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Excuse me while I intervene into the current supposedly ‘real’ DemoMarxocrat candidates’ debate for the highest office on the planet, while visions of ‘One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ linger longingly on the mind. A great movie, by the way, which put every living thing, nuance, and human behavior into full perspective.

Unlike what appear to be the current prospective DemoMarxocrat bunch of unqualified, specious, cathartic do-nothings ever assembled for an adventuresome foray so meaningful and required of the nation they apparently would like to represent as (ahem!) president.

Forgive me for opining, but there seem to be only two core principles of the current iteration of the DemoMarxocrat Party: Greed and Vanity. You saw both plastered all over your TV screen last night (not that yours truly was tuned in) with the entire bunch pushing the same snake oil: “Vote for ME and I’ll give you other people’s money (while pocketing some for themselves) and you’ll praise and worship me for doing it!”

Started as 3-ring circus of DemoMarxocrat clowns.

The party of government is showing once again that it couldn’t run a lemonade stand, that ‘word salads’ are viable alternatives to ideas, and volume equates to discourse. But the real tragedy is that this collection of mediocrities supposedly represents what the ‘Gimmie-that’s’ consider their best. At this point this crazy unleashed bunch and any other like them would lose a debate with the Flat Earth Society, never mind PDJT, putting the White House completely out of range

There’s absolutely nothing more to these ‘candidates’ other than their falling over each other vying for the job of ‘Grifter in Chief.’ It’s hardly a political campaign, more of a clown circus!

George Neumayr, American Spectator: ‘A Slow Bern”…

Tuesday’s Democratic debate in Charleston was another evening of forgettable cross-talk and demagoguery. The Democrats still haven’t gotten their act together. They more or less piled on Bernie Sanders, but it wasn’t all that impressive. They failed to knock him out. And so the problem of a plausible challenger to Donald Trump remains.

The establishment Democratic media appeared eager to declare Biden the evening’s winner, if only out of a desperate desire to see the Bernie surge stop. But was Biden really all that great? His performance consisted of a lot of whining and sulking about not getting enough time, raising his voice unnecessarily loud, and bragging about non-accomplishments. He seemed to spar less with Bernie than with Tom Steyer, a matchup that looked a bit pathetic.

Elizabeth Warren, once again, ripped into Bloomberg, whose performance improved despite a series of lame jokes. Surprisingly, the pro-abortion Warren brought up Bloomberg’s infamous remark to a pregnant subordinate, “Kill it.” Bloomberg denied ever saying it. No one on stage of course noted the rich ironies in Warren’s attack, and the moderators were too useless to ask Warren, “Kill what?” Isn’t her pro-abortion position premised on abortion not being a killing?[-]

[+] … The only “solution” the Democrats ever offer is to throw money at problems rooted in moral and cultural decay. Tom Steyer preposterously chipped in that the existence of racial problems could be eradicated by reparations. Elizabeth Warren responded to a question about poor minority performance in public schools by promising to appoint a secretary of education who has taught in public schools. Wow, that should solve it.

Full link below…

Keeping tabs on DemoMarxocratcrat Sanders…

Why are the Dems talking about ‘health care’ when #44 fixed the problem with O’care? They keep using the phrase ‘health care’ when they really should be talking ‘health insurance’. Their plans, such as O’care, provide health insurance, but that isn’t the same as health care. Bernie’s ‘Cuber’, ‘Canader’, and other countries, have universal health insurance, but the health insurance doesn’t provide for quality health care. Period!

Then we’ve got crazy QuidProQuoJoe spouting the real health issue (which most of us didn’t know about until last night’s debate) – crazy Joe informing us that 150 million Americans have been ‘offed’ by ‘gun violence’ since 2007, which would be about one-half of the USA population, occurring mostly during the #44-Biden Administration from 2008 to 2016.

According to Quid ProQuoJoe, more Americans were killed by ‘gun violence’ than those in all our wars.

Mmmmm … some 407,000 died in WWII; about 117,000 in WWI; over 600,000 in the Civil War; 60,000 in Vietnam; 54,000 in Korea; then Iraq, the Spanish American war, the Mexican war, the war of 1812, Revolutionary war (17,000), – just how did our media-types  miss the death of 150 million Americans? [sarc]

Crazy Mo-Joe. Very sad.

But on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full George Neumayr, American Spectator: A Slow Bern

See also Robert Stacy McCain, American Spectator: How the Democrats got Here

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