DemoMarxocrat nastiness; DC riots

En Garde in the bunker…

DemoMarxocrat nastiness; DC riots … In case you missed it (since the networks wouldn’t dare screen it) the demoMarxocrat Goons had one of their “peaceful” – or should that be ‘pieceful’? – deranged displays in the streets and avenues surrounding the White House last night as one of the finest wrap-up political Conventions in history came to a climactic conclusion, with an amazing fireworks display and songs and music from opera impresario Christopher Macchio and his orchestral group.

During the entire presentation, leftist idiots were ranting and raving on the boundaries of the Rose Garden. Inside, we were witnessing a C-Change, a once in a one-hundred-year event, only this being the Swansong for the DNC, who are now, totally and completely, ready for the ash heap of history.

President and Melania arrive at the podium…

During the past six months they’re the ones who have chosen violence and unlike other nations who are not emotionally mature, We the (63 million) People don’t fall for the bait of useless and senseless violence for electoral outcomes.

We are absolutely witnessing the downfall and demise of the demoMarxocrat party as we formerly knew it. Furthermore, hidden among the shadows, demoMarxocrat centrists are fleeing the party in droves, to which yours truly has no doubt, they will vote Donald J. Trump 2 months from now.

The current demented DemoMarxocrat leadership from the top down is a gaggle of crusty cretins and aging crones, who have been overrun and hijacked by the younger, very violent, far-leftist radicals, who in no way share the same goals of the demoMarxocrat party. None.

David Horowitz has often described the demoMarxocrats as “Crooks and Communists” – that is who they are and one must walk through the Hell they have planned for all of us if they ever get back into power. God forbid.

Carol Greenwald, American Thinker: ‘A Contrast between Law and Order’…

Last night I was privileged to attend the final night of the Republican National Convention as a guest sitting on the South Lawn of the White House. It was a sultry Washington DC summer evening and the guests were happy and excited to be there. But getting there had been a shock.

I was part of the Maryland delegation who had met for dinner at the Williard hotel across the street from the White House. We were told that the Maryland Republican Party had hired armed security guards to walk us across the street to the White House grounds. I said that I was glad to have the guards since I could hear the screaming mob but was deeply offended that it was necessary to be under armed guard to cross a street in my nation’s capital.

 During the evening, we could hear the noise from the protestors in the streets as they tried to drown out the speakers. They seemed to have brought noise makers. They were not successful, but it was a constant drumbeat in the background, letting us know that our fellow citizens did not believe that the President of the U.S. should be allowed to present his case for re-election.

I do not know if the television stations showed what happened after the amazing fireworks display. The entire First Family stayed on the stage and joined with the crowd in singing a medley of traditional American greats like “America the Beautiful” and  “I’m Proud to Be an American.” It was wonderful.

And then we left the White House grounds with the intention of going back to the hotel across the street to call an Uber to take us back to the DC suburbs in Maryland. We just had to cross the street, but the police told us it was not safe for us to do that. Looking to the left, we could see hundreds of screaming angry people. We followed police directions and turned right. And then walked for over an hour past police at every intersection who said keep walking, you cannot safely walk on Pennsylvania Ave.

Link to conclusion below…

Rand Paul and wife police-protected on their way while harassed by the mob…

We have hope, patriots, but we can’t let our guard down. With spiteful hate in their hearts, the DNC unleashed the MOB, and they can’t seem to control them. It seems to yours truly that they’ve bitten off their nose to spite their face, and if not careful they may well die an ignoble death as many of their comrades have. They are traitors to the Republic for sure and deserve to be rounded up and put in confinement, but that will come soon enough as the DOJ begins the prosecution process.

The demoMarxocrats, to their detriment, have made their bed with the anti-American, radical left. No sane person wants anarchy, violence, arson, perpetual protesting, defunding police, looting nor rioting. The demoMarxocrats hitched their wagon to an out of control train and the train can’t be stopped until it derails. The dems chose poorly. Either way we must be vigilant as the DNC waits in the darkness and will pounce on any weakness.

Let us forever choose wisely for prosperity!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump fighting the fight for prosperity for ALL American citizens, not just the privileged few – MAGA! KAG!


One thought on “DemoMarxocrat nastiness; DC riots

  1. I hope this statement is true, that “We are absolutely witnessing the downfall and demise of the demoMarxocrat party as we formerly knew it.”
    Trump promised to drain the swamp in DC.
    A first term POTUS will rarely accomplish most of his agenda as Trump has actually done.
    The swamp is feeling the pain now more because it knows that this is Trump’s last election and he will have more freedom during his second term.
    Get ready for a shake down in DC, it will not be painless.

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