Democrats full Stalin on Kavanaugh

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In modern parlance there are Lotto winners, Superbowl winners, World Series winners, and scads of other ‘winners’ but hardly any Medal of Honor ‘winners’; there are only Medal of Honor ‘recipients’.

And it’s not just a matter of semantics, either, considering the deadly seriousness and horrific costs involved in one way or the other.

With echoes of the brilliant Marcus Tullius Cicero quote ringing down through the ages, Sharyl Attkisson has her own version, as in: ‘The smear artist reveals himself by his disparate treatment of people and situations. He drapes himself in a superhero cape, claiming to defend the aggrieved. He pretends to right societal wrongs. In fact, though, he’s motivated primarily by paid interests and his own selfish agendas. By definition, the job requires that morality and conscience be cast aside.’

Producing smears with no factual basis, one could go on, that are liable to appeal to the baseness (the word used by Cicero) of a certain crowd. Which produces the conundrum thereof as to just who is willing to be a candidate of any importance, knowing they will be smeared by that kind of salacious and demeaning behavior?

More than likely the politics are as toxic now as they were in ancient Greece or Rome, maybe worse, in fact. In reality, the bottom seems to have fallen out of anything and everything to do with probity, while We the People have been directly allowed to slip unerringly into a sea of toxicity commonly referred to by most as the Deep State Big Fake News Media and Government Bureaucracy.

And a slimy place it is.

As Roger L. Simon puts it in PJ Media under ‘Kavanaugh and Declassification’…

pj-mediaChristine Blasey Ford’s lawyer has announced that Ms. Ford will not testify until the FBI completes yet another investigation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that everyone knows will never happen.

It was already highly unlikely she was ever going to testify; this is a convenient excuse, a stalling game. But it is more than the usual cheap political stunt.  It’s vicious, ugly, and more than slightly sadistic. In regards to Judge Kavanaugh, Democrats are channeling Comrade Beria’s famous dictum: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

Not only are they despicable to Kavanaugh — a man with an impeccable reputation as far as women are concerned — and his family, but in using the hapless Ms. Ford as a pawn, they are making a mockery of the #MeToo movement, increasing suspicion of women (and men) who come forward in cases of sexual abuse where there is genuine proof and corroboration, not, as in this situation, an amorphous memory without time, place, witness, or remotely contemporary report.

Even Ford’s sponsor, Dianne Feinstein, admitted in a rare moment of candor — or was it guilty conscience — that she wasn’t sure of the accuser’s veracity. Feinstein, a coward terrified of her left flank, walked it back quickly. The California senator has much to answer for, not just the unconscionable sandbagging of Judge Kavanaugh, but also the extraordinary enrichment of her family by the Chinese at the very time she was being chauffeured by one of the communists’ spies.

But in the grand tradition of Stalin and Beria, it is our FBI that leads the pack, and the man whose crime they wished to “show” is President Trump. Unfortunately, the tables have turned and the crime stoppers are about to be unmasked as the criminals (cf. Norman Mailer).

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Kavanaugh, Grassley and DiFi…

This is just one favored tactic of the now completely corrupt media, the fait accompli of 2007, when the Democrats’ self-appointed messiah legitimized Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and co-opted the media to implement them as the de facto Ministry of Information for the Obama White House; and ultimately to the DemoMarxists in general.

On the positive side, the DemoMarxists have gone so extremely left, there should be no confusion for ‘middle of the road’ voters anymore. Now you are either for socialism or freedom. Too bad for freedom-loving people that the left also made sure (through k-12, academia, Hollywood and the media) that the last three generations know diddly-squat about the distinction.

Not to worry one iota.

As Andrew McCarthy put it in National Review (linked below): ‘Bluntly, Democrats do not care about Dr. Ford. If she were lodging a similar complaint against, say, Congressman Keith Ellison (D., Minn.), she would not be heard, and the media would be pretending she did not exist. Democrats are exploiting Dr. Ford (or perhaps capitalizing with her willful complicity) because they believe they might win enough seats in the November midterms to take control of the Senate and, with a committee majority, defeat Kavanaugh’s nomination.’

‘This is about preventing a conservative justice from being added to the Supreme Court, nothing more.'[end]

Let us hope and pray that justice will be served, as indeed it demands to be. In the meantime, time to take today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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