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Believe it or not, for anyone interested, there’s been a lot of organized prayer going on ever since the 2016 presidential campaign; and thanks in large part to the convenience of the internet in announcing these campaigns, it continues to this day. When I first came across Lance Wallnau for instance (one of three evangelists who got the Trump triumph totally right against all odds) I began to take a more astute interest in his ongoing revelations. The man is a Godly torch!

There is absolutely no doubt, that in the past five years since our modern-day Cyrus came floating down that escalator with his destined-to-be First Lady, We the (63 million) People have been consciously making ourselves harmonious with God’s will, not just our own. Fighting the sacrifice of babies, for one thing and cranky-worthy adults on Satan’s altar. Fighting the incredible perversion of transgenderism and all of the other depraved movements that have been inspired by evil.

Humanity did not create itself, and reason is limited by experience, education, intelligence, time, and ultimately death. You hit your peak for only the blink of an eye, then you die. Even with the greatest capacity for rationality that any human ever possessed, and three times the average lifespan, you won’t live anywhere near long enough to know but a fraction of all there is to know. Rationality is a tool, not something to be worshiped, unless you belong to a cult that worships hammers, chainsaws, micrometers, and the like.

Sanders supporters are people who have failed at life and who want to take what other people have earned. It’s as simple as that.

If you can’t succeed in America in 2020, you can’t succeed anywhere. They know it, and they hate those of us who have succeeded. Sanders and the Democrats feed on that hatred like tapeworms feeding on human flesh. They not only feed on it, they encourage it. Every one of their policies is designed to fuel hatred and envy of the rest of society. It’s the most evil political movement ever conceived.

The countdown to stop socialism has begun. The lines have never had more clarity. If our government education system had performed at all we would never have to debate the merits of socialism. So America sucks and socialism is good? Really? Now is the time to shatter the myth of the socialist utopia. Let’s roll!

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Trump vs Sanders Will Be MAGA vs Anti-MAGA Election’…What is inside the soul of a Bernie Sanders supporter?

As the socialist senator from Vermont becomes a serious candidate for the nomination, even if he never gets there, it’s important to investigate what is fueling this radical transformation of the Democrats.

A new Pew survey provides us with some valuable insights into what makes Sanders supporters tick.

The Sanders base is irreligious, whether agnostic, atheistic, or unaffiliated with any major religion.

While Sanders is, like Karl Marx, of Jewish ancestry, he has never been a practicing Jew. Instead, he has spent the bulk of his career aligning with anti-Semitic figures. His deputy press secretary had accused the “American Jewish community” of treason. He regularly campaigns with racists like John Cusack who tweeted an anti-Semitic Nazi meme. Bernie doesn’t like Jews, and Jews don’t like Bernie.

A Siena College poll showed that Jews in New York were the group least likely to support Sanders. The national numbers are better for Bernie, but even in the Pew survey, Jews are one of two religious groups that are least likely to support Sanders. The other anti-Bernie group are black Protestants.

Jews and black Protestants may like Bernie less than other religious groups, but they’re not outliers.[-]

[+] … While 75% of Democrats believe that belief in God isn’t necessary to be a good a person, among Warren supporters that number rises to 93%, and hits 85% among Sanders supporters.

These developments were reflected in an earlier Pew survey which found that a majority of white Democrats were no longer Christian. While only 47% of white Democrats call themselves Christians, 10% are members of other faiths, and 42% have no religion. Sanders and Warren rely largely on the support of these white voters. While Sanders brings in a sizable Hispanic contingent, Warren does not. That’s why her supporters tend to poll as being even more extremely irreligious and hostile to religious values.[-]

Full link available below…

The biggest advantage We the (63 million) People have in 2020 is that we have a much better understanding of the Left than they do of us. When you reject your Creator you have opened up a void in your soul – an actual vacuum in your soul that seems to suck in human self righteousness. The kind of self righteousness Isaiah calls filthy rags. Without God, without hope, without a future. But government.

One thing the Left has done since 2016 is to make the line between good and evil much clearer. The coming confrontation will make 1968 (if any others beyond we old timers know what that means!) look like a tea party. When I see the outrageous claims that are spewed daily from the fractious Deep State MSM, the insane beliefs that are now insisted upon for inclusion in the smart set, and consider that much of our educational system is under the sway of people who think much as they do, it tends to give little hope for the future of the country.

Turn human rationality in on itself and you will find that the more you learn, the more you’ll realize that you know very little.

But Trump, the Cyrus of his day! Faith in God comes in many ways, the hardest path of which, is the rational one. To anyone who still believes in God – Yes, we’re in a battle. And you know what you have to do.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: Trump vs Sanders

J.B. Shurk, American Thinker: Trump The Hero Modern America Needs


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