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Democrat: party of mass psychosis … Yes folks, and it’s almost surreal to watch. “They” are very, very far gone from any semblance of reality. Yet, if you venture onto any of “their” comment sections, you’ll see the exact same type of comment about us. I try to remain humble and really examine my own thinking to be sure I’m not the delusional one. I’m sure of it, as sure of it as they are! There are “those” who benefit from mass psychosis chaos and massacres.

Therefore, we sane people must forever tread carefully.

Make no mistake about it, the brain-dead Democrat village idiot parading incoherently in the name of Biden has assumed his role slapped on him by Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros and the salacious ‘big tech’ outfits who assisted in this theft and coup. When the duly-elected Trump should win by proving corruption and cheating, then expect the ravenous left to once again explode in violence, shock and awe from having the throne taken from their grasp.

Democrat: party of mass psychosis … the village idiot

Should Trump not succeed (God forbid!) expect village idiot Executive Orders along the lines of infant school rhetoric to change the policies that have brought us out of OBO#44’s attempt to destroy the Constitutional Republic of the United States – and especially our schools of learning! We can also expect violence when the left starts removing our Constitution bit by bit from conservatives who will not be involved in a socialist utopia. Yours truly being one of them.

I base all of this on how demoMarxocrats “attack their own ” when they break away from the blue bulls**t.

In this election, President Trump increased his votes considerably among black males and the demoMarxocrats disowned them immediately. Additionally, Hispanics in Texas and Florida, who were all forgotten during the BLM/Antifa violence this summer, overwhelmingly voted for President Trump, which resulted in the demoMarxocrats (along with their self-righteous Hollywood elites) duly condemning them for their votes as well.

The Blacks and Hispanics looked past all the crazy leftist MSM’S racial propaganda about this President and voted for a better future. They broke free of the left’s shackles and I for one, welcome them to the 71 million+ deplorables.

Now we simply need to right the ship of state before the Democrat party of mass psychosis village idiots turn the Republic into an insane asylum. Molon Labe!

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator: ‘Trump Pennsylvania Lawsuit: Chapter and Verse of Fraud’ …

In the current confusion — three problems.

  1. So-called computer “glitches” in the vote-counting process.
  2. The actual lawsuit by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania.
  3. Corruption of election results in Pennsylvania.

So let’s go there.

No. 1: In terms of glitches? Remember this bit of election news, as headlined here at Breitbart?

Michigan County Flips from Biden to Trump After ‘Glitch’ Fixed

The story began: The presidential election results for Antrim County in Michigan have flipped from Joe Biden to President Donald Trump after computer “software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes.” The initial election results showing Joe Biden winning the presidential race for Antrim County, Michigan, have now been corrected to show President Trump as the county’s winner after a software glitch was fixed, according to a report by 9&10 News.

Now? Now comes this from a presidential tweet, as reported here by the Gateway Pundit:


Uh-oh. Whatever else is going on, the people who run Dominion Voting Systems have a serious problem on their hands — and it’s to be continued. If this is accurate, Joe Biden has his own very big problem.

So the focus here is No. Two — the Trump Pennsylvania lawsuit. The lawsuit is 86 pages long.

As discussed earlier in this space, it says in specificity how “Democratic-heavy counties violated the mandates of the (Pennsylvania) Election Code.”

So let’s take a tour of the specifics — the details of fraud that critics keep demanding.

Let’s start with a refresh that was cited in my earlier column and move on from there. To be clear, what is in quote marks is exact text from the lawsuit. [-]

Full link below plus other…

Democrat: party of mass psychosis … including the village idiot .. trunalimunumaprzure

It’s also interesting to note how the Democrat party of mass psychosis cheating states are geographically linked. The fraud involves physical votes being read by programmed machines. Find the printing press and the tech companies and voila!

The truth of this scam election lies in the Dominion Voting System and its connection to China. It’s a big reason why the Secretary of Defense and two Department of Homeland Security directors, one from Cybersecurity and one from International Affairs, have been let go.

First the Left said that there was zero voter fraud. When they were confronted with real dead people voting they said that those small numbers will not change the outcome much. They are correct in that, recounting and throwing out dead people will not expose the real corruption.

I believe Trump and Giuliani are working on that.

This is much bigger and more dangerous than dead people on a voter role or even forged ballots. This goes to the heart of national security.

As David Solway closes it out in his link down below: “If there is still an iota of justice or honor remaining in the political world, Trump will retain his presidency and there will be a long overdue reckoning. A great fumigation of the fetid and stercoraceous political and media atmosphere must be undertaken to ensure that America will never again face such massive treachery and come so close to its demise as a free republic. If none of this happens, to quote Robert Graves in a changed context, it’s good-bye to all that”.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president as ever, Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to protect the Constitutional Republic of the United States – MAGA! KAG!


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