Russian hackers hampering U.S. elections.” Intelligence officials referred that information to FBI director James Comey and FBI deputy assistant director of counterintelligence Peter Strzok. [-]

[+] … From the 1920s to 1984, the Russians ran candidates in U.S. elections. In 1976, their candidate for president was Gus Hall, a dutiful Stalinist, and a college student named John Brennan voted for him. In a free country like the USA, that was Brennan’s right, but there is no right to a job with the CIA. Anybody who voted for the candidate of the Communist Party USA, founded and maintained by Soviet Russia, should not even get in the door. Brennan not only got hired but in 2013 came to run the place.

As the new declassifications show, in 2016 U.S. operatives told Brennan about Hillary Clinton’s plan to discredit Trump by linking his campaign to Russia. Brennan briefed President Obama, and both men went along with Hillary Clinton’s plan. Trouble was, Robert Mueller and his squad of Democrat inquisitors found zero evidence of Russian collusion. [-]

Full link to completion below…

DemoMarxocrats and Russian hoax…

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek for what is a very serious situation, one must certainly give Brennan the credit of having spied on everyone, including Mrs. Clinton and literally dozens and dozens of others; not forgetting of course, the DemoMarxocrats themselves. How else could he have known what her campaign was doing? He’s clearly a believer in equal opportunity endeavors! [sarc]

As to pardoning OBO#44 etal, (as suggested somewhere above)  Nixon may have been guilty of a cover up of underhanded activities, but OBO#44’s crimes and those of his cronies were designed to undermine a presidential nominee and then to overthrow said duly-elected President based on known lies.

Investigate, indict, prosecute, convict and punish them all. If that’s all Trump accomplishes in a second term, he will have done his duty and possibly saved our Republic.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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